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BlueCon 2012: Video Game Hangman


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This game is the same concept as regular hangman. the category will be Video Game Titles, from the days of the Commador to the present, any and all video games on the PC, Console and Arcade are fair game (pun intended :wink: ). Below, i will post the title to be guessed, each _ will indicate 1 letter in the title; i will automatically input any non-letters into the title at the beginning of each round if applicable as well as keep a tab on which letters hve been guessed up to that point.






- you may attempt to guess the title at any point during the round; but if you guess wrong you are out for the remainder of the round.

- 1 point will be awarded to the person who guesses the title correct.

- no double posts please and only 1 letter guess per post

- round will continue until someone guesses the title correctly; once this happens a new round will start.




Round #11: 1 word


_ _ _ _




(because DM is acting wiered for me, if there is a () it indicates a space between words :dry: i've also added a word count for ease because of this)



Turin: 1

Tyler: 6

Kronos: 1

Cloud: 1

Crimson: 1

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