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A Note Regarding AMOL Spoilers - UPDATED!

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As A Memory of Light was released over one year ago, Dragonmount no longer restricts all spoilers for AMOL to a single spoiler forum.


In this forum, I would ask all of you to bear in mind that many of our new members coming to introduce themselves to the community have not finished their first read-through of the series, and are looking for information about where they can go on the site without being inadvertently spoiled.


Please be considerate and refrain from posting AMOL spoilers in the Introduce Yourself forum.  If you would like to reference events of the final book, please make use of the spoiler tags as follows:

[spoiler]The Last Battle OMG[/spoiler]

If you do not use spoiler tags and I catch an AMOL reference, I will most likely edit your post and add the spoiler tags myself.  Please don't take offense. :smile:


Thanks for your cooperation,


~ Tress

Introduce Yourself Forum Moderator

Edited by Songstress

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