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The Sundae Cafe - Tybee Island, Ga


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There are a lot of restaurants on Tybee Island, but this one is the best for taste and price. It's kind of a hole in the wall, with a liquor store on one side and a convenience store on the other. So if you're looking for something really fancy looking, this probably wouldn't be the place, however don't let appearances deceive you. We stumbled on it by accident but what a happy accident it was! The first time I went, I had the fried scallops with fries and to this day they are the best scallops I've ever eaten. They were huge, juicy and perfectly cooked. At night, the restaurant turns into fine dining and their wine list is very impressive. The food ranges in price from $5 to $25 and everything in between. Something for every palate without breaking the bank! They also do specialty martinis! Everything I've eaten there has been wonderful. Such a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and the staff is very attentive and polite. Whether you order seafood, steak, burgers, or shrimp and grits, this place will deliver on taste and quality at an affordable price every time.


Here's their website: http://www.sundaecafe.com



My Ratings:


Food: 5

Atmosphere: 5

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There menu looks good. If I were in the neighborhood, I'd definitely go for one of the seafood dishes. Maybe try the fried green tomatoes, too. Hmm. Burgers are kind of pricy, but they are giving you 1/2 a pound of meat. 


It's the lunch specials, though, that really make my mouth water. Eight dollars for for such a huge meal? Seriously? I'd probably end up taking half of it home for a SECOND meal.  

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