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Corik's Basic Training - Hop to! (ATTN Arinth)


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Evelyn sat on the ground in the training yard, meditating. It was becoming more and more of a habit for her to have private sessions with one recruit at a time, instead of a group, because recently recruits seemed to trickle in, rather than arrive in chunks. And it was starting to irritate Evelyn to no end. Not that she didn't take joy in breaking recruits, but it seemed to be more enjoyable in a group formation. When it was a one on one lesson, taking out her student meant the lesson would have to be prolonged further for it to be finished. Not an optimal outcome.


So she waited until the set time she was told to be there. She eyed passerbyes, wondering when her student will finally arrive. As if summoned by her thoughts, a young man approached her. Evelyn stood up and dusted her pants."Morning, Corik. Thank you for taking the time to join me today." The sarcasm in her tone was quite notable. "Lovely morning, is it not? Celebrate it with a run. Yes, you heard me right. Start running in circles around me. Wide circles, though. I like my personal space." Evelyn spoke loudly as Corik began running. "I will be your instructor today. My name is Evelyn, but I got by other names I'm sure you'll soon learn." Evelyn smiled to herself.


"Today you will learn about the concept of SCRAB. Stamina. Courage. Resistance. Agility and Balance. Traits you are expected to either possess or attain. You made the first step of joining the Children of the Light. But you have yet to prove whether you deserve to be here or you're better off running back to your mommy. I will be the judge of that. So, what I want to see is determination. Drive. I want it to be abundantly clear that you want to be here. If you have any complaints, worries or concerns... I don't want to hear about them. I'm not your mother, your father, you sister or your lover. I'm not here to cuddle you and tell you it's going to be okay. I'm here either to break you or make you stronger. It is your choice which of the two it'll be."


Evelyn seated herself on the ground. "Your stamina is put to the test. You run until I say otherwise. If you falter, that buys you an extra hour of running. So just a fraction of a second before you decide you cannot continue and you're about to fall on your face... do yourself a favor and... refrain from doing so."




OOC: Here we go! It's a hot day, which makes this task harder.

RP your character's emotions and thoughts. You can have him speak to Evelyn through it if you like, its up to you. Just don't stop running...or do...but I'm just gonna make you start over if you do that :P






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Before Corik realized what was happening he found himself running in circles as his instructor…well instructed him. She seemed to be in a sour mood or more likely to be just another sour person. The sun was already beating down on him causing the sweat to drip down his brow.


He thought back to how it had started. He had arrived on time as far as he knew. He had never been one to arrive late. He was still learning his way around the fortress but he had allowed himself extra time to arrive.


His instructor's greeting had been friendly enough even if the tone had not been. Before he had time to reply he had been commanded to run. He didn’t hesitate though he had been caught off guard. He stumbled before settling into a steady rhythm.


“I'm not your mother, your father, you sister or your lover.”


The words almost forced a bitter laugh. He held it back though. It was a good thing she wasn’t family. He had killed his brother after all. His instructor looked to be made of pretty stern stuff however. Of course he had no reason to kill her. Well, not yet at least.


He tried to keep a steady pace as she talked but the sun kept beating down on him and her voice kept rattling on. He had spent his life working on the farm. He was no stranger to work or physical labor. His lungs felt like they had given up all effort of obtaining any oxygen and his legs trembled with each step. There was still no sign of her letting up or calling for a break any time soon.


He doubted she would call a halt to things before he collapsed. He was supposed to be willing to keep going until he collapsed. To stop before that would be to quit and no doubt the children did not want that.


Each step he took was a battle. He was fighting her and himself and the world. The world was spinning around him. It felt like all the water had been wrung out of his insides yet did nothing to help cool him. He stumbled and fell to one knee. He pushed himself back up with a groan but the world spun again and he felt the ground rushing up to him. He tried to rise but found his legs refused to.


He wasn’t sure how long he had run but he had the feeling it had not been anywhere near long enough as he saw her approaching.

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Evelyn was beginning to feel the heat of the sun and her mind was slipping to cooler, more comfortable thoughts when the new recruit fell to the ground. She let out a sigh as she made her way over to the young man. So close, she thought, I was so close to being out of here.


As she reached Corik she held off a glare, though she was sure it came through in her tone, "Enjoyed it that much did you? I rarely get recruits with as much desire to keep going after running this long. But since you stopped before I said you could, you must have meant you wanted that extra hour I told you about. On your feet! Now start your fun run. If you want to make it another hour after that, just drop to the ground again and I'll tag it on for you."


Evelyn went back to waiting as Corik got back onto his feet and started running again. When she felt the boy finally had enough she let him run one final circle and then called it to an end. "You're lucky you got back up in the middle there. We can't have Children giving up the chase while the darkfriend manages to flee. I'm not impressed with that, but you got back up and finished off what was required, but just. Go get some rest. Tomorrow we will meet back here again. Same time." With that, Evelyn turned on her heal and marched away, not giving Corik the chance to react.




"Welcome back. I'm surprised you decided to come after our last meeting. I hope your ready for it today. It is quite a beautiful day, isn't it? A clear sky, birds chirping, a soft breeze. A perfect day to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, we will be training indoors today. So take one last look around and follow me." Evelyn led Corik to one of the practice halls within the fortress where she set up a human sized wooden box.


"Today we're going to cover the letter C. Courage. Fear can sometimes be our allay. Every person experiences fear. Whoever says otherwise is lying. It is no crime to be afraid nor does it label you a coward. The trick is to learn how to control your fear and use it to your advantage. This is where most people split into two groups. The first would be the group of frightened little prancers. You do not want to be in this group, trust me. And than there's the warriors' group. The group you want to find yourself in if you wish to join our ranks."


Evelyn stood next to the box and pointed at it casually. "This lovely contraption holds many surprises within it. This exercise will not be physically demanding, as the one you went through yesterday. It will consist of you entering the box and staying confined within it for two whole hours. Aside from the small space, stuffy air and lack of light, you will find yourself entertaining some company as well. Conquer your fears and you will pass this test. Go into the unknown and prove to yourself, and most importantly, to me, that you belong here. "


Evelyn met the man's eye and flashed a warning to be sure he caught that and that he was paying attention. "If you come out of the box before the two hours are complete, you will have to renter and start over. I will not lock the door. You are free to run out like an ickle spoiled baby at any point. It is your decision and under your consideration. However, I would advice against it."


Evelyn let a smile show as she warned, "my advice to you is to try not to think about what is in there with you. Just stay as still as possible so as not to disturb your guests. And when you think you cannot possibly endure any more, suck it up and stay put. Now, lets begin!".





The box contains creatures within it. Lizards, spiders, crickets, flies and various other insects (you can make some up. Go crazy ;)). Bear in mind that they will be making noises... flapping of wings...communications of any kind...react to that!


It's mostly a psychological test... some characters might be more inclined to be scared of the bugs, some of the lack of light, some of the closed space... I don't want to see a character who feels absolutely comfortable and overjoyed in this situation. No one would feel comfortable, even if they're not phobic of any of the things they endure within the box.


So, RP it out... and work it! ;)








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