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Big Real Life Announcement From Heart

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I'm going to be bald.


Ok, now for the full story:


I suppose this truly begins back in 8th grade, when I got my hair truly cut last. I had 11 inches cut off, and it was about halfway down my neck. I've been growing it out ever since, occasionally getting a couple inches cut off to keep it from getting too unhealthy.

In...February or March, I had a dream where I gave up my hair for Lent. And by "give up" I meant shave it all off. I woke up and thought "...That was interesting...MaaaaaayyyyybeeeeeeeeNO. I'm not brave enough for that and am far too attached to my hair."

It wasn't too long after that when I heard about St. Baldrick's for the first time.

For those of you who don't know, St. Baldrick's Foundation raises money for children's cancer research. People raise money for the Foundation by shaving their heads. Completely bald.

Two friends of mine were going to be giving up their hair, and seemed really excited about it.

My first thought: "NO. No no nononononoNO. I'm not that brave and I'm faaaaaar too attached to my hair."

So, for a while, I didn't really think about it. It was somewhere in the back of my mind... But.... No.

Then one of those friends became my Prayer Partner, and I started spending a lot of time tlaking with her. We didn't even really talk about her shaving her head when we met to talk. But in that corner of my mind, I was looking at her long beautiful golden hair, and I was thinking about how brave she was for committing to shaving it all off.

Now, through all of this, my cousin has been battling his cancer and going through chemo and... I mean, sure he's not a "kid" anymore, especially after all that he's been through in the last 6 or so months, but I still remember those times when we were kids and we actually got to see his branch of the family, and in a corner of my mind, we're all still frozen at the age of 10. He just got done with his last round of chemo. So... That's nagging at the corner of my heart too.

Then I watched another friend of mine sign up to shave his head, and he was telling me that I should do it too. That it would mean so much more because I have such long and pretty hair.

So, this has been on my mind more and more the last couple of weeks.

Tonight, when I was sitting waiting for my purse to be returned to me (don't ask), I found myself thinking about this... And found myself wondering why I was so dead set against it.

Why am I so terrified of losing my hair?

It's long. It's at least two feet long at this point. It hangs past my ribcage when it hangs down the front and to the small of my back when it hangs down my back. It's pretty. I'll admit that. It has this pretty glow about it. It's soft. It keeps my neck warm in the winter. It helps me hide my acne and backne.

It is something I've identified myself by for... Most of my life. I've always either had long hair or was growing it back. I was planning on growing it out until it was waist length and keeping it that length for... Ever?

But now I'm slowly realizing... I am SO vain about my hair. I am actually almost dependent on it. This... this isn't good.

So... Come December 2nd... I'll be shaving my head.



So, how can you help?

Well, as is always the case with me, any prayers or good vibes are welcome.... I'm kinda FREAKING OUT right now.

Something else you can possibly do is donate. My goal is $100 and I have two weeks. We'll see....

If you want to donate, go here ( <--Is my profile for the foundation) and click the big "donate" button under the picture :D

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*huges her mentor*


You've passed through the worst part, that is taking the decision. It won't be easy anyway, but I think (as far as I know you) that you have the strength enough to face it well.

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Heart, that is such a brave and kind-hearted thing to do! I'm really proud of you. I know I couldn't do it; I'm way, way, way to attached to my hair and would never be able to shave it off. I'm blown away by your courage in this.


Aiel heart indeed!

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lol ths is defintly ballsy. i remembre i was horrifid at losin my hair, both becuse vanity nd ahd religous significnce, and wa s embarssed whn all caem out shor tly aftr chemo, but whn i stll dont liek it, its not so importnt now. dont thnk I would willingl y haev gotten rid of it so i defintely admire that, taht and its good cause. you rock as alwys, heart :biggrin:

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That's amazing Heart! I've donated my hair before, 8 inches all together, but I couldn't imagine shaving my head. You're so brave and selfless, and an inspiration to us all!

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That is definitely gutsy, Heart, and I admire you for it.


Are you going to donate the hair, too? I did that once (11 inches, but that was just cutting the length and leaving it to just touching my shoulders). If you do, make sure they actually use your hair for wigs for kids. Some of the "wigs for kids" charities sell the really good hair and use the money to buy cheaper wigs for the kids. I was disappointed when I found out the one I donated my hair to does that on a regular basis.


And you may downplay the inspiration aspect, but you definitely are an inspiration! Such a selfless, generous act! I hope you get at least 5x the amount you are shooting for!

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I will be donating my hair as well. My aunt works for the American Cancer Society so I think she knows which Wigs for Kids sites near us are actually good ones :)

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I'm a Gaidar Fnorrll >.> :P drink or donate or dance for all I care... Just be careful on all three... excessive amounts of any can lead to bad things if you're not careful

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O.o I can see that


WE ARE ALREADY AT $50!!!!!!!!!


Oh God I'm tearing up... It just shows what amazing people are in my life now... Thank you everyone for being amazing. Most of that money so far are from people here :P

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