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Leelou I LOVE YOU!!! <3

Niel an' Tyomn

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Hmm, I shall use that hint.

Definitely do this, Rand. As a almost 30-year old guy, I can tell you it's tried and true. Here's an additional hint:


Never be finished cooking something before having a girl over. Always make sure you've got about 20 minutes worth of stuff left to do. If you're making homemade feduccini alfredo (my specialty), make sure you're finishing chopping some veggies and making the sauce when she arrives. Invite her to the kitchen to chat while you finish. It's a great ice breaker, it showcases your talents a bit, and you can enlist her tasting services to ensure it's up to par.

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Pics or it didn't happen.


Okay. I uploaded them all to a photobucket account. I'll pm you the link. The password is: InYourDreams.


and if for some reason it doesn't work.... try: HAHAHAHAHAHA.... HA.







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