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Final aMoL Predictions! Get Them Stated!

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1. Mat kills Galgon, then leads the Seanchan army.  He will abruptly Travel with the entire Seanchan army, appearing next to another army led by someone he knows, and scare the crap out of them before he introduces himself as their leader.  


2. Mat will conquer Tar Valon.


3.  Mat will never say "Burn it" or "Bloody Ashes" again.


4. At some point, linking will be a necessity, prompting some damane to be unchained.  This will be part of what leads to freeing the damane at some point in the future.


5. Mat will conquer Tar Valon for some reason, Egwene will surrender, and then Mat will let them go.


6.  The big TAR battle will be at the Black Tower, not SG.


7.  Logain will kill Taim.  I don't think the old theory that Logain will come upon Taim disguised as Rand, see through it because of his ability to see taveren, then kill him and take over will happen any longer, but Logain will kill him, and lead the black tower.


8.  Tuon will be overthrown for a time before Mat steps in, but she will live.


9.  Padan Fain will be sealed with the dark one, in way similar to Rand's wound being isolated, with two evils that should hopefully destroy each other.


10. If Rand dies, it will be at hands of the giant myrdraal guy.


11.  Rand's link to Moridin, and ability to grab his true power, and therefore see the weaves, will let him see something important the dark one is doing.


12.  Rand, Mat,  will survive.  Perrin will lose a leg.


13. Bela will make an appearance.


14.  Moraine, Tom, Lan, Egwene, Aviendha, Elayne, Faile, Siuan, Bryne, Min, all survive.  Bashere dies.


15.  Lanfear will not be saved. Her role is that of a hostage, and Rand will have to let her die and cry about it.


16. Moridin is not going to go Vader in his last moments.


17. The Dark One will be some timeless being and his death will mean he never existed, causing Rand to come back to life, or something crazy like that.


18.  No one will heal death.  If Rand revives, it's because of something stupid like #17, or the Creator stepping in with some high pitched music and rays of light and he's just ok....something like that.


19.  Rand will NOT wield the true power.  


20.  No Wise Ones will be darkfriends.


21.  The red veiled Aeil don't come from some magic exotic place...they're made that way in the Blight.  They cannot channel.


22.  Moraine has the male sa'angreal we keep speculating about.


23.  The epilogue will not take place 50 years in the future.


24.  The ashaman who were 13x13'd were only able to have 13 channelers because there was a woman from Elaida's captured Aes Sedai, a black, who made it possible.  She will get baelfired or something, the effected will be cured, pissed off, and rally behind logain or whoever.


25.  There will be no body swap.


26.  Egwene will not die.  There will be riots and bloodshed.


27.  Some Wheel of Time fan will get an early copy and die from a heart attack caused by caffeine and exhaustion.  Religious people will then protest witchcraft in the book, atheists will protest because it's about Jesus, and the book will be banned in the USA before it comes out.





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The last line of the book will be "There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time."


While I like this idea, I'm still more fond of one I read on here a while back. The last line of the book being "You win again, Lews Therin." or something along those lines.

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The last line of the book will be "There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time."


While I like this idea, I'm still more fond of one I read on here a while back. The last line of the book being "You win again, Lews Therin." or something along those lines.

Moridin: "I'll get you next time Lews Therin!  NEXT TIME!"

Cyndane: "Mrowr!"

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1. Least one of the Forsaken survive last battle.


2. We will see a Forsaken turning back to light, likely for more or less corrupted reasons. I've always liked Ishmael for that, from betrayer of hope to bringer of hope. Kinda similar symmetry as with taint coming when all seemed won and being cleansed when all seemed to be in chaos. Then again I've had theory on Ishmael being champion of light that got turned dark - The taunting Ishy did to Rand bout Rand serving DO while he still was Ishmael as while Ishy lied bout Rand, champion of light had turned in past according to RJ.


3. Lan will survive the attack on gap.


4. Galgan will move against Tuon for real.


5. Somebody will return normal from being turned by 13x13.


6. We will still see Verin's work come in play, something she did has not yet played out, even discounting Alanna's letter.


7. Aiel won't return to the way of leaf during last book.


8. Mat's loyalties to Rand will be questioned, though I don't think he actually betrays Rand.


9. Elayne the prim won't die and I don't get easy way out with her.


10. Egwene might die in blaze of glory but I suspect I won't get that satisfaction.


11. Even if demandred is roedran, there is a lot more to his mystery.


12. BT handles itself without interference from Rand.


13. Androl's past has some relevance to the story and he likely was wilder before BT, thus being lot older than he seems like.


14. There won't be many deaths to main cast.


15. We will finally see competent Forsaken.

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The last line of the book will be "There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time."


While I like this idea, I'm still more fond of one I read on here a while back. The last line of the book being "You win again, Lews Therin." or something along those lines.

Had to go with it. Pretty sure we know the last word of the book is "time".

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1 (Rand, Nyn, Eggs, or other) will find a way to make a'dam obsolete. Some weave or trick will bring down the wHole seanchan empire'S collaring system. No muss, no fuss.

2 Mat takes out Demandred....after we hear pov's from no more than 4 characters about (light!) He only has one eye!

3 Lan teams up w borderland wolves to take out Luc/Isam

4 i will cry/tear up no less than 5 times

5 moiraine reveals at least one thing she requested from the finns



I'd like to edit my drunken post from last night if I may. (I forgot a few things)

- firstly, along with #1, I'd like to add that we should see Eliada dead in  a blaze of attempted retribution after she has come crawling back to the WT/Eggs


6 The bowl of winds makes an apperance


7 Farstrider AND Hopper show up as HotH


8 we see a previously unmentioned item from the Age of Legends (like the gholam, dreamspike, ect)


9 aftermath of LB drastically changes Randland.The last page has a new map 

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Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but i think channeling will be rendered useless/inaccessible and swords will come into play, particularly in the BT if not only in the BT. There must have been some reason Rand stressed learning the swords and the BT DF (Logain and such) not seeing the need for it and focusing solely on channeling.

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1 (Rand, Nyn, Eggs, or other) will find a way to make a'dam obsolete. Some weave or trick will bring down the wHole seanchan empire'S collaring system. No muss, no fuss.


If Elayne works out how to duplicate the Foxhead Medallion exactly, then would Aes Sedai wearing it be immune from shielding?

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1 (Rand, Nyn, Eggs, or other) will find a way to make a'dam obsolete. Some weave or trick will bring down the wHole seanchan empire'S collaring system. No muss, no fuss.


If Elayne works out how to duplicate the Foxhead Medallion exactly, then would Aes Sedai wearing it be immune from shielding?

Yeah, I guess that would work. My need for the dramatic would prefer the collars to all pop open ( a la Eg vs Mesaana in TAR) at once so the leashed ones are all freed at the same time. Then, ya know, they can turn. I'd love to see some pissed off windfinders actually do something good by taking out the suldams.

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 I'd love to see some pissed off windfinders actually do something good by taking out the suldams.


Have you ever seen that joke list of cat rules?  It starts off with a list of rules that the human expects the cat to follow, and after a series of revisions it becomes a list of rules that the human follows to satisfy the cat.


Ages ago, I think on DM, someone posted a parody of this substituting sul'dam for humans and Wise Ones for cats.  It was very clever.


If the a'dam on the Wise One damane pop open like that, I will expect to hear a collective sigh of relief from their sul'dam, followed by a collective shriek of horror when the Wise Ones snap their collars back on because "the sul'dam haven't learned their lessons yet".

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Closing the Bore won't be done with the power, but will be the three taveren reweaving/healing the pattern in some way.

Min will die.

Tam will die.

Gaul will die.

Logain will kill Taim.

Cads will die dramatically/heroically and her death will be what teaches Rand and the AM somehow.

Siuan and Bryne will survive.

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I was reading back through the pages on this thread, and I guess Sanderson said at some point there would be a reveal of a gay character? Male, it looks like?

I haven't seen the quote, but what's the difference between pillow friends and "gay"? Are pf bisexual? circumsantially gay? lesbians only? I don't see how the reveal will be a big deal unless it's someone like Gaul, who has not just one woman after him, but two. That would be an awesome scene


Bain: Yay! Our year and a day is over!

Chaid: Gaul we have been waiting so long to give you these wreaths.

Both: We've spent a year making them!


Gaul: uh...no thanks.

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It's not a secret that RJ was much more comfortable with female sexuality than male. He's old-fashion that way. People asked him about it, and his answer was that naturally there are gay men around, but the issue simply never came up (which, admittedly, is rather weak. Especially considering how he never let an opportunity go to delve in depth into the practices of female societies to walk 'clad-in-the-Light' and such).


Not everyone cares about this sort of thing, but it did come up. And since RJ officially said he doesn't mind, and in fact his world has gay people, Brandon was inclined to explicitly mention it in the books.

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1. Egwene al'Vere kills Rand al'Thor. It just seems like everything has been set up to make it so.


2. Perrin will die, trading the Light of the World for Faile (Light of the World being poetic for life, literally the ability to interact with the light of the world). His soul will answer the Horn of Valere, and Faile will discover she is pregnant.


3a. Aviendha will die saving Mat from Fain. Fain seems to be on his way to becoming Corruption whereas the Dark One is Destruction. As such, he is the only one capable of preventing Min's Pattern-read of Aviendha bearing the four children who would have set into motion the destruction of the Aiel.




3b. Aviendha lives, but forces the Dargon's Peace upon the Aiel as well. This requires something to alter the Pattern itself, as it invalidates the Glass Columns.


4. Lanfear kills Moridin, destroying her own cour'souvra regardless. Sad moment.


5. Rand's death brings him to T'A'R, where Egwene encounters him. Sad moment, forgiveness, inspiration. Rand battles his way against the Shadow in T'A'R to Shayol Ghul, where the Pattern becomes threadbare and he crosses over back to the living world

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Haven't seen this in this topic, so:


1) The Eelfinn and Aelfinn are involved in defeating the Dark One, and may as a result be separated from this world or destroyed. 



- When Tuon is with Mat she laughs at his superstitions (such as ta'veren), and mentions an old children's rhyme; about how the snakes (or foxes or both?) live under old Hob's hill (old Hob is the Dark One, old Hob's hill Shayol Ghul). Since what she thought were superstitions turned out real, this should also be truth. This points to the fact that the Finns have a relation to the DO. 

-When the doorframes to the Finns' realms are explained, we hear, "It is dangerous to ask questions about the Shadow." Another thing pointing to the Finn's relation with the DO.


"She's right, Lews Therin said suddenly. She? Rand asked. The pretty one. With the short hair. She says we need to break the seals. She's right. Rand froze, pulling Tai'daishar up short, ignoring the groom who had come to take the horse. To hear Lews Therin agreeing...


What do we do after that? Rand asked. We die. You promised we could die! Only if we defeat the Dark One, Rand said. You know that if he wins, there will be nothing for us. Not even death. Yes...nothing, Lews Therin said. That would be nice. No pain, no regret. Nothing.

Rand felt a chill. If Lews Therin began to think that way . . . No, Rand said, it wouldn't be nothing. He would have our soul. The pain would be worse, far worse.


Lews Therin began to weep. Lews Therin! Rand snapped in his mind. What do we do? How did you seal the Bore last time? It didn't work, Lews Therin whispered. We used saidin, but we touched it to the Dark One. It was the only way! Something has to touch him, something to close the gap, but he was able to taint it. The seal was weak! Yes, but what do we do differently? Rand thought."


Something needs to touch him to close the gap; perhaps some power that the Finns possess.

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Rand's body will "die" but somehow his soul will end up going into Logain's body. Alivia will help this process in some fashion. And Logain gives up his own life voluntarily, this fulfilling his prophesied glory.


Dobraine is gay.


Lan will die without ever learning that Moiraine is alive. 


Egwene and Gawyn survive and marry. As do Galad and Berelain. 


Elaida will get some sort of redemption.


Liandrin does not re-appear. Ronde Macura does.


The Ogier will decide to leave the world before the Last Battle, with only Loial and Erith remaining to fight.


Whether or not Aviendha manages to successfully avert the fate she saw for the Aiel will not be resolved within the book, their future left ambiguous. 


The Sea Folk will play little-to-no role in the story.


Some form of truce with the Seanchan will be forged, but the issues of slavery and damane will not be addressed as part of it, although hints that Mat and Tuon will seek reform will be there.


There are no surprise Darkfriends revealed.

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The Seanchan and Aes Sedai will end up fighting alongside one another at some point.  Some high ranking Seanchan (possibly Tuon herself) will be mortally wounded.  knowing only the One Power can save them, an Aes Sedai will heal them.  Maybe Nyneave? Maybe not?  Or if they don't fight alongside each other then it will be someone captured, an AS or a WO.  This could then end up being the catalyst that changes the view of channelers from weapons and threats to people of equal standing.

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1) Fain encounters Morodin, and promptly destroy each other. (That is, Fain = Wormtongue, Morrodin = Saruman... That, or Saruman = Dark One)


2) Rand Fights Shadar Haren, and loses (tempoarilly)

(I could have these reversed to. Fain kills Shadar Haren, rand loses to Morrodin)


3) The Tinkers + The Aiel encounter each other, and through rand, Rediscover The Song. Loial, and some other young Ogier, come to help, and really make the Song Work.


4) Perrin & Mats fate... undetermined.

A world tree might be involved.

(Perin = Thor, Mat = Odin... Flaile = Hawk & Tuon = Raven 

Fenfir = Super Darkhound.

Perhaps the giant worm =... well the giant freaking worms in the blight.

In Ragnarok, both Odin, and Thor Die. But I think.. at least Perrin will die, and Mat might or at least, will lose something valueable. I really do think, Perrin will incidently start up manatheran again, and Mat will probably go back to seanchan.

World Tree = something the Song makes.  In 'ragnarok', because of christanity, 'two humans' survive, inside the tree, leave, and proceed to eat the fruit of knowledge. (adam and eve...) Could be an obvious red herring but I still think its a good template for what might happen.)


5) Rand Dies, but doesn't Die. I'm guessing his blood on the rocks, might not be Rands, but perhaps his half-brothers. By breaking the Dark Ones Seals, and Resealing him. Rand also, Removes the One Power from the world, thus his wounds should be mortal. And its possible, that the Creator, (Returns?) Through Rand, temporarilly to reseal the DO permantly, at the same time, removing the very power that could possibly unlock the DO again. I'm expecting rand will be a blind begger at the end of the novel, watching over his family. (Paul Atreides)


6) Sharan troops, could emerge at the last minute of a grand battle, to push the shadowspawn back, giving both the Aes Sedia, The Male version, and the Aiel & there Song, room to attempt to reseal the DO's Prison.


7) Seanchan will find that some of there weapons will turn back to the shadow.

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All three ta veren dies. They are not needed after the last battle, so might as well kill them off.


Egwene lives and becomes a great ruler together with Logain. They will be the two most important people to restore the world after the last battle. 


Ishmael turns from the shadow. Plays a central role in ceiling the prison. Dies. 


Longshot: Ishmael pulls a Snape and reveals he has been acting a counter-agent all along.

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I'm thinking Fain's dagger will play a key role in the sealing.


This one seems to be a popular one, but Moridin or Mierin will convert to the Light.



Longshot: Ishmael pulls a Snape and reveals he has been acting a counter-agent all along.


^ I like it.


I don't believe the Asha'man will merge completely with the Aes Sedai, i.e. they will retain their identity. Perhaps they will relo to TV though.


At least one character will become a Hero, likely Jain.


I like to think that the Midnight Towers have something to do with TAR, perhaps the soul-snatching mechanism. This ties in with the Broken Wolf being "claimed" by the Midnight Towers (though it could easily refer to Slayer somehow), and with Egwene's dream of the thirteen towers (specifically the one which seems to be collapsing but then rises, which I take to be one of the resurrected Forsaken; it could be the newly raised M'hael though).


Apropos Taim, he's no ordinary DF. He probably has AoL memories like Rand.


I will be very disappointed if Gaidal Cain is not revealed.

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Earlier I made the prediction that Rand would be killed by Fain at Shayol Ghul. I've been pondering what would happen. Given that Rand's soul now seems tied with Moridin, I wonder if his soul would move to Moridin's body, rather than passing on as it should. If so, then we would have another "man with two souls." I always found Luc to be something of an oddity. It would make some sense if he exists simply to give an example of it having happened before, somehow. So no body-swap, but two souls now in one body. The Mashadar taint might wind up severing Moridin from the Dark One, much as Asmodean was by Lanfear.


Now for a super-out there prediction. I don't even believe it, but I want to state it just in case. It's something I've considered for my own stories in my head, and I'm sure it's been done before, but the Dark One is the Creator, who has grown dissatisfied with what he made, and he's opposed by the mechanics of his own world (the Wheel) and perhaps gave up some of himself (the True Source?) so that he's not omnipotent anymore. Considering Christian theology about the end of days, I've always liked the idea of considering a story where the people oppose Armageddon and war against their own god, perhaps not even knowing that this "evil" is their creator. Granted, that flies in the face of so much we've been told, I know that, and I'm not considering it seriously. It's a prediction from deep out of left field.


And now I'm imagining this as the scene from the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Rand is holding onto a ledge overhanging the Pit of Doom, cradling the stump of his arm.


This contains one of the 'Memories' that were leaked early.



Rand: I'll never join you, Father of Lies!
Rand: The Creator, he spoke to me, prepared me to fight you!
Rand: No. No. That's not true. That's impossible! 
Dark One: Search your feelings, you know it to be true! 
Rand: [anguished] No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [let's go and drops into the Pit of Doom]


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