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The Web Tightens ((ATTN: Liitha))

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Arcon burst through the doors of his old rooms in the fortress, his mind in a flurry. So much to do, so much time wasted in between the two… He rummaged through his things, searching for a specific silk outfit. Dress the part, afterall. How many contacts have I lost up here? I know I will always have Shadar, but who may have forgotten me? What upstarts don’t know who I am? He sighed, finally taking a moment to organize his thoughts. It had been a very long time since he had returned to the Fortress.




“Greetings father, I hope you’ve been well?” The elder man turned to face his son, a far more stout image of himself, aged fifty years. He hadn’t aged nearly as well as his son. “Arcon! It is good to see you. Why, I thought you were bringing guests?” Arcon chuckled, stepping forward to clasp the arm of his father. “No, they couldn’t make it. Alas, I deemed that actually placing this house in capable hands was more important.” He grinned, measuring every action. Even among family, Daes Dae’mar ran deep. “Oh, then I suppose you’ve brought help? Perhaps another Andorian?” His father chuckled, eye contact showing the truth of the barb. You think I’m a pup father, one day I will show you my fangs. “They really are quite capable, you know.” Arcon returned a subdued laugh of his own, outwardly accepting his place. And so the spider began to weave his web.




Time passed, the summer broke, and Arcon worked with his father. Publicly announcing himself and being pardoned of all crimes on the day he had left. After all, Saidin was a wild and cursed thing, was it not? A man’s first touch of it, especially when threatened, was bound to be

chaotic and destructive. All was well though, the son returned gentled. Arcon was impressed his father had the station to arrange such a thing, especially considering the rumors that he’d used to get to the position. Though the help of an Aes Sedai vouching for his case certainly didn’t hurt. Neither did the purse full of gold to the family of the house guard the Dreadlord had slain with his first touch of sweet, sweet Saidin. Arcon worked to strengthen his standing, using his charm to dissuade and put at ease those of noble birth. Publicly he even renounced Alice as a dark friend, though that had truly wounded him. Oh she definitely was a Friend of the Dark, but renounce her? Never.

Privately he did the work of his calling, gathering local cells and giving them directive. He knew the call signs and he had the Power, most obeyed with little prodding. He siphoned money from his father’s coffers, partially from his own sources of income, to fund the cells. His father undoubtedly knew, but allowed his son freedom. Within months of his return, his family gained another slash of silk. Grudgingly his father began to respect his son, and Arcon used that as he did all things


“We have started making a name for ourselves Arcon, I would expect no less than a few advances in the near future.” His father laughed, but his posture made it clear. Marry up, there was no other option. Pompous fool, commanding me… “Yes, I’ve thought about that. Perhaps it is time we start pushing to put me on the market, I hear some woman are rather attracted to a man with scars.” Both men laughed quietly, though Arcon saw his father’s façade break. He still wondered about his son. He was one of the few people alive who knew how much time he spent with Alice. Arcon teasing him with the memory certainly didn’t help. Oh, if only you knew old man. “Oh, but you know I can’t. I have found a woman father, and we wouldn’t want to ruin my sterling reputation.” He smiled, “I believe I will leave to visit her, she must miss me dearly.” His father nodded, and Arcon left for the Fortress the next day.




Arcon finally found what he was looking for, and dressed in a full suit of midnight black silks, finishing the ensemble with a cloak of the same hue. He clasped it with a golden pin bearing the mark of Sammuel, though it pained him to do so. He knew he would need sponsorship if he were to attain his goals, and this Forsaken seemed to align well with his own. He also knew that Sammuel needed more men on the council if he were to play Daes Dae’Mar among his fellows with an upper hand. With recent events standing how they were… Well Arcon doubted he could have chosen better, but to have to choose at all was unnerving. Open allegiance gave you enemies, and when those ranked among the Forsaken… He sincerely hoped he would be a valuable enough pawn for his patron to protect him. Careful Spider, mind the future but weave only one strand at a time…


The Dreadlord took a steadying breath, assuming the void for calm. He resisted the temptation to reach for Saidin, though its allure was almost overpowering. No, he would not appear weak in front of this woman, even if she couldn’t feel if he’d seized the source. There was after all, no telling exactly what she could pick up on after so many years as a politician.I’ve begun the web down South, now to continue the pattern. He planned to meet with a Mae’Shadar today. He needed to impress her, and he needed freedom.


Finally feeling himself prepared, he left his quarters. He gave no hint of his inner turmoil; his father had trained him far too well for that. No, he was calm and collected, ready for what was to come. He knew he had earned a reputation as a teacher, and had even begun to earn a political reputation within the fortress. Hopefully his time spent with his father would strengthen that case, instead of the time away weakening it. He made his way towards the meeting. He had spent years spinning his webs, and now he hoped to finally begin to lure the prey…

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M'bela was walking through the fortress, she had been sent in to handle things, the chosen being busy with the plot ongoing and very much in progress, and with newfound alliances she was left to deal with politics in the fortress temporarily. The council had had some changes of late with some of her fellow Mae'shadar not managing to keep their spot without the backing of a chosen, in her case she was not worried of this happening even should the worst should happen. And while they had some differences and he was younger, she suspected her mistress new partner in crime had chosen well.


She wondered what had gone into Caladesh to do as he had, going and geting himself killed in the White Tower, but having an earlier student of hers on the council was not the dumbest thing in her mind, even if he allied himself with another chosen. She concured that Sammael was from far the worst Semirhage could have picked, and in these fickled times it migth be smart to stand stronger together. She was outside Acorns room, he by her knowledge would be a good fit with his background, while she prefered other games then such as nobles practised, she knew the wisdom of having different resources to draw on. She waited not far from his room, he would be at the meeting for sure, many like him would, but not all would be in company of council members, in most cases even lately cards were held close to the chest, but with fewer chosen it was a given the others would move for positions too, of course in some cases it would give a better political balance to suport unaligned candidates. However subtlety was not her type of game, as he rounded the corner she steped out of the shadow and blocked his way, eyeing the woman with him, she knew not who she was "I must have a word with a former student of mine if you dont mind.." her tone of voice though indicating it was not a request.


"Walk with me Arcon.." while she may not be a politician she knew she had a reputation which served her just as well when it came to gain respect, she was ruthless and took after her mistress. When she was sure the other woman was to far off to be able to lip read should she have such abilities she wove a shield to conceal their their conversation "I dont play to loose, and expect that you brought your best today.." she looked over at her former student, she had not known of this for long, it was all recent, and it would not surprice her if he had no incling of the new found alliance, she smiled at him before she continued speaking - afterall for now they were on the same team "..because I do intend to see you on the council, and I do not intend .." her voice growing colder though as to empatise the next few words "..to stand in front of two Chosen explaining why such is not the case at the end of this day" They were closing fast on the hall where the meeting would be so she stoped, laying a hand on his arm to stop him to, "I know not what you been told, but plans are in the work, your competence are going to be needed if all work out, I know not all the details myself as its based on Sammaels plans and Semirhage have been to busy to update me in full, but we can talk of that after this meeting, however they are working for shared aims at the moment, so my full support will be behind you in there on the instruction of my mistress, so go in there knowing you have two chosen in backing you for the position."


She then stepped to the side so she could walk in behind him, he was a small man, and with her height she would be visible enough behind him, it would not be something she would normally do, but in this case she would not want to hide his entry to the hall together with her. Her eyes were cold and firm as she met that of others looking their way when they entered.


ooc took a peek at your bio, said he was small, and she stands 6 feet, will try to add you again on msn, if anything dont match well let me know and i can make changes

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