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If you could randomly MIX UP the Romantic Pairings before the Last Battle...

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Dobraine and ____________ ; would be hilarious if she was a Wise One.

Perrin and Min

Perrin and Berelain

Talmanes and Joline

Egwene and Galad

Gawyn and Nynaeve

Lan and Morgase (unity of the border)

Thom and Birgitte

Selucia and Karede

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The two main problems with the above-suggested ''Morgase/Galad'' are:


1 We never see them on screen together - and:


2 From her POV, we know that Morgase very much thinks of and loves Galad as a SON.


They may not be blood, but, speaking as someone who had a ''step'' parent who treated me as one of their own children...I can say that family is family.


Now, if you want something taboo that I think could have worked...hooooow bout: Moiraine and Caraline??? We know already that those proper-seeming Cairhein are secretly freaks, wonder about those Damodred gals...




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@Fisher yes but it could have easily been written in a way that Morgase was always charmed by Galad and yet, as much as she tried, she couldn't see him as her son. I just found real possibility in Galad's need for her approval. And Morgase's choice of husband(s).


But I do approve of a gay romance involving a main, even if it involves incest. Extra creepy points for their resemblance.


I would've also liked to see some genuine unrequited love plot instead of all the happy lovers. Gawyn and Eggs maybe. Or Rand's love not returned by one of his girls, a taste of his medicine from Lanfear.

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Driedraspberry - I hear ya. And I meant to say that we don't ever see Morgase and Galad in a scene together BEFORE Towers of Midnight, of course - where they actually see each other quite a bit.


Ok, since this thread has somehow taken a turn for the naughty...how about: Elayne/Egwene?? (Naughty bc of the Rand Connection)


Or: Mat and Selucia? Now that - THAT - would be HOT )and right under Tuon's nose, lol).




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Someone above mentioned Nynaeve and UNO!!! - The more I think about that the more potential I see there for COMEDY GOLD!!!


Seeing a bit  more of Thom and Morgase would have been neat but I am mostly happened the old gleeman ended up with Miss Damodred.


One I haven't seen - anyone think Setalle and Mat would have been something else, lol? I always got the sense that she looked at him more in a *maternal* way but Cougars are all the rage now days and Mat WAS always checking out her You-Know-Whats - LOL!!!  ;-)




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Perhaps Verin and Noal's ghosts could arrange something too.


I suppose this action would take place....between the sheets? :)


Bela and Narg. Imagine the offspring. Or would it just be one VERY evil centaur?

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This topic is actually worth coming out of the shadows to respond...


Rand and Faile - I'd love to see Rand have a woman who wanted to help him, at any cost, and would threaten Aes Sedai for him. She would never have put up with Cadsuane talking to Rand the way she did. She would, however, have slapped some sense into him herself, then demand that he not be such a wuss around women. Things would've been much different if Rand had had her instead of the three he got stuck with.


Nynaeve and Logain: As much as I always loved her with Lan, she needs someone who loves her more than his dead owner...and wants to live rather than chase death like a dog in heat. Logain is hot, he's fun, and he'd loosen Nyn up a bit.


Aviendha and Elayne: They already love each other more than they'll ever love Rand. And Avi seems completely enamored of Elayne. So the only change would be that they declare they're in love with each other. Elayne could've gotten any dude to knock her up, she didn't need Rand.


Mat and Aludra: Aludra is not a noble and she can't channel. Mat deserves both of those things, instead of being stuck with psycho noble women or women who want to enslave him with a bond.


Perrin and Moiraine: I have no idea why, but I can see this.


Min and Moridin: :baalzamon: Not because I dislike Min (she's the only one of Rand's women I want with him), but because Moridin interests me.


Egwene and Shaidar Haran: He's the only man she wouldn't be able to enslave to her will, which is exactly what she needs. Alternately, she should be with a woman, possibly Cadsuane.



Galad and Birgitte

Berelain and Uno

Gawyn and Cadsuane

Bela and Mandarb

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Mat and Min would have been fun. Very different character alignments, but it would be fun to see Mat profiting off of Min's visions. And I'd still like to see Talmanes nab himself a hot babe after all of this. If anyone deserves love and happiness after all they've been though, it's him.

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Perrin/Tylee, Mat & Elayne, Nynaeve and... don't know, Lan works well there I suppose. Min and meeeeeeeeee. Rand and Min or Avi, only one of the two. I don't get the Elayne thing at all.


Tuon and a meat grinder.

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Norry and Harfor. 


Lini and (the late) Jain Farstrider 


Galad and (the usual)Graendal 


Demandred and Lanfear 


Demandred and Rand 


Rand and Nynaeve/Moiraine 


Egwene and Tuon 


Faile and Berelain 

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Bode Cauthon and Perrin - So Mat and Perrin can be in-laws.


Padan Fain and Egwene - I'm not a big fan of Egwene and somebody already paired her with Shadar Haren


Narg and a grolm - some may think Rand killed Narg in TEotW, but he secretly survived.


Gawyn and Semirhage - just so she can torture that idiot


Lan and Tam - "Lets go practice some sword forms."


Olver and Eldrin Cauthon - Not sure how old Eldrin is, but she is younger than Bode


Bela and Pips -  If only Pips was not a gelding.  Pips has the deep chest and whithers to please Bela, but alas he was "cut".




I've never been a fan of Rand's polygamist ways, and of the three, I liked him with Aviendha the best.  Which would free Elayne to pair up with Ewin Finngar and Min to decide she fancied Cenn Buie.

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