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Who is your ideal husband/ wife in WOT?

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Yeah I liked Logain. Hes a lad.


Bit of a dick that he never once thanked Nynaeve or showed any gratitude for healing his connection to the source.


To be fair he may never have had the chance. I kind of doubt they let Nyneave back in the same room as Logain after that. He later has Asha'man trying to figure out what she did, and it's pretty clear he didn't have the chance to ask her. He calls her Mistress al'Meara, which is probably a fair bit more respect than he would show to most other Aes Sedai.

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Cen bui or whatever the name of that gnarled old hag from Emonds field was.

Seriously though, Nynaeve. Why? Cos despite being a bossy ^!*#^% she has a kind heart and really cares for those she loves. To the point she'd die for them. I'd easily handle a daily earful from her to have those qualities by my side.

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Nynaeve - For the reasons ratswot has pointed out.


Moiraine, Elayne, Aviendha, Min and many others. And Faile too. Seriously. I think Faile is a good wife


The only one i think might had have a problem with being a wife is Egwene. As much as i love her, i can't say i like her attitude to Gawin. Tough i understand her reasons.




Mat, Lan and Rand.


Especially Rand. He is a sweetie. Elayne, Avi and Min really nailed it. He is great.


And Nyn too. Can you imagine a better man than Lan? He is a warrior but has the soul of a poet. Some of the things he has said were very romantic., .

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Logain, without hesitation. 


My second choice would be Rand, I suppose, after Dragonmount. That seemed to get him to take his balls out of the jar all the women kept them in and put them back where they belonged, along with his spine. 


Third, either Perrin or Davram Bashere. 


Honorable mention: Moridin. I'd love to have discussions on philosophy and life with that man. 

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11: Logain(+3)


7: Perrin(+1)


5: Lan(+1)


4: Talmanes, Mat(+2)


3: Galad


2: Taim, Asmodean, Rhuarc, Beslan, Narishma, Moridin, Rand(+2)


1: Tam, Jhoradin, Rolan, Gaul, Fade, Tallanvor(+1), Androl(+1)




24: Min(+5)


13: Aviendha(+1)


11: Moiraine(+3)


10: Nyneave(+2)


9: Elayne(+1)


7: Birgitte(+1)


6: Lanfear, Egwene, Faile(+1)


5: Berelain


4: Morgase, Tylin(+1)


3: Graendal, Aludra, Leane(+1)


2: Tuon, Bela (Danjaman and Kestrel, if anyone’s wondering), Riselle, Siuan


1: Melaine, Alanna, Corele, Kari, Selucia , Eldrene, Laras, Setalle, Verin, Renna, Meidani, random slutty domani woman (courtesy of Dagon Thyne), Amys, Egeanin, Merise(+1), Sarene(+1), Yukiri(+1), Siuan(+1)

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Lanfear.  We could overthrow the the creator and the dark one and rule the world.  Or a least die trying. The girl is  a Filf Forsaken i ....

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I finished Winter's Heart yesterday, and so far the only women I can stand are Moiraine and Cadsuane. Obviously Cadsuane is not an option, but I'd take Moiraine. If only Min didn't have such a drastic change once she fell for Rand...

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Well as the jury's still out on what exactly I am myself, I'll just cover all options, mkay.


As a woman I'd go for Tam al'Thor.


As a guy I'd go for Taim, Logain, Sarene or Myrelle.

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I'm not a boy, but I think Min is awesome! I'd marry the heck out of her! Aviendha too. She does indeed kick ass.


As for the menz, I like Lan (sorry Nynaeve). I like Mat but I don't think he's husband material... more... FWB material, haha. And I have a weird thing for Logain. Also, I wouldn't marry the guy, but I'd definitely have a casual affair with Asmodean. I've got a thing for musicians.

If you have a thing for musicians then what about Thom?  :thom: Might be too old for you but then you could always go for Rand, he plays the flute. There seems to be a rather big risk factor with the forsaken. 


Me, I would go for Min, I need someone like her to tell me that I'm stupid from time to time, Aviendha does that too, but I also love kindness, Min can be pretty.... tender, I guess? At times, so thats cool. Yeah, I think I would be with Min.  

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Min- Clever, sexy, independent, not afraid to speak her mind, knows how to handle herself, adaptable.


Brigitte- Would be able to drink me under the table and carry me home.


Lan- Quiet, lethal, humble.


Mat- When a beast finds a woman who can tame him, you will find no man more faithful and true.

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I would have to say Elayne (would have try all rands three first)


1) she is a queen so id be like a king or somthing

2) She is beautiful

3) she is Nice

4) she would not stab me (Aviendha) look at me and tell me i will die tomorrow (min) Yell at me all day (Faile Nynaeve)

5) she can chanel and that could be Fun :wink:

6)She is beautiful

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that's what makes him a really interesting character... and well some of us like a good challenge lol

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