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Physics is fun

Thought i would drop in.

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Guest Egwene

hello Josh (Physics is fun? :shock: really? Must have changed since I went to school *g* )


Saw that you haven't finished the series yet... you might want to avoid the book discussion boards for the time being... there are a lot of spoilers there.


Are you ok with the RP process? If you have any questions, send Sirayn a PM... she'll be able to help you get sorted.


Vist Fiddlesticks... it's a good place to start making friends :D


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Pfft, Egwene just doesn't know what's fun and not :P Nah, kidding. ;)


*is a physics student*


Welcome to DM!

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It's always great to see new people here on the DM boards... I've been here for over a year and have been working with the podcast crew since October. Please take the time to fully explore dragonmount and PLEASE check out the podcast... Also feel free to email anyone on the DM crew. Most email adresses can be found at:




Please email the podcast crew at: podcast@dragonmount.com

or me personally at: benjaminchase@hotmail.com




Editor Ben aka Ben2

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