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[Gig Review] Missy Higgins @ The Brisbane Entertainment Centre - December 1, 2012

The Bard Babe

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So, I went to see my first ever Missy Higgins gig on December 1st at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.


I've been wishing and hoping I'd see Missy Higgins live some day since I knew about concerts. Missy Higgins was the artist that I started singing from, and I've never stopped loving her music. However, she rarely tours, (that I've seen, anyway) and when she does they are almost always over 18 gigs, which unfortunately, I am not.


And then what should be advertised in the paper but a Missy Higgins gig at an under 18s venue, with the support acts of Emma Louise and Gurrumul?


Emma Louise and also Gurrumul are artists I've wanted to see, though not with the same burning desire as Missy.


Now, I've wanted to see Missy Higgins for so long, I was rather scared that the concert wouldn't be able to live up to my expectations. Those worries were completely unfounded, she was utterly amazing.


The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is the most used venue for concerts like this, but it was very good nonetheless. I've been a few times now and you can great views from everywhere, and you can actually see the stage, which is good, as often I find myself too high up or in too awkward a spot to be able to see anything on the stage clearly.


So, we took our seats and the gig began early, with Emma Louise and her band taking the stage. She did a great job, and she has a keyboard player that sings the most amazing harmonies I've ever heard.


She was followed by Gurrumul, who is a blind Aborigine (Native Australian) who plays guitar and sings in his language. He was amazing. His double bass player explained the meaning of all the songs, and there was some fantastic audience participation stuff, which is usually annoying, but this was so surreal an experience it just worked perfectly. If ever you get a chance, I strongly advise you to go and see Gurrumul. Also, Missy Higgins turned up during his set to sing a song with him, and it was absolutely beautiful.


Then onto the main act!


Missy Higgins was amazing, her stage presence was fantastic and she took the time to respond to the silly things people yell out from the crowd. The banter between her and her bass player was hilarious, and the lights and effects were really well done. You really felt the fun that they were having onstage, it was contagious. Every song was beautifully sung, even when she forgot to get her note, swore, laughed and then tried again, which was actually a really funny and a favourite moment of mine.


She explained the motive behind the majority of her songs, which I love in an artist, and she let her bass player take the stage in the middle of her set because she loved her music and she hadn't been a support act.


All in all, the songs were beautifully performed, the band was tight and involved and fun, you could see how comfortable they were with each other, and Missy was lovely and made no attempts to be a rockstar, seeming just like your average woman, just on a stage and singing.


She feels silly doing the whole leaving stage, audience claps and woops for ten minutes and then they come back for an encore, so she said that and just did an extra long set, which was great of her, and which is apparently what she does every concert, so if ever you go see Missy Higgins, expect that.


Also, she didn't wear shoes, which almost always guarantees an awesome performance.


If ever you have a chance, be sure to go and see Missy Higgins!

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It sounds absolutely fantastic! I think I saw that moment she forgot the note in a youtube vid XD

*fidgets* Guess what I found out this morning and been bouncing around because of??! She's on the MoreFM Summer Vineyard Tour in NZ!!!!!
The performance nearest to me is two days before my flight to Europe but I miiiiiiight manage it :O

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