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Prologue teaser discussion

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I think Slayer is likely as well, though what his new pursuit might be is an odd question... maybe leading the Wild Hunt--all the old stories spoke of the Wild Hunt being led by Old Grimm (by which they meant the Dark One), and though we've seen that's not accurate we have seen via the CoT Superpack, and heard from Masuri of even crazier (more wild) Darkhound hunts, so a Wild Hunt seems possible, and Slayer would be the sort to lead it.


I've always been disappointed that the Darkhounds weren't a bigger part of the story in COT. I mean, the book was named after the situation in which Darkhounds are MOST deadly....

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The most obvious choice for the hunter is Slayer. Isam and Luc both love hunting wolves. He has been hunting Fain in the past. Lord Luc was a Hunter of the Horn.


Fain hates hunting, that's the whole reason he hates Rand so much. Plus, we already know what he is doing, and he is unlikely to be changing targets.


I at first thought the changing of targets was strange, but then after a little time, I think that he is now going after Rand. As per the book dust-jacket, Perrin will be occupied with Slayer. There is also the second time Perrin needs to be there for Rand, or something bad will happen. I think Perrin will be hunting down Slayer, who is trying to kill Rand, and Perrin will save Rand from unholy assassination. Even if this is not the case, the prologue thing still refers to Slayer.


Red Veil's will be either a random Kandori/ Arafellien or possibly Alanna, who see these crazy red-veiled bastards do some crazy stuff. I don't think they will be explained by someone from the Shadow, I think their true abilities will be unleashed on the Borderlands.


Forsaken, I am also split. Demandred seems to be the one that comes to mind first, and I won't be surprised if and when it turns out to be him, but the wording is very tricky, a good one by whoever decided it (if it was intentional). Demandred isn't really "new", nothing about the revelation will be "newly revealed" it doesn't seem the right word to me. Newly sounds more like a new chosen is being revealed, or is portrayed in a different, new light than we though. Like Moridin being revealed as Taim, that would be a "newly revealed" moment for one of the Forsaken. And Taim or Logain being elevated to Chosen would fit in the "newly revealed" Forsaken. Or it could be that there is another Forsaken who hasn't yet been revealed. Or Aginor revived a third time, or still alive after being blown up with a hill.


But I don't take my opinion on this too seriously, I think I may just be overcomplicating things because I am so excited, I want to learn the full prologue from just that one sentence.


Lastly, the "fallen banners" part strikes me as interesting. It could be just poetic licence, but I think that it could have something to do with a fallen people siding with the Shadow. The red-sailed Seanchan murderer (the fallen Sendar), Malkier, corrupted Aiel hybrid things and a Shadow-united Shara comes to mind.

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But I think the real bomb here is



one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed


I believe that we have a Demandred sighting...

How would Demandred stand newly revealed? *grins wickedly*


"I see you, Asha'm'hael"






“As Rand drew on the One Power he felt the men around him fill themselves with saidin. His skin tingled with so many Aes Sedai –most of them Greens and Reds, linked to the Dedicated- filled with saidar. He trusted Perrin had done his part and he wove the gateway. As his Maiden escort ducked through he sensed the wrongness that oozed out. He would let them carry his honor regardless, he understood now’.

He was first of the channelers, the first among equals, to step into the Black Tower. As he did he heard evil grinning and smirks all around him. He paid the Asha’man, the men who had let themselves become weapons and worship the Shadow- no heed. He had eyes only for the creature on the ornate throne. Eyes only for his true enemy, the serpent in their midst. He was the Dragon –blinded no longer- and he spoke the words his People had tought him.


“I see you, Asha’m’hael. I see you, Ishamael”


The man on the throne smiled that half-smile, the smile that had never touched his eyes and he ..’rippled’. “So you figured it out…finally…you worm”, Moridin said. As he stood up from his throne one of the Asha’man slumped to the floor. This time it was Rand’s time to smile; the Forkroot in the canals had worked and apparantly some of these men had had a little too much to drink this morning…..”

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The Slayer. But a "new" pursuit is interesting, instead of "renews" the pursuit of Perrin. Has Slayers been commanded to change his target to Rand? We know that Lanfear has something planned for him.


We already saw the Red Veiled "Aiel".


Demandred finally makes an appearance.

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Largely in agreement with what everyone else has said.


1) A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit. The Hunter. Slayer has to be #1 choice. I'd go Fain 2nd. Don't really say who would be a #3. But what "new" pursuit. Slayer has been hunting Fain, is he sent after someone in particular. It's been a while, but the Shadow once considered Egwene and Nyneave vital to Rand's cause. Haven't heard much on that since Great Hunt, all the focus has been on the ta'veren.


2) One of the Forsaken stands newly revealed. I thought of Demandred first, but it could also be Taim (as Moridin) or revealed as a Forsaken. But, I'd be disappointed if a "new" Forsaken was the reveal. Really, the Forsaken should only apply to those who switched sides in last War of the Shadow. A new dreadlord should get that moniker. Though Aginor and Sammeal both died w/out balefire) and could be possibilities (I'm aware of the Sammael quotes). The way it's worded (to me) indicated newly modifying revealed, indicating they've been revealed before. Could be a curveball and be Cyndane or Moggy in a new guise.


3) Red veils. Would love to see Alanna defending her homeland. It would be nice if at least one Aes Sedai (Verin) actually tried to protect the Borderlands in return for 1000's of years of fighting. Especially since Rand and Egwene have both failed so miserably. Rand did try with Ituralde, and at Maradon. But the others....And onto the red viels, did we ever learn what Alviarin was doing on Tremalking for a month that cost her the Keepers stole? What if they are Ayamar, not Aiel?


4) The Forces of the Shadow swell in triumph as the world unravels. Doesn't sound good for Caemlyn. Of course, could be more defeats in the Borderlands.


5) By Grace and banners fallen, the LB has come. I think poetic license, not a prologue POV clue.

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