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Random question re: Winter's Heart

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I'm rereading before AMoL and realized that the inside cover map in my copy of Winter's Heart is printed upside down. I googled it and can't any information regarding misprints in WH. Are others' copies like this, or is it just mine?

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Yeah my copy of TFoH has a big misprint in it. I'm missing a page if I remember correctly, one chapter starts with the same first page as another chapter and the page that is supposed to be there isn't in the book. The map wouldn't bother me that much.

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which year/number of books on the back? got a pic as well? I remember a thread with some people discussing misprints of TFoH and a few other books as well

It's a first printing. I don't know how to post pics or, not to be rude, how helpful it would be. Just (1) take a look at your color map in the front, (2) turn it upside down, and (3) voilà!


The misprint doesn't bother me at all. Either this is the first time I've noticed, or I've noticed before and never really cared enough to find out about it. I just wondered if it might be worth something, I guess. Frankly, I doubt that, no matter the mistake, the ninth book in a series would ever be worth that much.

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