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The Spoiler Support Thread - NO SPOILERS TO ANY PART OF AMoL

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Hello All!


Something that has been a big help to many of us for the last two releases of the Wheel of Time has been a spoiler support thread where we post to post and say how we are doing our best to avoiding ruing the ending or the middle or any surprises for ourselves.  The point is not to judge one another on how good they are at self control, but to use this as a little relief valve to the pressure to spoil yourselves.


So, be it a post about how you are avoiding the spoiling or be it a post about a trivia question about the Wheel of Time, anything that helps sate your thirst for the Wheel of Time, go for it!  One caveat though...  DO NOT POST ANY MATERIAL AT ALL FROM A MEMORY OF LIGHT, none.  None of the memories, none of the chapter titles, none of the cameos, nothing from the prologue, chapters 1, 2, or 11, nothing.  Please avoid speculation too.  Let's just make this fun.


To the mods:  I thought the spoiler forum would be more appropriate for this than the general forum as many of those that posted to this thread in the past enjoyed teasing themselves, but avoided the spoiler threads themselves.  Please move this if you deem otherwise.


Can't wait!




PS - I am coping by reading all of the spoiler material, for shame.

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I have always read all of the early material, and I don't consider it a spoiler unless I don't get to read it first myself. For example, reading the prologue of TOM early was not a spoilery experience, but if I had come on the forums without having read it and someone had said OOOH FAIN CAN USE MASHADAR!!!!1 that would have been a spoiler. But good luck to those of you who feel the need to resist. :tongue:

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My friend just started reading the books this summer, and I've tried hard not to spoil things for her, but without any hints from me, she got spoiled on Verin looking something else up online. I felt bad for her because that reveal is one of the best parts of the books.

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