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Favorite WOT quotes


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Tuon looked at him, squatting there by the map, moving his fingers over its surface, and suddenly she saw him in a new light.  A buffoon?  No.  A lion stuffed into a horse-stall might look like a peculiar joke, but a lion on the high plains was something very different.  Toy was loose on the high plains, now.  She felt a chill.  What sort of man had she entangled herself with?  After all this time, she realized, she had hardly a clue.



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If a sword had memory, it might be grateful to the forge fire, but never fond of it.


                                                                                                                            -Rand al'Thor

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Yea, that Tuon Mat character realization is great. Mat has another great one with Birgitte in Ebou Dar also.



My favorite character realization quote comes from the Dragon Reborn himself, right after he deposes Colavaere from the Sun Throne after Dumai's Wells. It is of his new view of Perrin's fiercely loyal wife-



Perrin, and Faile. A fierce woman, falcon by name and nature. Had she really attached herself to Colavaere just to gather evidence? She would try to protect Perrin if the Dragon Reborn fell. Protect him from the Dragon Reborn, should she decide it necessary; her loyalties were to Perrin, but she would decide for herself how to meet them. Faile was no woman to do meekly as her husband told her, if such a woman existed.






Now, for my favorite humorous quote by a WoT character, it would go to Toveine Gazal(Red Ajah) in tPoD when she finally meets up with Logain(who she and the rest of her sisters were going to brutally put down). -





“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”  [euphoric]


And to finish it off with a great-  

"She was going to make Elaida pay for this, she vowed. If Logain ever let her, she would. That last was an especially bitter thought."








I loved the way Jordan built up this confrontation for a couple of books, teasing us with perhaps.....a mini Dumai's Wells. Instead we get a fantastic example of the exact opposite happening.







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"How do you fight someone smarter than yourself? The answer is simple: You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can"



"I dare the truth, Elaida. You are a coward and a tyrant. I'd name you Darkfriend as well, but I suspect that the Dark One would perhaps be embarrassed to associate with you"



"Now. When the poor blind fool they've chosen out for their Amyrlin gets here, I will do the talking. She can't be very bright, or they'd never have been able to shove her into the job. Amyrlin Seat for a bloody village in the middle of bloody nowhere. You keep your mouth shut and curtsey for all you're worth, and I'll pull your bacon off the coals again."

Mat to Egwene


"You're Aes Sedai. . .I figured you . . . you know, saidared it."

Mat to Verin

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here is a quote from moiraine's letter to rand:


"we have made the world dance as we sang for three thousand years,

that is a difficult habit to break,as i learned while dancing to your song.

you must dance free."


probably the best piece of advice rand received from an aes sedai.

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One of my favorites is: “Oh, sheep swallop! Sheep swallop and bloody buttered onions!”

Her lips moved silently, and for an instant, he had the strange impression that she was repeating what he had just said.

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I am surprised that no one mentioned it but Rand at the end of TGH "Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa. May you shelter in the palm of the creator's hand and the last embrace of Mother welcomes you home". Still, gives me goosebumps every time. one other quote was Nynaeve's journey at the start of i think ToM "Tomorrow my husband rides for Tarwain Gap. Will he ride alone?"


Somehow these two lines have always stood out in my mind.

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