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Zhujianglvjiu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China


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We used to live right next to this restaurant, so I went there a lot. Zhujianglvjiu isn't the name of the place, it's the name of the compound that the restaurant is inside of, but it's pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in.

Food: 4, Atmosphere: 4

I’ve tried nearly all their dishes at one point or another. Their dishes with meat aren’t that great, as the meat is too fatty in my opinion, but other dishes are all quite good. Of course it’s nothing compared to a 5 star restaurant, but it’s a great place if you want to try Chinese food without paying a whole bunch. I’d give it a 4 for food, cuz Chinese food is never going to get a 5 from me, and 4 for atmosphere.



So I have absolutely no idea what the dishes they serve are called in English, or in Chinese for that matter, but I’ll try to describe them. My favorite dish is fried green beans with spicy chili (which I pick out cuz it’s spicy). Then there’s a noodle egg vegetable dish which is also fried and you eat it by wrapping it up in these little thin circles of flour dough....sorta like tortillas but thinner and smaller. The jiaozi and fried egg rice are quite yummy too. All of the dishes have a LOT of oil, but most Chinese food does.

Pricing: $

Each dish costs about 3$ average. You can probably eat two or three dishes, depending on which ones you get. A plain bowl of rice costs a dime, the most expensive dish there is 5$. It's very cheap cuz it’s practically out in the middle of nowhere. About an hour away from the centre of the city in a straight line.

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Well the noodle egg veggie dish doesn't have any meat in it....vegetarians eat eggs right? They don't really have salads there, though they do have certain dishes, like the green bean dish and bell pepper with vinegar dish and the vegetarian jaozi, though that has eggs it it. I would only suggest you go there if you happen to be on the far east side of Beijing. There are better places nearer to the centre, I just don't happen to go to them cuz their too far away.


If you did want to go to this place, you'd need to take the subway to a station on the far east (batong line) called chuanmeidaxue and then ask for zhujianglvjiu. The restaurant is right through the gates.

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