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Rand's Kids - who should raise them?

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So theres a rumor going around that Rand will die in the last book. Shocking.


Another rumor I read is that Elayne dies...


Hey who raises those kids?


Mat or Perrin? Who would be the Godparents (assuming they are all baptized, but not important).


Silly topic?

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Well, yeah, Rand's dead. I haven't heard anything about elayne dying, and unless she gives birth very soon, she will survive post Tarmon Gai'don to raise them. Same applies to Avienda... and in any case, MIn could probably take them.

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If anything happened to Rand and Elayne, I'd say Avi would get the kids, seeing as she and Elayne are first-sisters and all, and possibly sister-wives by that point.

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depend on the mother.


Rand /Elaine:


the HEIRS to Andor throne:

Morgez ->MOST LIKELY !!!the former Queen , and the child Grandmother

Delyne -> highly likely loyal to the bone , can be trusted to raise a proper doughter heir and to give her the crown

Gawyn -> blood relative but beeing a warden can couse prob

Galad -> blood Relative beeing a white cloak will couse BIGGER prob :)

Perrin -> least likely , the strongest noble after the Queen (after their pact) but cant be really trusted to raise the next Monarch (not a true part of Andor)


Rand /Avi


Sureila -> let c anyone stopping her :)))

Amis -> sureila hand traind replacment as future leader

Melin(sp?) -> channeller & DreamWalker wise one

Beir -> only if the above 3 wont want it :)




the Aial (see Aviende section for Order)




since min children have no predetermind position destiny it depend alot on circumstances, Perrin will be near Rand and he have good relation with Min, Elaine and min are connected by the bonding with Rand, Avinde and min are connected as well and the Aial view min as natural wise one

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Rand and Elayne will die and Aviendha will raise them. This can be foretold by Min's viewing:


“Aviendha would have Rand's babies, too. Four of them at once! Something was odd about that, though. The babies would be healthy, but still something odd.” Winters Heart Chapter 12


This leads us to believe that Aviendha gives birth to twins when Elayne dies and thus has four at once. This also fulfills it being "something odd" about it either her pregnancy being accelerated in some manor and her having four children and only birthing 2.

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If Elayne dies, Morgase and Lini, obviously.


Yup. Even in the highly unlikely event that Elayne dies and Rand doesn't, I still don't see Morgase handing over the kids to even him.


As for Avi she has an older sister who can raise hers if she dies post-TG suddenly or something.

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