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Approved White Tower Bio for Zuijun--CC'ed by the Band


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<u>Basic Information</u>
Handle : Anrui
Full names of WT characters: Zuijun

<u>Character Information</u>
Name (first and last): Zuijun Tamori
State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional
Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 17
Nationality: Kandor

Hair: Jet-black, long, straight, and thick. She usually wears it in a simple two-twist braid.
Eyes: Dark brown, with long lashes. They have the slightest hint of a Saldean tilt to them.
Skin: Lightly tanned
Voice:Zuijun's voice is a dark, mellifluous alto.
Personality: The word best used to describe Zuijun's general attitude is 'respect'. She respects her elders, she respects her country, and most of all, authority.

Rules are important. If someone took the time and patience to set the rules down, they must have had a very good reason for them. Zuijun likes to know where she stands, and likes to know her limits. It's not surprising she's something of a card and board game fiend because of this; she'll be the first to suggest a game of Stones if no one's busy. However, with those rules come a strong sense of fair play.  Perhaps even more than a person that breaks rules, she really dislikes those who twist rules to serve their own ends. Cheaters will never prosper around Zuijun.

Her fellow novices will probably not see it that way, will call her 'that Light-blasted sucking up stick in the mud' and move on from there. Most Likely To Tattle To An Elder Because She Knows What's Good For You - that's Zuijun.

As she is Borderlander born and bred,  Zuijun has been taught from the crib that lack of respect for your elders and the world around you can get you killed if you don't care to listen to their wisdom, and no one mourns the corpses of idiots. To this day, she feels most comfortable when around those older than her, rather than those closer to her own age.

Her respect for her homeland compels her to be be a productive citizen. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Thus, Zuijun studied hard with her tutor and had plans to become a lawyer until her parents found the proper husband for her...because that's just what you do. That's the way the world works. Or it was, until a certain Aes Sedai threw in a totally unexpected wrinkle by stating she had Novice quality.

This very intelligent girl is missing one little thing that'll cause her no end of trouble in the Tower - she has a problem with trusting her instincts. When the Creator passed out women's intuition, the extremely logical Zuijun apparently missed the memo, and thus is never one to go with her gut. This will probably result in her being one of the very late bloomers of her class, because the last thing this girl is truly in touch with is herself.

Special Skills:

"My one dream has always been to be able to make a difference in someone's life, to know that sometime, somewhere, someone will always be glad to see me. I've always wanted to know that I am personally responsible for doing something right in the world.
... I really should be careful what I wish for, shouldn't I?"
--Zuijun, writing in her journal on the road to Tar Valon

Zuijun Tamori is the second child of a Kandori couple living near Chachin. Her father, Minoru, served in the Kandori army and rose to the rank of commander. He was greatly respected for his courage, insight, and bond with his troops. However, when Zuijun was barely a year old, he was taking some fairly green soldiers on maneuvers near the border and ran into a band of Trollocs. The unexpected running battle cost Minoru half the young soldiers as well as his right arm and eye, but they had managed to hold off the invading band until reinforcements could arrive.  An Aes Sedai of the Yellow saved his life when he was brought back to the nearest border town, healing the awful wounds he'd recieved.

The injuries forced Minoru into retirement much earlier than he'd planned, because if there was one thing he disliked, it was not being useful. It took him a while, but he adjusted to his new role with that typical Borderlander stoicism. After all, it gave him the opportunity to properly bring up Zuijun's elder brother, Jien. He felt it was his obligation to train his son well to take his place - although, of course, Jien would be judged based on his own deeds rather than bloodline, as was proper.

As the years went by, though, Minoru found something...disappointing... about his only son. While Jien worked hard and obeyed his father in all things, he lacked inner strength, that last bit needed to be a proper warrior. Their father thought it might be due to him somehow being soft on Jien, and assumed that once he started his military service, he'd straighten up.

Zuijun, however, was more like what he'd hoped his son would be. Not only was she obedient, but she was highly intelligent and brave. While her father focused on Jien, she was content to remain in the background, tutored by her mother. By the time Jien'd left home to join the army and find his own place in the world, Zuijun had just finagled an apprenticeship as a scribe to one of the local military judges, with an eye towards studying the law herself.

Things came to a head in Zuijun's fifteenth year. Her brother, who by then had been in the army for three years, was convicted of cowardice after fleeing a border skirmish. His unit had been crossing a bridge when Trollocs appeared. However, unlike his father's efforts to hold the line so they could retreat in good order, Jien had frozen and had been unable to give any commands, much less move to protect those in his care. Instead, he fled, leaving his command to their own devices. Only the intervention of a newly-blooded spearman who summoned up the courage to lead part of the unit to repulse the enemy saved them all.

The news of the debacle swept back to Chachin like wildfire, and military justice was swift and unbending. Jien was sentenced to death for his cowardice - but he was never found. To this day he hasn't been found, and no one knows where he might be. Either he ended his own life, or he's still in hiding. Not that Minoru cares, having disowned his son after hearing about this.

The affair left Zuijun somewhat obsessed with the family's honor, wondering over the space of the next two years how under the Light she could fix things. And that's when she met Jukatha Sedai, a young Green visiting her brother - the judge who was Zuijun's mentor. Jukatha liked the mettle of the young woman after speaking to her, and tested her on the off-chance that she had the ability to channel. When she saw the barest flicker of light in the jewel she held, she offered her the chance to finish her studies at Tar Valon - and possibly become an Aes Sedai. Zuijun jumped at this chance, and with the blessing of her parents who were amazed at this stroke of luck, departed for the White Tower.  Even if she doesn't attain the ring and the shawl, the education she'll receive will put her in good standing for a future career anywhere.

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