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Is there licensed WoT merchandise? In particular, I seem to remember a few years ago there was an official or licensed Wheel of Time belt buckle that I saw around.


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, not sure where else would be a good spot.

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Thanks Mashiara,

I do appreciate the response, but as a follow-up, does anyone know of what specifically I was talking about? I really thought there was an "official" (or at least, "well-made") belt buckle of the dragon (possibly this symbol?: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211023151/wot/images/0/01/Dragon-icon.svg )


This guy even mentions one: http://phweengee.tripod.com/wotstuff.htm


but he doesn't seem to have a picture or a link for it.

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Museum Replicas used to have some officially licensed stuff, including a Heron marked sword, full Aiel and Black Tower outfits,  and an assortment of jewelry, etc. They no longer do. And apparently taverentees and the dragonmount store itself are now defunct, as well. Both links posted above are broken

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Which is hardly surprising considering they were posted almost 8 years ago.


Ta'veren tees and the rest were all discontinued or shut down when Amazon got the TV show.  Everybody's expecting new merch based on the show to be licensed and sold by them to coincide with the show.

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