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Trolloc costume.

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Halloween 2012 02

Halloween 2012 01

Little late for Halloween, but here's a pic of my best Trolloc anyway. Enjoy. The kids in my neighborhood sure did. Or didnt, it's hard to tell when they're scared so stiff they dont even want to take candy, LOL!
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Thanks, guys!


The mask is just that: a cheepo halloween mask, but the armor is mostly my own make, used for heavy fighting in the Society of Creative Anacronsim. The coat-of-plate is canvas and 16g steel and I had that made by a pro, but the leather cuise and pauldrons and gauntlets are all my own make as are the elboe and knee cops.


Everyone kept calling me a werewolf, so I just let it go after a while, but I definatly scared the begeezers out of a bunch of kids just looking for some candy!!


I think next year I'll be going for a Myrdraal.

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wait so where are you going to get a black sword?(dont you guys use read swords in SCA?)


We use rattan for swords in the SCA. Which is a reed, i guess, but definatly a solid-hitting one. A black sword wouldnt bee too big a deal to get; I could powdercoat one of my steel blades, or probbly a better bet I could use metal bluing to make it dark. But I probbly wont, lol: parrents might flip out if they see a 6-ft madman dressed in black armor brandishing away at their children in the middle of the night.

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