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BlueCon 2012: Fantasy Masquerade Ball


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The festivities have begun!

If you wish to join in the ball send me a PM, there is no limit to how many can play at a time. Once you send me a PM you will be assigned a character fromt eh Fantasy or Sci-Fy realm. You don't need to act COMPLETELY like the character, but you do need to put some effort into it. The object for others will be to guess your character, and you must also try and guess theirs. Guesses will be submitted via PM, any guesses posted in this thread will not count, there is no penalty for incorrect guesses and guesses are awarded on a first come first serve basis according to PM time stamps.

You can ask other players questions on thread if you wish, they can choose whether to answer or not, the main fun comes from acting like your assigned character, and people trying to guess who you are once they think they know who you are. So you want to put effort into it, but also try to be subtle. Once a person's character is guessed, i'll announce it on thread and you can then re-apply via PM to recieve a new character to play act as. Each correct guess will get you 1 point, which will be kept tally in this post, and the person at the end of BlueCon with the most points wins. Please do note that in order to submit a guess you must be participating in the Ball.

As always, keep it PG-13 and most importantly, have fun!!

Please post "BlueCon 2012 Masquerade Ball" in the title of your PMs as well for ease :smile:

*dons her mask and walks around waiting for other people to enter*

List of Players

- Red
- Mish -> 2
- Dar -> 2
- Blank
- Nyan
- Len
- Kronos -> 4
- Shauna
- Ithi
- Starrik

- Turin -> 5

- Ishy

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Red came swooping into the crowd, her cloak billowing out behind her as she stalked towards the punch and grabbed a cup. She didn't want to be here, she preferred to be in her studies rather than comming to these "social functions". But alas, it was in her job discription to atleast make an apperance at such events.


She surveyed the room in a huaghty manner, looking for a reason to make her leave as soon as possible. She hoped her demeanor would ward off any would be socializers and allow her a medicorum of peace during this enfurnal affair.



( though i am the host of the event, i will also be play acting :happy: )

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Shauna walks into the ball in a stately manner and goes to get some punch then heads for the food table and nods to the guests. "It is good to see you here, my friends." Then adjusts her dress cloak around her and glances around the ball room, hoping to spot an empty table. Finding one, she makes her way over to it and sits down in a chair. Taking a sip of the drink, she puts her glass down and walks up to Kronos. "Would you like to join me and have a glass of brandy? It's on the house if you are thirsty." Giving him a charming smile he could not resist, she looked him up and down. "I can get you some food." Her smile disappeared and it was replaced by a sneer when she saw Mish. She did not even bother to hide the contempt in her voice. "Toots, do you know who I am?"

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Walks into the room, cane tapping at every other step, goes to hang up her coat and top hat.


Well, this looks like a fine establishment, I can't really understand that something should be worth looking into here. But he sent me, so here I am. I do have time for a refreshment and maybe a dance with one of these lovely ladies though.



Adjusts the lapels of her dress jacket, checks that the moustache is perfectly groomed, and walks off to find a drink.

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Red sneers at Len as he goarges himself on the food at the table, taking a giant step away from the table to avoid getting anything on her cloak. It was bad enough that the normal inhabitants at this institution were uncooth, now the other wordly beings we're as well. 'I must remind myself to talk to Sir Niccholas about his firends hanging over from the Halloween partys; or maybe i shall just call an excocist myself and take care of the problem.'


The thought cheered her up, slightly; but her budding good mood was darkened again by the figure that approached her. 'Toots! Why I've never!' She looked at the figure with disdain down her slightly crooked nose; her black hair framing her malevolent face in a greasy curtain. The sneer re-appeared on mer lips and she didn't even bother to hide the contempt from her voice.


"Toots! Do you know who I am? Of all the nerve. 10 points from ..." She stopped, narrowing her eyes as she looked Dar up and down; her spider like fingers grasping the cup a little harder as she mulled over exactly what this creature was standing in front of her. 'Likely one of Hagrids escaped pets.'


"What House are you in, or are you even a student here?" Suspicion now laced the contempt in her voice as she eyed Dar pensively.

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Sits with a glass of gin studying the other partygoers., thinking "It's typical of him to don't tell me anything about what he's planning or thinking, he just sends me here saying "Stay there until I come, keep an eye on anything, and I'll come later." He's probably off doing something stupid that I'll have to rescue him from."

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((OOC: everyone who has a character may message me a guess at any point. this includes guesses on who i'm play acting as. ))


Red watches the odd little creature waddle off. 'Not only is it calling me an inappropriate name, but its also rude in not answering me. Though I'm not surprised, the Headmaster does let in all sorts these days' Arching an eyebrow at the odd little creature still surveyign the food, she turns on her heel briskly and decides to join what appears to be a more refined and suitable company.


She takes a seat at Mish's table, and for a Muggle she atleast has the sense to dress appropreatley. Never havign been the one for socializing, Red is at a loss for converstaion starts and so attempts a smile; which is most assuredly comming off more like a grimance.

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Dar has guessed Red's character correctly! Red was Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.



Red sits on the chair, twitching her tail. Looking at Mish, she stretches out and eyes the food table to see if anything left.


"You don't think they have any Lasagna over there do you?"

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(I knew you were Snape from the first post Red, but wasn't aware we could guess on you too; I thought it too obvious who you were :laugh: )


A stranger in all black with long hair sits down on the other side of the table. Mish raises a mental eyebrows. What kind of odd garb is it  that fellow had on? It looked like some sort of robe, surely that was not in fashion. At least he seemed courteous; maybe even a fellow of some intelligence, wich sadly seemed to be lacking in this... colorful... enviroment. Mish pours another glass of gin and passes one to the black-clad fellow.


"I have no idea what lasagna is, but it does sound like some sort of food. I don't know to be quite honest, and I have no plans to investigate, it's not right for a gentleman to eat alone at an event like this. How are you on this day, good sir?"

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(( lol, sorry i ddin't make it clear my play acting could also be guessed on :smile: ))


Red blinked her eyes, dumbfounded that someone wouldn't know what lovely, delicous, schrumchous Lasagna was. Perhaps this human wasn't as smart as she gave them credit for. Twtiching her whiskers, she decided to speak slowly and guesture with her paws to illistrate what she was talkign about.


"L.. A... S... A...G.. N.. A..." She drew out the words slowly, hoping this helped. "You know, in a metal pan about yeh deep; cooked in an oven, gushing with lots of gooey yummy delicous cheese and layered with yummy noodles and mouth watering meat tomoato sauce. Its a staple in any real diet."


Red nodded and tapped her overly round belly which gave a growl of impatience; just the talk of lasagna and she was starving. She looked longingly over at the table of food once more.


"I do hope they have lasagna."

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every so often, to help keep things moving i'll post whats called a helping hand; i'll present one clue, posted randomly for each character currently in attendance at the party to help the guessing. these hints will be seperate from any posted before, either in previous helping hand posts or within my own play acting posts.



Character A: has a pension for History.


Character B: is a staple in the Mickey mouse Club


Character C: is fondly called "Little Spud" by his friends


Character D: can be foudn in the Sunday morning Cartoons


Character E: is a very well known plumber


Character F: has been to Deep Space Nine


Character G: is the son of a god


Character H: sparkles when the sun hits her


Character I: sacrificed himself to save his land


Characer J: has a dog named Gladstone


Characer K: has a clone 1/8th his size

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Kronos has guessed Reds character correctly. Red was Garfield, the lovable smart alike cat from the Sunday Morning Cartoons created by Jim Davis


(Red has now been given a new character)



Red leaned back in her chair, mindful of her staff leaning against the table next to her; she crossed her legs and grinned in a cocky manner at Mish. In a flash, she produced a deck of cards and began shuffling them, her southern accent thick as she spoke.


"Nevermind, I aint hungry no more. Say though; do you be wanting to play a game of cards. Maybe make a wager on dem to be making things interesting?"

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Mish eyes the person next to her doubtfully. This person was acting most intriguingly; this must be why Holmes sent her here. He hadn't given her any info at all about the case he was working, so Mish really had nothing to go on. But this person was indeed acting quite peculiar, she had to be extra watchful and make mental notes of everything this person did and who they talked to. She twirls her moustache in thought.


"Sure my good chap, we can take a round of cards. Not so sure about the wager though; gentlemen shouldn't gamble on anything but horse races."


Her native British accent sounded stronger to her next to the southern drawl of this mysterious person.

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Reds eyes lit up at this, the cocky grin playing on her lips. 'This one no gamble too much, then good ol Remy will be cleaning house and walkin out with a pocket full tonight for sure.' Continuing to shuffle the cards, she eyes Mish.


"Well i don know about no horse racin, but bettin on cards be what i do. Since you the guest i let you pick da rules; so what we be playin boss? 9 striaghts, duces wild, poker, 5 card stud, aces in the hole, jacks on fire, club o' nine irons ..." She eyed Mish up and down once more, putting hte cards down on the table and fishing a purse full of coins out of her pocket.


"An' what you be usin to back yer wager, i see that there nice silver pocket watch might fetch a might fine price in some parts."

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Kronos has guessed Mishs character correctly. Mish was Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes Series



Red's eyes light up as this kronos comes flying over to their table.


"Well how you be doing; we're just having ourselves a fun little game here, hows about you join us and make a game of 2 more interesting."


She eyed the newcommer, apraising their value.


"But you do be aware that this be a betting game here. a Fun game still, but bettin on it none the less."

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