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Approved BT Bio for Zek Anshar, CC'd by FL

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Aelioran
Contact info: aelioran@gmail.com
Character count: 0 (This will be my first RP character)

Character Name: Zek Anshar
Nationality: Andor
Age: 23

Physical Characteristics:
Zek is 5'10, and weighs about 170 pounds. He has green eyes and medium length black hair. He has a medium build, and is broad across the shoulders.

Physical Description:
Zek has never been considered a big man, but that hasn't ever diminished his presence. Zek is fit, his form slightly muscular from constant work in the weapons yard. He has black hair that he is used to keeping in a short military cut, but is currently grown out at a medium length. He has green eyes that often hold a serious, thoughtful demeanor. The gaze seems to be very intense when Zek becomes passionate about something. Zek carries himself confidently.

Personal History:
Zek Anshar has never been fond of politics. Being brought up in one of Andor's great houses, he was constantly surrounded by the politics of his heritage. Zek, would rather spend his time training or learning something relevant than bickering amongst bureaucrats or bidding for power. He never had the patience for it, nor the desire. Luckily, Zek was far enough removed from the High Seat that he never had to have the politics forced on him like his cousins did. He did not envy them one bit.

Growing up, Zek found he was a quick study and loved to learn. He would spend hours reading on different subjects and impressed most of his tutors with the rate that he devoured his lessons. Early, this meant Zek didn't like to spend as much time outside. His Arms instructors would have to drag him out to the yard for his blade lessons, and Zek would give distracted attempts as he waited to get back to his books.

As he grew older, however, Zek found a propensity for military history and strategy that spurned his desire to train with the blade. This proved to be frustrating, as Zek's previous lack of enthusiasm for his physical endeavors left him far behind his peers in both physical ability and skill. Zek often found himself being beaten again and again in his sparring matches. It was on one of these days, depressed and in low spirits after being bested again by a particularly arrogant boy that he was approached by one of his favorite tutors. The man handed Zek a book that covered some of the most decisive military victories in recent history, and asked Zek to find out why they won the way that they did. After a week, Zek returned the book to his tutor, explaining that the Great Captains rarely won battles on brute strength alone, but would discover unconventional paths to victory.

Zek began to win more matches. Some of his wins would land him in trouble, and he was branded cheater by his peers on several occasions, but he earned the respect of his arms master. Thinking outside of the box gave Zek an advantage that the others couldn't grasp as easily, and it was soon clear to Zek that a soldiers greatest weapon was his mind, not his arm.

When he was old enough, Zek took a commission in the Andoran army. He served as a lieutenant for several years, earning a reputation for himself as a resourceful officer. Zek would find himself tasked to difficult assignments, and managed to find solutions to situations that many had assumed were lost causes. On the battlefield, Zek's soldiers sometimes would comment on how a "miraculous" turn of events would help ensure victory, and that Zek was "lucky". Though Zek often could write it off as soldier's being superstitious, there had been times where his strategy had failed and he should have lost, but something always seemed to swing back his way. A sudden fog to help cover a retreat, or an entire pursuing force tripping over their own feet. Oddly enough, Zek would find himself feeling violently ill after times like this, but he chalked it up to nerves.

Zek always figured if he was going to die, it was either going to be on the battlefield or when he was old, in bed, and with a book in his hand. The possibility of dying while being robbed on a visit to his families estates in Caemlyn never crossed his mind. When the six armed thugs ambushed him, he did not have time to think of a clever plan of attack, and as quick as his mind was, he couldnt think himself past all six at once. He managed to strike down two with his sword before being disarmed, and he injured a third with a few well timed kicks. Ultimately, Zek could only put off the inevitable so much, and he took a few hits with a blade and fell to ground. He felt many things as he watched the final blow coming towards him. Panic, despair, regret. And beyond it all...something else. Everything seemed to slow. This time he didnt think. He just acted. He seized whatever that was just beyond his vision and the bandits were consumed. One moment they were attacking him, and the next they were alight with a blaze so hot that Zek thought he could feel the clothes burning off his body. It lasted mere seconds before there was nothing left of the bandits but ash. Zek didnt know how it had happened, but he knew beyond a shadow of the doubt that he was responsible for it.

Zek had heard the tales growing up. He knew the superstitions. Madness. I am destined for madness. Light help me. He knew that his family wouldn't understand. His life that he had lead to this point was over. He died on the ground that day. What he was now he didnt know or understand. Zek *hated* not knowing or understanding. It was time for some answers. He remembered hearing something about a place that took men like him in. The Black Tower, they called it. It was even supposed to be close by. I guess time to open up a different book and learn something new.

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