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Approved Freelander TTPC - Cobrain Telenvis (Arinth) - No CC needed


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Handle: Arinth

Cobrain Telenvis

Age: 42

Nationality: Cairheinin

Height : 5’7

Weight: 160

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cobrain was the fourth and youngest son of a poor Cairheinin family. He joined the Cairheinin army at a young age and served without distinction or notice for a number of years before growing tired of the rigid structure of the army and the lack of freedom.


After leaving the army he has spent the last several years offering his protection as a merchant guard and mercenary. He found the lifestyle to be much more to his liking.

As a swordsman he has never accomplished much. He is familiar with the basics of swordsmanship as a merchant guard. He is a surly man who dislikes the majority of humanity. He finds his fellow man to be ignorant, irritating and disgusting at best. He has a sharp tongue that can get him into trouble. He doesn’t win many fights but that doesn’t stop him from getting mixed up in them. He has developed a willingness to fight dirty.


He is currently wandering the land, taking the occasional job that catches his interest.

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