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Running in the midmorning heat, Dene tried to concentrate on anything other than the night before. What exactly had she agreed to? Was she really that desperate to have a man to herself, to swear to sleep with only him? Was she really that desperate? Or was she just wanting something solid... Sweat dripped down her face, and the small shirt she wore clung to her every curve. Even the ties of her corset could be seen. The breeches she wore clung, and she wore low boots so that the running was easier. She hadnt run in a few days, and since her mentor was busy with some business, she was running to keep in shape.


All she saw, however, was Natan. How could he have caught her heart like that? Was it his handsome face, his strong body, or his commitment to her. He was as sweet and loving and passionate in bed as he was in a regular conversation, and she liked that. How could she have ended up with him in her bed? He was a prize that she was going to hafto sacrifice things for to hold on to.


It seemed to be getting hotter, and she knew of a small pond in the ogier grove. Headed in the general direction, Dene was startled to see a familiar face at the edge, working on sword forms. The way his body moved, and how he concentrated on his work... it took her breath away. as she ran by, she looked away just in time as he looked up and saw her, startled. She just ran faster, hoping he couldnt see her blushing face.


She ran, dodging the trees, and found her way to the pond. Not even looking behind her, knowing she was hidden from everyone else, she stripped off her shirt and pants, tugged off her shoes, and flicked off her small clothes and corset as she dove into the water. She felt immediately refresehed, and came out of the water, her eyes just above the line, to see Natan staring down at her. She didnt even try to hide her body... just smiled.


"Jump in!" she yelled up to him. "The water feels amazing!" he looked down at her with his odd smile, and she couldnt help but laugh. He was hers, all hers, and she had to be the luckiest girl in the yard.






After the night before he had to clear his mind so he went out to the edge of the Ogier grove to practice, away from everyone. He decided he would bring his rapier with him today instead of his bastard sword. The forms were different but the rapier let him hone his speed and agility. As he fought his imaginary opponent he began to work his foot work also, turning in a circle he stepped his right foot in front of his left and then vice versa, circling the air, jabbing and slicing, combining the two in one fluid motion. As his circle completed he noticed someone running in his general direction. Upon closer inspection he realized it was Dene. He sheathed his blade and took off after her. She dissapeared into the woods and he followed her best he could. He immerged onto a small pond as he watched her bare back hit the water.


He walked up to the edge of the pond as she imerged, completely naked, her clothes scattered along the bank. She looked up at him with those sparkling blue eyes and said "Jump in! The water feels amazing!" He suddenly realized how sweaty he was and the water did look incredibly inviting. Not being able to deny her he stripped down, took a couple steps back and got a running start doing a front flip as he jumped in. When he surfaced she was smiling at him and he jumped at her in the water catching her around the waist and dragging her down to the bottom with him. He held her there while she squirmed then pushed off the bottom as hard as he could and sent them launching through the water to the surface.


As the reached the air she breathed heavily, and smacked his chest, looking slightly angry with him. "oh i'm sorry, did i scare you? Your right this water is wonderful, if only it were a little clearer...." He was looking down at her body, slightly squinting acting like he was having trouble seeing. He smiled and kissed her cheek then dove backward into the water splashing her with his feet. He swam to the other edge of the pond and surfaced again, motioning to her to join him. "C'mon, are you just going to stand there or are you going to have a little fun. He swam back over to her underwater and grabbed her thigh. He heard her squeel and he swam through legs coming up behind her and tickling her sides. "Well your no fun, i thought you wanted to go for a swim."






He smiled down at her, then took off his clothes to her delite. She stared at him, smiling, and he ran and jumped into the water. Laughing, she swam towards where he fell, and he popped up from the surface, grinning. He jumped towards her, and grabbed her waist hard, yanking the breath out of her as she was pulled to the bottom. He held her tight, and she struggled for air as he held them down, before pushing up. She was ready to slap him- what if she had died from lack of air? It would have been all his fault!


Smaking him hard on the chest, he tried to apologize as she struggled to breath. She was absolutely furious and didnt know what to say. How dare he do that to her? "oh i'm sorry, did i scare you? Your right this water is wonderful, if only it were a little clearer...." He looked down in the water, and she blushed. How could she be mad at him? He kissed her cheek, and she long ed for more as he swam away, splashing her with his feet. She laughed and watched him appear on the other side of the pond. "C'mon, are you just going to stand there or are you going to have a little fun?"


He swam under the water again, and she felt something grab her leg. Squeeling and shaking him off, he came up behind her and tickled her, making her laugh harder. "Well your no fun, i thought you wanted to go for a swim." She laughed again, then turned around to kiss him hard. Their bodies pressed together as their tongues explored the other's mouths. They stayed like this for a moment, before she pushed away and went under the water, swiming fast. Reappearing in the middle of the pond, she laughed, calling out to him.


"Over here! Come here!" he turned around and came to her while she dove under the water again and swam to the edge of the pond. Climbing out, she sat at the shore as he popped out of the water in the middle of the pond. "Come on! hurry up!" he laughed again and dove under the water, and climbed onto the shore beside her. She ran her fingers through his hair as he sat beside her.


Laughing and blushing, she smiled at the way he looked at her, almost in anticipation. But he would have to work for her first. Kissing him delicately on the lips, she squeezed his hand before jumping up and diving back into the water. "Hey, I thought you wanted to swim!"






As they realesed from their kiss she dove away swiming incredibly fast. Natan was amazed by the power her legs contained. She popped up in the middle of the pond and said "Over here! Come here!". He dove into the water to follow her but by the time he surfaced she was already at the edge of the pond, sitting there waiting for him. "Come on! hurry up!" He laughed and dove back underwater heading towards her. He half expected to see her gone when he came to the surface but there she was, her beautiful face staring at him.


He pulled himself up onto the edge and sat there with her. She was running her hand through his hair and he wanted so much to kiss her again. She kissed his lips but before he could react she was up on her feet again. "Hey, I thought you wanted to swim!" With that she jumped back into the pond and swam away. She was such a tease, oh well, he enjoyed it. She kept him guessing, he didnt know everything that she was going to do before she did it. She had a veil of mystery about her, something that was very appealing in Natan's eyes.


He got up and dove in after her, chasing her around for a while. She was a much faster swimmer than he and was rather tiring. Finally she slowed down and he caught her, pulling her under once again. This time she squirmed free and pushed him down instead. Unfortunately her foot kicked his back and he lost a little more of his air than he would have hoped to. He also breathed in a little water and he tried to surface to release the strain on his lungs. As he pushed off the bottom he realized her foot was still pushing on him and he couldnt get any higher. He grabbed her leg trying to get her to pay attention but she just kicked him down again, thinking it was still a game. He struggled against the pain in his chest, but it was just too much for him and he found himself sinking. His panic level rose as he dropped through the water, becoming completely helpless. Hopefully she would realize what was going on...






Swimming around the pond, Dene laughed as he chased her. The way his laugh sounded was wonderful, and it just made her laugh harder as she swam. A few times, he almost caught her when she slowed down, but she would speed back up, fliiping and diving thru the water. Eventually, she could tell he was getting tired, and she let him catch her. She breathed in as he dragged her down to the bottom, and struggled to get free.


Kicking him down below her, she laughed, kicking him down whenever he tried to get up. She waited a minute, then realised he had stop trying to come up. Was he ok? Diving down, she searched thru the water, and found his seeming lifeless body under the water. Swimming fast to him, she grabbed him to her, and kicked off the bottom to reach the surface. HE wasnt breathing, and she swam him over to shore.


Laying himdown carefully, she started pumping his chest, and breathing into his mouth, crying. Scenes of her father's death flashed before her eyes. His weak smile... then the falling of his head as he died... Struggling to push out the memories, she kept pushing on his chest, crying out his name, praying for him to breathe. "Please, Natan, please, breathe!" Breathing into his mouth again, she put her head to his chest, and heard nothing.


No! this couldnt be happening! It was only a game! how could he die on her? How dare he! Slapping him hard on the chest, thru her tears, she saw his body shake as he coughed up water, then shook his head and sat up. HEr arms went around his neck as she kissed his face. Light! how afraid she had been.


He looked around, a little bewildered, and she kissed him softly, trying to let him regain air. "I thought I lost you there!" She whispered into his ear, and hugged him close. What would she have done if he had died? HE still looked a little in shock, and she kissed his cheek, the fear still in her eyes. "Im so sorry, Natan, Im so sorry. Please, forgive me, i would never want to hurt you."


She hugged him again, crying into his shoulder. The fact they were naked didnt even cross her mind... all that mattered was that he forgive her. How could she have been so foolish?







Natan had blacked out, suddenly he could hear a very faint voice, or at least he thought he did. "Please, Natan, please, breathe!" Breathe? what was that? he couldnt remember what breathe meant. All he knew was that he was sinking into blackness, lacking the will to try to return. He kept trying to think of the reason that voice sounded familiar and what it meant to breath. suddenly it all came flooding back to him. he reached for the surface, trying to escape the blackness that was surrounding him. He could hear sobbing, Dene's sobbing. He finally reached the top and tried to breath. Instead he coughed and conciousness returned as he purged his lungs from the water that had ventured down the wrong tube. He sat up, shaking his head, trying to regain his bearings. He felt Dene's arms around his neck and her lips on his own. Fear haunted her eyes as she kissed him again. He heard her whisper "I thought I lost you there!" How long had he been out? Had he scared her that bad? She squeezed him and he squeezed back, trying to reassure her that he was ok.


He felt horrible, he hadnt meant for anything bad to happen. She kissed his cheek and said "Im so sorry, Natan, Im so sorry. Please, forgive me, i would never want to hurt you." Her arms pulled him in again and he held her close. He could feel her sobbing on his shoulder as she cried. He just held her there letting her get it out of her system. He really was ok now, she was just in shock from almost killing him. "It's ok, im fine, really. Dene dont worry, im ok now. Look, c'mon, lets get you dried off and back in your clothes. I dont really feel like swimming anymore anyways. C'mon." He stood up and tried to pull her with him but she wouldnt budge, she just sat on the ground crying, so he crouched back down and hugged her. They sat that way for a little while. Well, at least the sun was drying them. He left her and went and collected their clothes. "cmon, get up, lets get you dressed again."


He helped her get into her clothes and then he put his own on as she sat there. He stood her up and started walking her back towards the tower. He kept telling her everything was going to be alright, trying to get her to settle down. Nothing he said seemed to work but he kept trying. As they neared the tower she seemed to settle down a little bit but he kept his arm around her just the same. He must've really scared her, "I wonder how long I was out." he thought. The began walking through the tower and he realized he wasnt quite sure where he was headed. He found himself in the trainee hall and thought about taking her to his room. Only problem was, what if Ryen and them were in there. He wanted to do as little explaining as he had to. But where should he go?






Shaking with fear, she heard him whisper he was ok. "It's ok, im fine, really. Dene dont worry, im ok now. Look, c'mon, lets get you dried off and back in your clothes. I dont really feel like swimming anymore anyways. C'mon." She kept crying, afraid to move. She had almost killed him... she had almost killed her lover... How could she have been so stupid? After all the people she had lost... then she pulled this idiocricy. He sat down beside her, and hugged her close as she sat in his arms. She had hurt him... how much worse could she be? "cmon, get up, lets get you dressed again."


He got her dressed some how, but she was still shaking, afraid of what she had done. He kept whispering he was fine, but all she could see was his lifeless body, lying on the bank, while all she did was cry. How horrid could she be? He cared for her, and she had almost killed him. He had lied there at least ten minutes, and she was still surprised that he was still alive. She was even more surpised he had forgiven her.


Some how, they made it to the trainees hall, and she realised he still had his arm around her waist. She felt her face was flushed from fear, and her eyes had to still show her fear. He stopped ad looked around, then took his hand in hers. She wasnt shaking as much, and felt she could walk on her own without passing out. Being scared for his life had taken so much out of her... and it was her doing. They went to her room, and she let him in, then shut the door behind him. While Darion had been away, and he would still be gone another two months at least, she had rearranged the room. One of the extra beds had been put in the middle of the room, like a sofa, with pillows all over it.


The fire place in the corner that the bed was facing had fresh wood in it, and she tried to get it started. giving up, she threw the flint on the ground, and looked around her room. one bed was pressed against the far wall, and on the other side, two beds were pressed together, making one large bed. All of them looked unslept in. It was a pretty blah room. And Natan just stood there, staring at her. The tears came back to her eyes, and she turned away from him. Finding a ribbon, she pulled back her hair, then slipped off her clothes, not even hiding her body. Pulling on a loose shirt and loose pants, she went up to Natan, her head hung.


Looking up into his eyes, she set her head on his chest while his arms wrapped around her. Still in shock, she started shaking again. "Im so sorry. Im so, so sorry." She didnt know what else to say, other than ask, "Why are you still here? After what I did, im surprised you arent running away from me..."







She must have realized he had no idea where to go cause she started leading him. She led him to her room and let him in. She closed the door and went to the fireplace, trying to start a fire. As she did Natan took a look around the room. There was a bed in the middle of the room with pillows piled on top of it. Natan guessed it was meant to be a couch of sorts. He looked around the rest of the room. One bed was pressed against the far wall, and on the other side, two beds were pressed together, making one large bed. All of them looked unslept in. He turned back to her just as she threw down the flint in frustration. She started crying and turned away. She walked over to her dresser, got a ribbon and pulled her hair back. She removed her clothes and put on some that were incredibly large on her. She walked back over to him, not making eye contact with him, her head hung like she was expecting punishment. She looked up at him and and put her head on his chest.


He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She started to shake again and he held her firm. She started apologizing again and then said something completely unexpected. "Why are you still here? After what I did, im surprised you arent running away from me..." It suddenly hit him. She thought he believed she did it on purpose. No wonder she was so shaken. "It's not your fault, it was a complete accident. I knoy you didnt do it on purpose, i know you wouldnt do that." He brought her over to the "couch" and sat her down. Look, if i hadnt been messing around it wouldnt have happened so if its anyones fault its mine. Don't beat yourself up over this. I havent left because you're everything to me. You saved me too, dont forget. If you hadnt pulled me out i might have been a little upset but whos to say?" knowing this was completely rediculous he was hoping to get a smile out of her. It almost worked. "cmon, you just sit here, i'll get the fire started. dont you worry everythings going to be alright."


He walked over to the fire place and picked up the flint and steel. It took him a few tries to get it to work right but eventually he got a decent fire going. He looked over at Dene, her eyes were fixed on the fire and Natan was sure he saw a tear roll down her cheek. He couldnt imagisne where she ever got the idea that he blamedher for the incident and he didnt know how to get her to believe he didnt. He walked over to one of the beds and grabbed a blanket. He walked over to her and sat dow, putting the blanket on the two of them. He put his arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her neck softly. "feeling any better?" she didnt answer him so he just held her. He had to think of some way to make her feel better but nothing came to mind. He nuzzled the back of her hair with his at and once again kissed her neck. What to do? "Dene, I know we've had a rough day but lets put it behind us and enjoy tonight at least. cmon cheer up. please, for me?" He pouted at her and kissed her lips softly.






He held her tighter, and she listened to his heart beat, remembering when he hadnt had one. Light! he had almost died! "It's not your fault, it was a complete accident. I know you didnt do it on purpose, i know you wouldnt do that." He helped her over to the sofa, and helped her to sit down. She looked up at him, afraid to see anger. Instead, she saw love, caring, and worry.


"Look, if i hadnt been messing around it wouldnt have happened so if its anyones fault its mine. Don't beat yourself up over this. I havent left because you're everything to me. You saved me too, dont forget. If you hadnt pulled me out i might have been a little upset but whos to say?" A smile almost came to her face, but then she remembered where he would have been. Dead. Why did everyone close to her die. First her mother, then her brothers, and then her father. NExt, it would be her lover. "cmon, you just sit here, i'll get the fire started. dont you worry everythings going to be alright."


She sat there, staring at him blankly as he started the fire. She felt the warmth hit her skin, but all she saw was that day long ago, when she had lost her father. How he had wanted her to come here to trainee. And how he had said he loved her. But he was dead. And she was alone. He sat beside her and wrappedher up close to him with a blanket. His strong arms wrapped around her, and she felt soft lips kissing at her neck as she shivered.


"feeling any better?" She didnt know what to tell him. No matter how much he forgave her, she couldnt forgive herself. She felt his lips in her hair, and then his lips back on her neck. Maybe he wasnt really that mad at her... but still... how could she have been so foolish? And he still wanted to be with her? "Dene, I know we've had a rough day but lets put it behind us and enjoy tonight at least. cmon cheer up. please, for me?" He pouted, and kissed her softly, and she nodded. For him, she would be happy.


Turning to face him, she kissed him hard while tears still went down her cheeks. His hands went around her waist, and she layed back slowly on the sofa, and he layed half ontop of her, half beside her. They layed there kissing for a few more moments, before she pulled back and nodded. Forcing a smile, she moved a hand to caress his cheek. "Lets be happy then." HE returned the smile, and pulled her close to him.


Laying wrapped in his arms, Dene smiled. How much better could this be? They were laying together, almost asleep, and nothing could bother them. But she couldnt sleep. Looking up into Natan;s beautiful eyes, she saw he wasnt asleep either. Kissing his nose softly, she spoke. "Tell me about growing up in Tear. Dont they hate Aes Sedai down there? Why would you want to train here as a warder? And do you even plan on bonding?"


He smiled and silenced her with a finger on her lips. She smiled back, and snuggled close, awaiting to hear his answer. Just hearing his voice was wonderful, and when her head rested on his chest, his chest rumbled, making her smile everytime. How much better could things get?







They were laying together peacefully but Natan didnt to sleep for fear of missing time with her. He looked down at her and saw she was looking back up at him. She kissed his nose and asked, "Tell me about growing up in Tear. Dont they hate Aes Sedai down there? Why would you want to train here as a warder? And do you even plan on bonding?" Finding it a rather unexpected question he looked at her rather quizically. He thought about it and decided he guessed it was an honest question and so decided to answer it. "Well, first you should know that im actually only half Tairen. My mother is from Andor which gave my life a little twist and probably changed the way I was raised. Ya see, i would get picked on by other kids because i was only half noble. My dad decided he wouldnt stand for it so thats when he started teaching me how to fight. As i got older i became stronger and quicker in my training. I started getting kinda cocky and started trying to climb the Stone. I've actually done it three times but there was one time I'll never forget. I was climbing when one of the other guys spotted me on the wall. He was sort of the ring leader of my persecuters and gathered them all together.... to throw rocks at me." Remembering the events started to bring back the pain and Natan had to pause to recover. Dene gave him a squeeze and he went on.


"Unfortunately they all had pretty good aim and fairly strong arms. A lot of their throws hit and it made extremely difficult to climb, let alone hang on. I kept trying to get higher but to no avail. I probably should have been trying to climb down because one of their stones hit my hand and broke a couple of my fingers, making it impossible to hold onto anything with it. Needless to say i screamed. I clung to the wall with my other hand and tried to stay where i was. I could feel my energy draining and they werent letting up. I could hear their laughter and I began to cry. It was probly only a few minutes but it felt like hours. Lucky for me my dad came along and chased them away. He tried to get me to climb down but i told him i couldnt. He kept yelling 'Try Natan, you've got to at least try! please, do it for me!' I started making my way down and got decently far before i slipped and fell. I was somewhere from 15 to 20 feet up when i dropped. My dad tried to catch me and managed to break my fall but i also managed to break his leg. He still limps from it." Natan hadn't realized it but at some point he had started to cry. The tears stinging his face.


"Anyways, after my hand healed my dad brought me to his good friend Darius for training in the rapier. I learned quickly in hopes to make my dad proud ad I was the first of Darius' students to take the final test. I passed and came here. As far as the people hating Aes Sedai thing goes, like i said my mom is andoran and they have a slightly different view. Besides, you can imagine i didnt really want to share the same views as my peers. As far as coming here goes, my parents accepted the idea because the saw it as a safer place to be than where i was. Sure they were upset to see me go, but it had to be done." He looked into her eyes to see them watery with a few tears on her face as well. He wiped them off with his thumb and kissed her on the lips. "I'm here now though and thats all that matters." he whispered.







Dene listened to him half heartedly. She couldnt imagine what she would do if he wasn’t with her. He was so wonderful- quite a catch really. After all, she had given up sleeping around to sleep with only him. She didn’t do that for just anyone! She cried softly, his body curled around hers as he spoke softly into her hair.


Looking at him, he must have seen the tears, and he wiped then away softly. Tears were in the corners of his eyes as well. She felt a soft kiss on her lips, and heard him whisper, “I'm here now though and thats all that matters.†She nodded her head slowly, and kissed his lips again.


They layed there for a few moments, her body pressed against his, before she kissed his cheek softly, and then his neck. His arms wrapped around her back, and she continued kissing his neck softly, before pulling away from him, staring into his eyes lovingly. A smile slowly graced her lips, and she kissed his lips softly, before leading him to her bed, and letting him know how she felt.


They made love, and then layed in each other’s arms, just like they had the night before. It was wonderful and beautiful- something so romantic and caring and soft. The way his body curved around hers, his hands resting on her hips and his face in her hair was too much for her to bear. She started crying again, but these were happy tears. He looked at her, confused, and asked her what was wrong. Laughing softly, she kissed his forehead.


“Nothing,†she whispered. “Nothing could ever be wrong, as long as I am with you.†His eyes lit up at that, sparkling and shining. He pulled her back to him, his hands now held around her back and caressing her hair as she rested her face on his chest. They lay there in bliss, she listening to his heart beat, until she spoke again. “Do you think you could ever love me?†she asked softly, her voice half muffled in his hard chest.






After they made love they laid there together, holding each other. She began to cry so he asked her what was wrong. “Nothing,†she whispered. “Nothing could ever be wrong, as long as I am with you.†Upon hearing that his heart leapt, it just made him so happy to hear someone say that. He hugged her to himself again and stroked her hair, smiling to himself, thinking about how wonderful he felt. Her head rose and fell with each breath he took, they fit perfectly together. “Do you think you could ever love me?†she asked softly. The question caught him by surprise. At first he wasn't sure he caught what she said, but after repeating it a few times in his head he was convinced. She had just asked if he could love her.... did he truly know what love was? Was he ready to love someone? He lay there, thinking, hoping that she wouldnt take his silence as "No". To be completely honest he had no idea.


But then he thought, of course he could love her. She was the first person he had ever been with but he knew that no one had ever made him feel the way she did. Just the mere sight of her made him happy. He realized that he would probably never find someone else like her for the rest of his life. He had no trouble talking to her, he had just told her about one of the most embarassing and painful memories he had without completely breaking down. The more he thought about it the more he realized that he might already love her. He wanted to tell her that but he wasnt sure how to phrase it. Natan had always been kind of a romantic so he wanted to tell her as beautifully as possible..... but how? Of course, a poem. but it couldn't be straight forward.... it had to be.... suave. finally he had it....


He pulled away from her and looked her in the eye, holding her in his gaze.

"If time were to stand still, I know exactly where I'd be.

Lying here beside you, for all eternity.

We'd live our lives together, for worse or for better.

We'd be there for each other, forever and ever.

Cause when you're here, I dont feel any pain.

I can feel your arms surround me and I know you'll never leave me.

With you here, i'm not afraid.

Cause you're lying here beside me and i know your here to guide me."






She didnt know if she loved him. Light, she didnt know what love was. But what she did know was that she had never felt like this for anyone. She had never cared so much or desired so much. Yes, she had suffered from lust, but what she had with Natan... it was more than that. She wanted to just be with him. Be in his arms. Make him smile and hear his laugh. If that was love, then she was certainly in love with him.


His body seemed to stiffen, and after a few minutes, she began to worry. Maybe he just thought of her as a whore... someone he could sleep with whenever he wanted. Maybe he didnt want love, or just didnt love her. Or maybe this was just a big joke... whatever the reason, he wasnt speaking, and she was worried. She wouldnt have even looked him in the eyes... she couldnt. She wanted to cry, or blush, or just get away. But they way his body felt around hers, and how protected she felt- there was no way she could leave the bed. She just wouldnt. She loved him, or at least, cared for him deeply.


He pulled away, and her heart sunk, tears in her eyes. He was leaving her. Light! how could she mess up the best thing she had ever had? How could she destroy that with him? She would never find anyone like him again, and just because of her stupidness, she was going to lose him. But he didnt leave. He just layed there, and she looked at him. His eyes held hers, and she listened.


She listened to his silly poem, and she just started crying. Light, that had to be the worst poem ever, but it said everything she wanted to say. She wanted to stay with him, no matter what. Nothing could be wrong with him. There was no other place she could be, at least not feel the way she felt right then. She didnt know if it was a yes or no, but it seemed like he cared for her like she cared for him.


Her lips pushed to his softly, and then he wrapped her back up in his arms. She burried her face into his chest, and she just layed there, letting the tears come out. After a few minutes, she pushed away, and looked at him, swallowing another sob in her throat, and speaking a reply. "Natan... I think I love you. I cant talk to anyone else like I talk to you, and this is possibly the best thing I have ever had. No, it is the best thing I have ever had. I feel so safe with you, and so loved... there is no where else I would rather be, and no one else I would rather be with."


He smiled at her, and she fell apart again, her soul bared out to him, wiith his arms going around to hug her close. She wrapped herself in his arms, and they layed there, so full of love and care. She felt her heart bursting with joy, and she wanted to laugh. "Please... dont leave tonight. Stay here, with me. Please?"

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