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[Album Review] Picture Show by the Neon Trees - Alternative


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Tracks (ratings)


1. "Moving in the Dark" (7) 3:02

2. "Teenage Sounds" (9.5) 4:22

3. "Everybody Talks" (9.5) 2:57

4. "Mad Love" (6.5) 3:10

5. "Weekend" (9) 4:35

6. "Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)" (with Kaskade) (9.5) 3:43

7."Trust" (9.5) 6:05

8. "Close to You" (9) 5:05

9. "Hooray for Hollywood" (9.8) 3:13

10. "Still Young" (8) 5:04

11. "I Am the D.J." (10) 5:14




This is one my new favorites (band, album everything...), imo the songs that got the lowest were probably cuz compared to the rest of the album they werent in the same wavelength,and as you can see i have (quite) a few in decimals cuz they are awesome but only 1 my utmost favorite.


the band if not that well known are still very good and i prefer this album to their last, what i liked most was the theme that was in a few songs which was "trust", some are very addictive and most of them will automatically make it to your favorites in no time



Overall ill give it a 9/10 cuz well the pros are more than the cons with the album


i hope you guys give it a try (you can find alot of the songs on youtube)

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