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Is aMoL the most anticipated novel since...

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Is aMoL the most anticipated novel since the 7th Harry Potter Book? I've noticed that it's been the #1 best seller on Amazon for nearly a week (recently dethroned by "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes," on account of new years resolutions), but currently sits at #2. I find this pretty impressive, considering that it hasn't even been released yet and, according to amazon, has been in the top 100 for 103 days... So I raise the question: Is this the most anticipated novel since the Deathly Hallows? Or perhaps, just the most anticipated novel belonging to the fantasy genre in that timespan?

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I'd hate to be that guy but...


Pretty sure there were some Twilight Novels between the 7th HP book and now which would have been more anticipated.


... and... ugh... The Hunger Games maybe.

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surely the last dune books? the rubbish ones finished by his son and a hack writer (keven j. anderson (insert hugh weaving voice for effect here))


There where hype around the prequel Dune books? I mean there is so many of them now it seam there is a new one every time I drop by a bookstore. I could understand hype for the original series but the new ones? Granted I do read them but seriously they do have some flaws to say it mildly.


The Gray Fox there was no Twilight books published at that time period, all four books have been out since long before they started making the movies, there was a spin off book with one of the side characters but nothing else or that series I think, however I agree there have probably been some  books with a very wide pop culture appeal that have been more anticipated and paranormal romance is very popular right now, however I do think the new WoT book reaches pretty high on the list of the most anticipated books in the fantasy and science fiction genre in the last few years.

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Makes me happy I'm in Australia. I get it before everyone else (other than those in the Eastern States and New Zealand)



Though I have a minor surgery that day, so I won't be able to just bunk down and binge through it :(

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I rang about ten bookstores yesterday to check it would be coming in on the release date and none of them had heard of it :sad:

Im in the UK too and got mine pre-ordered to pick up from the biggest book chain (I'll be there 1st thing but not dressed up lol)

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