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The aMoL 'Memories of Light' Releases

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I'm tempted to think it's not Rand's bond that's being discussed. It just seems too easy. Another possibility is Cadsuane telling Toveine or Gabrelle to pass over Logain's bond. We know both Cadsuane and Logain have Black Tower business left so it wouldn't seem a stretch to see them team up.

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The Fat Man seems possible.


Also I dunno if this is just me reacting to this in a vacuum, but this seems convenient in the face of the reaction to a Storm of Light. Another bandaid?

Possibly.  That scene always smacked of Neo in The Matrix lifting his hand and stopping all the bullets (later destroying things when he was unplugged).  More like Jesus-Rand making weaves that had a specific purpose of destroying Shadowspawn with that whole bright lighted-ness he had radiating from him.  The light sure hurt Darkfriends liiking at him, and sent the former lord of Maradon into madness.  Maybe something to do with the light/dark hooks in his mind of the madness and what is holding off the madness?

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I'm thinking it's either Cyndanne being forced by Moridin to take the bond from Alanna,
or, it's a random Warder about to have his life saved by his AS passing the bond over before she dies. In other words a red herring.

I just can't imagine it being anyone from team Light unless this is being used as a last resort to save someone's  life

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3rd one is out:


"Being married is not so bad, Perrin. Why didn't you tell me it was not so bad? I think I am rather fond of it."


I think this is Loial, pretty self explanatory.


having said that it could be Mat at a long shot, maybe him and Tuon get some alone time?


+1 to this

yes it does sound like loial, it even has some of the rambling quality that he has when he talks, along with his precise speech.


it could be mat, but i agree with you, that must be loial.

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For Mat to use such eloquent language I expect nothing less than Tuon who has learned to channel riding a To'Raken and blasting squads of  Trollocs around.... xD

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For the "father and you" one, it could easily be a Sea Folk. They're allowed into Shara (if just the edges). It could be Cads talking to a Sea Folk trying to learn more about one of the few areas she isn't an expert.


If it was Bashere and a light-shielding ter'angreal in the first one, why would it only be useful at Maradon? He would have needed it well before that, just off-screen. He was in Tear when Rand first manifested the power (just not at the original lineup). This seems to imply that the item was specifically useful for that battle.


And I think the Cyndane-Alanna reading seems most likely and definitely most interesting. It would link Rand with his two most powerful enemies on the Dark Side and create a much more interesting final battle than simply seeing Rand standing alone with his two women. If people had to protect Rand from a humongeous onslaught from the Dark Siders... That sounds AWESOME!

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That said, rereading the series I am becoming more and more sure Alanna is Black, or that she is being blackmailed in some way. Much like Verin's arc, which looked so obvious once it was revealed, it seems like Alanna's actions only make sense in that way. These are characters in a book, after all, and no matter how much Jordan tried to mask it with complexity, there almost has to be a reason Alanna was with Verin in the Two Rivers(along with Verin's warning to Perrin), how Alanna just happened to wind up with Rand's bond, and now she's spirited off to Arafel or wherever right at this crucial moment.



You could almost suspect that Alanna as also a Black infiltrator, since it was Verin's letter that sent her running, but that doesn't feel right to me. I am wondering if Verin sent a letter to an Aes Sedai to specifically warn her about the potential weapon that Alanna holds with Rand's bond. and the line is from that Aes Sedai catching up to Alanna and taking the bond. But it seems like none of the obvious suspects to gain Rand's bond have gotten a letter. If this were the case, Verin's letter to Alanna may have been designed to scare Alanna into retreating and leading someone right to a cluster of Black sisters or a Forsaken pulling Alanna's strings.


I don't believe Alanna is Black. I don't want to clog up this thread with that discussion but I mentioned the reasons in another thread recently. Her being a second Verin is out of the question IMO. That would just be lame. RJ would not do that.






Androl is Jain Farstrider's son.

Bamph! Thats good stuff. Is that something you had percolating Herid, or just hit you? Might explain a lot of Jain's actions, protecting his kid, especially if he found out he could channel.





I was thinking that this might be a possibility for a while. The main issue is that Androl is a Taraboner. But then I thought that after Jain's Malkieri wife died he was free to have kids with anybody else, so some woman from Tarabon is not out of the question.




Androl's too old to be a son of JF from a second marriage, I think. But he may well have been brought up in Tarabon even if he's Malkieri by descent.


I don't think Androl is troo old for that. Malkier fell in 955 NE. Jain Farstrider was a grown man by then. Androl shows up on screen in 1000 NE which is 45 years later. I don't think his age is ever mentioned but he could certainly be younger than 45.

Also, I'm not even sure Jain was married in Malkier. It's kind of implied in the scene in KoD where Noal says that Jain's wife died while he was off having adventures but it's not stated there explicitly. He could have gotten married after Malkier fell in which case his wife would likely be from somewhere else. It's also possible that Androl simply grew up in Tarabon as you suggest but I consider this less likely. Toveine described him as a Taraboner but he doesn't seem to dress as one so this is likely due to some facial characteristics.

But as I just realized the real problem with Androl being Jain's son is that when Noal was about to die he didn't tell Mat about him. If he had any family left the most natural thing for him to do would be to ask Mat to tell his son how his father died. Instead he just refers to Malkieri in general.

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My first thought was that it was Mat talking to the Aes Sedai to form an alliance with the Seanchan and trying to show similarities between the groups. It also implies a large danger or momentous event, something the two sides could unite behind at a moment. It would make sense that Mat would be the mediator, given the respect and history Egwene has with him and his marriage to Tuon.

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Mat might be playing another 'name game' with Fortuona.  Since she won't call him Mat, he won't call her Fortuona.


Someone at TL suggested that it's Mat and Egwene, with him hinting that Egwene/Tuon have at least something in common with each other.


It could be that they both react the same way when they see large armies of Shadowspawn, Mat having faced one leading the Seanchan army to a slim victory over one before this, and Egwene still to face the one they're seeing now.

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"Creator shelter us" sounds like maybe Moiraine?  Elayne would use a curse, not sure about the others.


Could be to Moiraine once she's seen the dragons?  But that implies that Tuon has seen them too and at the moment she doesn't have a clue.  It sounds like it's something that Tuon has seen? 


No good idea on this one, but unless anyone has any better ideas I'm going with Moiraine. 

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Excerpts released on the Tor website usually have spaces between each paragraph, don't they?  Since it's two different characters speaking it would be different paragraphs, so I don't find it that suspicious.

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Excerpts released on the Tor website usually have spaces between each paragraph, don't they?  Since it's two different characters speaking it would be different paragraphs, so I don't find it that suspicious.

It's not only the space between lines. As a give-and-take, it's somewhat snappy. Feels broken up (as in, the line break doesn't belong there, if it's a dialogue). And then, I'm not sure you can apply the norm for whole-chapter previews to this sort of thing.


But yeah, you're right. They do that with chapters they release.

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My first (rather insane) thought:



She was on her knees, face pressed against the scorching rocks of this terrifying place.

Alanna dared not move it an inch, despite her uncontrolable shaking and sobbing.

This was not how it was supposed to go! This wasn't what she had been promised!

She trembled in terror and her breath came only in ragged panting.


Her head was pulled back hard and she stared wild-eyed into an eyeless dead-white face.

Despite it having no eyes, she felt like she was staring straight into an endless abyss.

Had she any breath left, she would have screamed her lungs out.


"Pass his bond to me." commanded the Myrddraal in a voice, that sounded like rotten bone crumbling.

Holy wow, I shivered reading that. I really want that to happen now!

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The other half of the mystery quote is what would shock Tuon enough to say "Creator shelter us" in front of Mat or anyone else.


Something she saw, like trollocs and myrddraal?  Some message conveyed by Mat? Getting her a** handed to her by Egwene because the damane can't link to make gateways big enough to be useful?


I'd like to think it was Tuon's reaction to being collared with an a'dam, but her response to that would probably just be screaming. And then killing anyone who witnessed her shame.

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One of my thoughts that I haven't seen mentioned. 


I did think about the scowl bit, if it is not just a random word, but important. 


I think it could be something to do with Mat being the one they have to rely on. Something like him taking command of the armies of the world, being the only one that can out-general Demandred or something. 


A little like this: 





"Gareth Byrne looked between Mat and the maps laid out with barely concealed amazement.


Mat hid his satisfaction, it wasn't fair on the old man, how was he supposed to know about his memories? Blood and bloody ashes, he could hardly believe it himself most of the time, although he had started getting used to it. Bashere didn't bother to hide his amusement, knuckling that walrus moustache of his. "I told you the lad was a genius, the Lord Dragon didn't give him command just because he is an old friend." 


Bashere's amusement faded as the drums began to beat again, and the guttural war cries of the Trollocs rose in the air.  


"I fear this lad may be the only one that can get us out of this one alive," Byrne said with a pale face.


He glanced at Egwene, who gave the slightest hint of a nod, then took a deep breath. "The command is yours Matrim Cauthon. Our lives, perhaps everyone's lives, are in your hands." 


"Creator shelter us," she said. 


Mat scowled. "You know, that's what Tuon said." 


Egwene gave him a fierce glare, one that made him think of the little innkeeper's daughter back in Emond's Field following Nynaeve like a lost puppy. 


"That was uncalled for Matrim," she said with a voice like ice, all images of the past evaporating with that cold Aes Sedai voice. 


Mat didn't smirk, this was no time for jokes. He had to work on getting them out of this Light forsaken mess with their hides in tact. "Well, if you don't mind, I've a city to save." Mat rose from the chair, jamming his hat over his missing eye. "Oh, and before I forget, could you tell me where your lot hid the Horn of Valere? I think we'll be needing it very soon." 

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Barid's quote above is very nice! In that setting Mat Bloody Cauthon would probably manage to sneak in: "Dovie’andi se tovya sagain" (or however it is spelled). 


A thought about the passing of the bond: It would be epic if it is Tuon asking Egwene (or better Joline) to pass Mat's bond to her. Another is Pevara passing Androl's bond to another AS because the double-bonding doesn't work, or (if it works) is needed by another AS. 


There was an earlier post about Alanna passing Rand's bond to another AS before dying. That would make sense. 

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It's not Egwene- she doesn't need the Creator's help for anything.


Someone on another site mentioned that it could be Leilwin or another Seanchan referring to his missing eye.  He would be sick of the attention there (the scowl).  It could be what Tuon siad when they first meet again.  The significance might be the 'one-eyed raven prince' being a key omen or something.

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day 6:


The right thing had always seemed clear to Galad before, but never had it felt as right as this. Those streaks of light were like indicators on a map, arrows pointing his way. The Light itself guided him. It had prepared him, placed him here at this moment.


Galad in a Portal stone world?

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