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Welcome Brother!


After you have completed your training to become a Brother, you will have the opportunity to enter in the contest to be considered the 'top-dog' of the Brothers, or the Legendary Lord/Mistress Ranger/Assassin.

Each term will last for a total of two months, and both yourself and your Captain-General will be responsible for determining the number of points achieved in each given term (ie count your own points, but the Captain-General has the final say on what you're points are, not you).


The following outlines the number of points required to attain each rank within the Archers and how to obtain said points. If you have any questions, please PM your current Captain-General.

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Brotherhood Ranks (Gold: Both, Blue: Assassin path, Green: Ranger path)

1- Apprentice – points n/a
2- Journeyman/Journeywoman – points n/a

3- Brother - 1st Degree Brother – 0 points to 9
4- Woodsman - 2nd Degree Brother – 10 points to 19
5- Marksman - 3rd Degree Brother – 20 points to 29


6- Thief/Hunter - 4th Degree Brother – 30 to 44 points

7- Spy/Strider - 5th Degree Brother – 45 points to 59

8- Assassin/Ranger - 6th Degree Brother – 60 points to 79

9- Master Assassin/Senior Ranger – 7th Degree Brother – 80 points to 99


10- Lord/Mistress Assassin/Ranger - 8th Degree Brother - 100 + points

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Point System

Ranking within the Band System.

Banner-General-12 Points
Banner-Captain-11 Points
Captain-10 Points
Lieutenant-Captain-9 Points
Senior-Lieutenant-8 Points
Lieutenant-7 Points
Under-Lieutenant-6 Points
Master Sergeant-5 Points
Sergeant-4 Points
Corporal-3 Points
Private First Class-2 Points
Private-1 Point

The Dice Game


1 point per Lesson you complete in the Dice game training, so a maximum of 7 points


1 points for playing a match + 3 points for winning it/2 points for tying/1 points for losing it


Jak o' the Shadows verses


1 point if verses are written in a month + 1 Point per verse written (Max 2 per month) + 1 point if an Archer-related reference is made.


NOTE: You MUST link your JotS verses in a post in the Brother's Roster here in the Hut or they won't count!!!




3 points for writing a review


NOTE: These MUST also be linked in the Brother's Roster here in the Hut or they won't count!!!


Archery Schools:


Bronze medal: 1 point, Silver medal: 2 points, Gold medal: 3 points


Regimental Award:


7 points


All other Awards/Medals:


4 points

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