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Just got it. My hands were literally trembling as I looked at the chapter list. It's been 16 years soon. No book and no characters will ever make the same impression on me again. Very emotional. 


I've been staying out of DM for some months, both for RL reasons and because I didn't want to risk _any_ possible spoilers whatsoever. There's plenty of stuff coming up in the days ahead so I'm not sure how soon I will start reading, but I'm obviously not going to be able to wait for very long. I think I'm gonna read through the chapter summaries of tGS and ToM at WoT Encyclopedia before i start.


I'm going to be back here for tons of discussion when I'm done. Right now I'm just hyped and anxious and every imaginable emotion. I'm definitely hoping for a happy ending because I'm a big wuss. I am prepared for unresolved plotlines since RJ basically promised us that.. and I'm prepared for Rand dying, although I hope there's a way... Other than that I am NOT prepared to lose any of my dear friends in Randland and I'm probably going to cry like a baby if they die since I've been worried about their safety since 1997....

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I thought I would come here and post perhaps one final time before digging into the last book.


I had a nice, torturous day as I worked nearly a double shift. The book came basically right as I was leaving, so I got to stare at my beautiful new copy of A Memory of Light for about 12 hours without being able to do more then flip through the pages(which....don't do that! I may have spoiled a thing or two for myself....stupid!).


I have to admit, when I first opened up the package, I took a deep breath just to savor the new book smell. I wasn't expecting it, but it took me back to being 18 years old in the late 90's when I got my first job at a bookstore and I had just settled into waiting for book 9 after jumping into the series right after aPoD release. It almost sounds ridiculous, but I would imagine some, maybe most, here know what I am talking about. It's interesting to think that there's actually very few things that have spanned my life as much as WoT. I've had long term, significant others that came and gone in the time since I picked up the series. I waited for these books longer then the time I attended school. I've waited for this book nearly half of my life(and well over half of the time that I can actually recall).


Not to overdue it, but it's really amazing to think I hold the ending in my hands. I am glad to post with fans who feel just as awe inspired by it as I do :laugh:


Happy reading, indeed!

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