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[Album Review] The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion by Dredge - Alternative


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Tracks (Rating)



1. Pariah (7)

2. Drunk Slide (4)

3. Ireland (6)

4. Stamp of Origin: Pessimistic (3)

5. Lightswitch (7)

6. Gathering Pebbles (8)

7. Information (8)

8. Stamp of Origin: Ocean Meets Bay (3)

9. Saviour (8)

10. R U O K? (3)

11. I Don't Know (9)

12. Mourning This Morning (10)

13. Stamp of Origin: Take a Look Around (4)

14. Long Days and Vague Clues (4)

15. Cartoon Showroom (9)

16. Quotes (7)

17. Down to the Cellar (7)

18. Stamp of Origin: Horizon (6)


I first heard dredg when I went to a club with some friends a few years ago. I instantly loved the sound of them and became a fan. One thing I really enjoy about this band is that they expirment with their sound more than some other bands I know of. The tracks that have marks ratings under 5 are intros to the next song I guess you could say. If you are listening to the album randomly they probably won't seem to fit well. I believe the times I have most enjoyed this album are when I was driving and was able to listen to the whole thing a few times.


Overall I would rate this album a 8 out of 10 and I hope that you all check out dredg. :smile:

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