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How to Use the Shops and Go Shopping

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So, you have your Bank Account all set up (and if it isn't set up, then you need to go HERE). You finally got rewarded your GP, and now, you are ready to shop. But, how do you do it?!





There are two shops for you to worry about. One is the General Store, while the other is the Regimental Shop.



Nick 'n' Knack


Nick 'n' Knack's is where you go to purchase Stats, Armor, and Master Disarm. After you get your starting stats, your Stats will only go up when you buy them. As for Armor, you can only wear one set at a time, so remember that!




Target (Archers)


You first need to purchase a Skill. You can only use certain weapons based upon your skill. You can have multiple skills, but it is recommended that you stick to one at a time. After you purchase your weapon, you must purchase the ammo for it. Most of the ammunition is unlimited, but there are a few special arrows that are one time use. Finally, there is the Archer Equalizer Skill, called Twin Daggers. The Basic Skill is Free, so don't forget to purchase it!



Tack and Saddle (Cavalry)


First things first, you have to choose your weapons skill. You can only use certain weapons based upon your skill. You can have multiple, but it is recommended that you stick to one. Some of the weapons have a Stat Requirement, so make sure you meet them all. At the bottom is your Equalizer Skill, which is Horse Riding Lessons. Please note, you must own a Horse to do this skill. So, you have to reach a certain rank first.


Pain-Mart (Infantry)


To begin, you have to purchase a weapons skill. The weapon you use must meet the skill you have. You can have multiple, but it is recommended that you go with one at a time. Some weapons require different stats, so make sure you meet them. Down at the very bottom is the Equalizer Skill, which is Hand-to-Hand combat. This is very useful in fights, and the first lesson is free. Do not forget to purchase it and always list it.




So now you have looked through the Shops and want to make a purchase! Just follow this easy layout:


Current Grand GP Total :

Stat Name : Current Level - New Level = [color=#800080]GP Cost[/color]

Weapon Skill - Description - [color=purple]GP Cost[/color]

Name - Description - [color=purple]GP Cost[/color]

Ammo (Archers)
Name - Description - [color=purple]GP Cost[/color]

Equalizer Skill
Skill - Description - [color=purple]GP Cost[/color]

Name - Description - [color=purple]GP Cost[/color]

GP Spent in Purchase :
New GP Total :



Here is an Example:



Current Grand GP Total : 70



Strength : 3 - 4 = 4 GP

Strength : 4 - 5 = 5 GP

Strength : 5 - 6 = 6 GP



Blade - Ability to use Blades - 10 GP



Basic Sword - Umm...yeah, you get it "no frills" here Base = 3 WS = 5 No Req - Free


Equalizer Skill

Basic Defense - You can scrap with the best of them Base = 3 WS = 5 No Req - Free



Enchanted Leather - Leather armor that has been enchanted by Rand al'Thor AR -3 Req STR : 6 - 30 GP



GP Spent in Purchase : 55

New GP Total : 15



Now, get shopping!

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