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A Web of Black Silk ((ATTN: Kathleen))


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Arcon’s finely manicured hands pressed firmly upon the polished wooden door to the tavern. He tried to enter with little fanfare, and thought he chose the location fairly well for such a reaction. His silks were hidden under a woolen cloak, and the silk patch replaced with one of far lesser quality. Though of course, his hood was up. The tavern was far from the seediest in town, though honestly in Tar Valon even that wasn’t much to sniff at. It was however, that wonderful middle ground where a man and a woman could be expected to meet. He knew his slender build, and if anyone looked too closely, youthful looking face would only work in his favor tonight. Let them assume I’m out on some trist. As long as she is smart enough to keep her face hidden, all should go well. He hoped the young woman would show at least that much wisdom.


As he passed a serving woman, Arcon put a bit of a nervous tremor in his voice. “Please, may I get some ale for my nerves? I’m meeting someone here tonight…” He nodded towards a booth. The woman smiled a sly grin, “Of course sugar, but if it doesn’t work out you let me know.” She closed with a wink, and the dreadlord actually managed to fake a shy response. She giggled, and he made his way towards the booth, making sure to sit out of the deepest shadows, preferring to let the lady take that. All it would take was one peek, and he would draw far too much attention. The serving girl returned a few minutes later with a frothing glass mug. The nobleman managed to suppress the urge to grimace, and thanked her. “She didn’t stand you up, did she?” Arcon laughed nervously, she’d regret it if she did. “No, it’s early yet. Still plenty of time.” A pouty lip and a shrug was his response. What some people are willing to do to get a tip around here…


Arcon settled deeper into the booth, managing to sip the ale without emptying the contents of his stomach. I swear, if the Great Lord had coated Saidin in this filth men would have finished the job at the breaking… He sighed, doing what he could to avoid growing impatient. The friends of the dark said the message was successfully delivered to a new inductee into the Black Ajah. He needed someone young, someone he could sink his fangs into. God only knew how long he’d need the woman, especially if his plan to make his grand return home was to come to fruition. An ageless face would be needed to validate the story he planned to tell, of a gentled son returning home after so many years on the run. His father would have to do the rest, and Arcon found that he actually had faith in the man.


And so the spider sat, sending out the first strands of black silk, and began to weave.

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Seheria sat at her vanity staring herself in the eyes through the reflection. Her dirty blond hair hung down her back and she resisted her nervous tick to smooth it out. She hadn't felt so nervous since her days as Accepted, and those days were so far past the memories didn't truly seem like her's anymore. She supposed she were something of an Accepted now within her new society, but the thought was pushed out of her mind with the forceful reminder that it wasn't equal to Accepted, it was equal to a newly shawled Aes Sedai. She may be new to the colour of the shawl, but that didn't make her any less the rank she was.


She ran her slender finger over the letter laid on the desk before her. I may have been sought out for being new, but I was sought out. He came looking for me, not the other way around. Part of her swelled with the reassurance of confidence, but part of her flared in panic that she was so easily found. It wasn't the first time a letter was addressed to her from someone she hadn't met, but it was the first time such a letter was sent to her from a source who knew what she truly was. It was hard to keep hidden and feel safe when it was so simple for someone she'd never hear of to know her for what she truly was.


Still it was a letter that intreguied her. It could be a trap to call her out for what she was, but it could prove to be stepping stone to much greater things. She wasn't a Novice with no experience or brains. She had years of experience growing her skill with all sorts of situations. She may be new to the darker shawl, but she had long since worn the fringe off many another one.


Who ever sent this letter may think they are getting a mind malleable enough to manipulate, but I am no child. They were coming to me. I hold the power in this encounter. They are walking into my city, not the other way around.


Seheria released her now glaring eyes from the mirror and approached her closet. So many dresses showed hints of her Ajah, the subtle hints of pride and power were intended, but tonight they would not do. This night she must only share what is needed, and that part of her life would certainly not be important. In the back of the wardrobe Seheria found the only dress that did not hint of her old alignments. It was pale violet thing that fit quite well. The neckline dipped lower than she normally liked for first impressions, and she couldn't be bothered to find a necklace to off set it. She was wasn't dressing up for a ceremony it was a meeting, not a party.


She hurried into the dress and took a heavy cloak of dark green. So dark it looked black at first glance. The trim was embellished with small crystals one might not see until close inspection, or until the sun reflected against it. For the most part it was quite simple, certainly not something that would stand out as odd in Tar Valon. She didn't often dance to the pressures of the expected, and almost never had the patience for playing Das Dae'Mar but tonight she needed to find a way to be both forgettable and still make an impression. He had contacted her but she held the reigns and he must know it.


Seheria left the Tower and was well into the city before she wrapped herself in the cloak. It was blocks after that when she raised the hood. The weather was timed well to make both of those blend seamlessly if she had been trying for it, but she hadn't been. Years of confidently walking these streets left her slightly less cautious than she should have been. She was just another Aes Sedai walking the street, no one would remember her anyway. And if they did, it was wasn't difficult to explain what she was doing in Tar Valon if ever someone questioned her.


As she made her way to the tavern the letter had named she realized she was early. Normally Seheria aimed to be early to all her appointments, but it occurred to her that he already thought he had her in his grasp. He contacted her and she was expected to come running. She had to prove that he may be able call on her, but she would come when she was ready. She was no mouse. Of course, he would be expecting that, and Seheria did debate just going to the location as they both knew she would show in the end. It was ridiculous to play at appearances and the old Seheria would have just showed up on time to the meeting, proving she didn't play games and jump through unnecessary hoops.


She would have barged her way into this meeting in a similar fashion if it wouldn't have the chance to be taken as her jumping to action at this man's call. He would wait for her. He needed her, not the other way around, so he would wait, and she would make him.


She knew it was a dangerous gamble to find the right timing of her appearance, she needed him patient enough to still be willing to work with her demands as he presented his own. With all of this running through her head it was enough to give her a head ache as she grumbled to herself about the stupidity of the Great Game as she paced the city streets.


Finally she had had enough of it all and she stormed toward the tavern named in the letter. She tried not to make too much of a scene entering but she still came forcefully into building. Her patience was warn thin and she had none left for wasting on elegance or grace. She set some coin on the bar and asked for a drink. She scanned the seats for a hint at one waiting for her. Spotting a man sat alone with a partially empty cup of ale eyeing her covertly Seheria ordered him a refill and took her own drink over and slipped into the seat across from him.


Seheria Mori

Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah

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Arcon’s heart leapt into his throat as the serving lady returned, filling his ale back to brimming. Though he felt like seizing Saidin and burning the place down, he graciously thanked her, and turned his eyes to the woman who sat across him. He took a moment to appreciate her dress and mannerisms, noting that she seemed to dress far above him. His mind cycled through possibilities. Would that quality have been less noticeable in this crowd? He scanned the room and found no other gem stone coated cloaks. No, then I suppose there are only two options. She either blundered into choosing a noteworthy style, or she is sending a message. His uprising forced him to believe the latter. You should have expected this, she is Aes Sedai afterall.


His inspection of her continued for a few moments. He noted how young she appeared, though in truth that meant very little for an Aes Sedai. She was Andorian, which would only work in his favor. Oh father, how did it go? Like an Andorian in a council meeting? The phrase had similar connotations to another, like a bull in a china shop. Still the people were known for their pride, and being Aes Sedai would only enhance it. Self suffering fools… He’d have to play to that. Caution, and allow her to think she had the upper hand. His plan took less than three heartbeats to form, it was time for the Great Game to begin.


Arcon gave her a measured nod, with holding a smile for now. He had to give the appearance of respect, and that he thought of themselves as equals. Briefly he seized Saidin, weaving a ward to silence their conversation within the booth, and alert him if any drew near. He tied the weaves and ceased his grapple with the power, long since shielded from the Taint that the Great Lord had placed upon it. “We can speak freely, Seheria Sedai. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Arcon Dadread, originally from Carhien, but have long since made my nest in the Fortress within the Blight.” He took a brief pause to allow her to acknowledge him and his rank. “I’ve come to you for a very simple reason. Due to your status as Aes Sedai, you wield a certain amount of political power. I, as Dreadlord, control another.”


Arcon paused, sipping on his ale and hiding a grimace. It wouldn’t do to have that pesky serving woman interrupt them; as such he had to maintain appearances. I swear I will throw every brewmaster to the same beast I feed Mr. Sweeper. It had been years since he had thought of that atrocious first mate, and he was surprised to find he had to suppress the urge to set his jaw. He would get his revenge, but first he had to get to a place where he could terrorize the man without fear of recrimination. Step one was this meeting.


“I will make this very clear for you; I propose that we act together. You will have a friend in the Fortress, and I in the tower. It will give us an edge, and the Great Lord knows that we need every one we can find.” He hoped the last remark not to subtle; he was quietly pointing out the new color of her shawl. Yes, Arcon could make a very powerful ally for the new Black Sister. “Nothing to grandiose, but in times of need, where say our particular spheres of influence collide unfavorably, we call upon the other. At the very least, having one with my particular,” he paused for a moment, emphasizing his next word, “masculine traits could come in handy. Let alone all of the friends I have access to.” He stressed that word as well, referring to his greater access to shadow spawn, and contacts with circles of dark friends outside of Tar Valon. He had to sell himself to the woman, forsaking his normal approach of double talk and misted meanings. He was a merchant, presenting his wares, and if there was one rule of that trade, it was not to show how badly the customer’s coin was needed.

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Seheria settled her self into the seat as the man seemed to take her in. He could have been giving her time to settle politely, but giving him the chance to try to read her would give her a chance to the do the same of him, so Seheria took advantage of the time. She raised her glass to lips and resisted the urge to gulp the sweet concoction down. Small sips would mean there was more left later should she need a moment longer to cover a thought by playing at thirst.


So, this is what a Dreadlord looked like. It wasn't what she had expected with the simple woolen cloak he wore, but he could be hiding anything under it or back in his wardrobe. Show yourself plain, people will see plain and think no more of it. She had started life in a tailoring shop, she knew more secrets of clothes than most. She never let herself forget how much you can gleam from the clothes on a man's back, from colour to fabric, to how he held himself in them, clothes to tell a lot about the person.


Reading him over and realizing the nature of her company set a warning to grasp for the source. He could have me sheilded in a blink, she swallowed the liquid she held on her tongue at that realization, or worse. But she knew that drawing the power here was far too dangerous. Crystals on her cloak was one thing, as subtle hint for her guest, and her guest alone. Channeling would draw the attention of the Tower to her location and though she could explain this away, it was a bother she didn't want to deal with. He'd of done it by now if he were going to. That thought eased her and she set her glass gently on the table.


She was pleased with what she had gleamed in the few moments it took to raise and lower her glass and it seemed to be enough time for the man to feel he had read her as well for it was then that he began the meeting. And begin the meeting he did.


“We can speak freely, Seheria Sedai." the man began. She stopped a chill from running down her spine as she realized he must have placed a weave around them to stop eavesdropping. It was one of the first weaves a novice was taught, and it wasn't the skill in the weave that rubbed her, but knowing it came from the man across from her. She would need to get over this. The Great Lord has many allies, and I should not fear them simply for how they appear.


Arcon introduced himself plainly and openly. It served to make her feel safe here, hinting for her to return conversation, using her background as a way to test to the man's weave. Seheria would not play that game. Her background was far from small talk to test a Novice weave from a dreadlord. She didn't doubt his ablities to get that information, but if he wanted it he could put the work in.


Seheria had expected the man to drag out the pleasentries and mask his desires far longer than he did. She was quite pleased to see him get to the point and so clearly to it. “I’ve come to you for a very simple reason. Due to your status as Aes Sedai, you wield a certain amount of political power. I, as Dreadlord, control another. I will make this very clear for you; I propose that we act together. You will have a friend in the Fortress, and I in the tower. It will give us an edge, and the Great Lord knows that we need every one we can find.”


She couldn't help but notice how pleasing that deal seemed. Too pleasing. Did he really take her for that far a fool just because it had taken her longer to find the truth of the Greatness of the Great Lord? She could use a connection in the world though, that much was true. She had her heart of course, but a connection with a dreadlord could help her in the future. Give her an edge above others. Or tie a chain to him. She let herself show a slight smirk at Arcon, as if to say 'come now, we both know there is a catch, out with it.'


He seemed to pick up on it as the details began to flow, “Nothing to grandiose, but in times of need, where say our particular spheres of influence collide unfavorably, we call upon the other. At the very least, having one with my particular, masculine traits, could come in handy. Let alone all of the friends I have access to.”


And there it was. He hadn't so much as said it, but it was clear as any Aes Sedai would have put it. She had years of dealing with Aes Sedai and had learned to hear the words they truly meant almost on spot, 'I won't use you often, but I need something and I can't do it myself. I can't tie my channeling and power in the Shadow to it, but I need to have power at my side.' He had made it seem a wonderful deal for her, but he wouldn't have come here if he didn't get something worth while from the meeting. People rarely showed you the shotty stitching, but you knew it was there if they spent too much time talking over the pretty embellishments.


He had a time of need in mind, that the new Black was sure of. How soon it would come, or how much of her feminine traits or how many of her friends he would need for it she did not yet know. How far should she pry on their first meeting?


"I've not come to a situation yet that my own strengths and friends haven't seen me through. That is not so say I don't enjoy making new friends, of course." Seheria paused and looked the man over, there were always games, but she tired of them, just because she could play didn't mean he had to. "I could spin my words, but I rarely do. I see the gain in this for me, you've done well to sell my benefits. Too well. You ask for an ally in the Tower and seek out the newest one you could find. Surely with the contacts and friends you boast at your disposal you could have found a much more beneficial contact there than the newest to the shawl. You came to me. Of all of my Sisters, you sought after me. What do you gain from tying yourself to me? I've found every coin to have two sides. I would like to know what I lose when I gain your contact."


Seheria Sedai

Blunt Black

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Arcon noted every facial expression, and inwardly felt a mix of both pleasure and disgust. She was no fool, that much was obvious. It was also the source of both of his emotions. Having such an individual as an ally gave him more options, and a far more reliable lever, should a fulcrum present itself. Unfortunately, he couldn't waltz in and get what he wanted with a few non-committal responses. Use what you have Arcon, to get what you need. His father's words, his impending return brought many such phrases to his mind. Are you growing nostalgic? He wondered to himself. He quickly banished the thoughts, he'd need to focus for this to go well.


The dreadlord listened to her words, and for once let his mask of perfect control break. He let a sigh slip through his lips, and he reached for his repulsive drink. Taking a shallow sip, he set it back down onto the table with a grimace. "What benefit do I get for seeking out the newest member of the Black? Quite simply my dear, you don't have the allies that you need." He let the words hang for a moment. Every bit of finesse his father drilled into him had to be abandoned, in order to be embraced. "In my time as a dreadlord, rivals have tried to kill me more times than I care to recollect. The shadows are deep, Seheria Sedai, and they are blacker than your new shawl. Our people are not known for suffering rivals to live, and I am willing to bet that within the tower things are the same. You want to know how I've stayed alive?" For the first time he pulled back the cowl of his hood, looking into her eye with his one good. The scar that ran from his forehead to jaw line, and even well below that, was prominent. The eye patch he wore only accentuated it. True, he had gained one of those marks before he had been a dread lord, but she didn't need to know that. No, he planned to use his disfigurements to strengthen his point. "By having ties to people who can make threats, and can follow through with them. By surrounding myself with people who have power that others covet, or by using people's contrived notions of those facts."


He took another drink of his ale, dearly wishing for a map with X's marked for every brew house on the continent. He would see them all destroyed had he that information. "If you want to know what I get out of this, I have already said it. I need some one with an ageless face, someone whom the entire world knows can not speak a lie." His voice leveled out, growing far quieter and holding an edge that had been missing before. "I need someone to tell a story, and I need that person to need me. Even wise dreadladies, whom spend every day within the halls of the Fortress with dreadlords have some measure of fear for us. I know when you embrace Saidar Aes Sedai." He seized Saidin, drawing on the source, but doing nothing with the power. He wanted to make it harder to try to shield him, nothing more. "But you have no idea if I draw upon Saidin. I should think your sisters would be decidedly uncomfortable if they knew you had a dreadlord in your pocket, no?"


Arcon pushed away his mug, having drunk enough not to draw the suspicion of the servers. He gave her a moment to consider his words, and to subdue any urges she might have. Males who could channel were rare, very few Aes Sedai ever encountered them. The cultural stigma of them ran deep, even for those whom had embraced the Great Lord. "That fear can be used, and all I ask is that you maintain that mask that you have learned as an Aes Sedai. If you refuse, there are others I can speak with who will not." He let the barely veiled threat hang in the air. By now her experience in the tower would teach her to read the true meanings behind people's words. I can channel, and you would never see me coming. Do you wish a rival to hold that dagger, or yourself? "Oh, and for the Great Lord's sake, next time you buy me a drink, I'd prefer it had a vintage."

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Seheria listened closely for hints that he was hiding something still as Arcon answered her questions. Was that sigh and hint of exasperation a rouse to make her think he was caught and giving in so easily, or was he truly done with games and laying his hand down? It didn't really matter either way, it was the sign to say 'this is all I will tell you, whether there is more to it or not'.


She supposed he had a better chance of having a new sister accept the offer than one who may have found other 'friends' on her own, as he had suggested. No doubt he wanted his long trip to end in his favor and took the easy way to guarantee cooperation when he got here. She may be a new black, but she did have the power and experience of an Aes Sedai for decades. The power she needed to be worth his while she had. There was a greater chance that she would agree to use it for the connection than someone who had already built allies. No doubt he had hoped to find someone to be a new yes-man, and that would be one way Seheria could disappoint. She would get the better deal here. He needed her, she had the prowess he did not. You tell me of all the things you have, but they can't give you want I have. She really did get the better deal here.


She wanted to dwell longer, pull more information from the man, but it became clear is patience in the matter was drawing to a close when he sent her a subtle hint of threat. Seheria wished the man hadn't done that. Yes it outlined another benefit she could get in the alliance, but she did not back down from threats, and she didn't take to them well. She sipped at her drink as she talked herself out of denying him simply for the fact that he threatened her. That would be too chancy. He could apologize and offer again, giving her the control to choose it willingly or not as she wanted from him. He could just as easily say 'so be it', get up and leave her to beg for the chance at getting the contact back. She would not beg, no matter what it meant for her future. Having a dreadlord in her pocket would be a big advantage and she knew it. It really was too good of an offer to pass up.


Seheria set her half empty glass down and met the man's eyes with a cold stare, "You will learn I do not respond well to threats." She paused long enough to let the meaning of the unsaid message sink in. She hoped that Arcon would take it to mean she would drop the alliance at her choosing as she had meant, and not at an attempt to throw a threat of assassination back at him. That was something she could threaten him with, and if she set her mind to it she would find a way to accomplish it, but it was a weak threat at this point, and he would know it. She didn't want to offend him, he could leave the table at any moment and not lose much if this deal didn't go through.


She softened her look after the short silence, "I do however respond to sound logic. Your proposal sounds favorable. Nothing to grandiose, but in times of need, where our own skills will not do, it would be beneficial to be have the option of calling on the other's skills." Seheria repeated the man's offer. She was sure not to say that she would comply with what ever he came to her for, and if that gave the man the same loop hole, she would have to live with that. What she said was no longer binding physically, but she was still wary to outright lie, especially to a man who would kill her with out her ever seeing the weave he used to snuff out her life.


She knew that in agreeing to this she had as much as signed up to do what ever job he had had in mind for her when he sought her out. He had most definitely had a job for her to do before he asked after her. Hopefully when she completed that task he would have enough honour to at least feel that he owed her a chance to repay her. She would keep that favor in her pocket as long as she could to see this alliance didn't dissolve when he was done with her.


Seheria Mori

Black Sister

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OOC: Sorry for the wait, it has been busy IRL.


Arcon nodded in her response to his veiled threat. Well, she has backbone. I will give her that. Good. Maybe she will be able to stare down the Court of Carhien… The gesture itself was as close to an apology that nearly anyone alive would ever receive from the man. He wasn’t one to admit that he had done wrong, well, at least not sincerely. Arcon hoped the deal wasn’t ruined due to him pointing out his advantages in outright confrontation, and his willingness to sell them to the highest bidder. Stil, maybe if she walks, I will get someone with real pull in the Tower… No no, that would be unfortunate. Those type demand payment, not ask favors.


As the Aes Sedai continued, a hint of a smile crossed the one-eyed dreadlord’s lips. She agreed to his proposal, and in such a deal the first favor is almost guaranteed to be accepted. And today I take the first step towards a spot on the council. “I’m glad to hear you agree. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I do have something in mind. As agreed, nothing to grandiose. No risk to your person unless there happens to be a group of bandits who can take on two fully trained channelers.” He allowed a chuckle to slip past his lips. He doubted such brigands had ever lived.


Arcon drew himself back in after his joke, slipping into a pleasant tone one would expect to be used on an equal. Would the dreadlord ever think of the Aes Sedai as such? Probably not, but she would be given every opportunity to earn that respect. “All I need from you is your ageless face. All good citizens know two things, there are no dark friends among the Aes Sedai, and they can not lie. I plan to return home after a rather long hiatus. For those who remember my crimes, it would go a long way in earning a pardon if they knew that I had been brought before the reds, and subsequently gentled.” He said the last word with disgust. It was a disgusting term. A man without the power was less of a threat, but put good steal in his hands, or the right ear to whisper into…


“I’ll be leaving within the month. Though I’d like to leave immediately, I understand one of your status can not uproot and leave without causing a bit of a fuss. If you agree, I would very much appreciate haste in this manner.” Arcon stood, and made a flourish. A piece of high quality paper appeared in his hand, and he extended it to the lady. “A way to contact me. Use the usual code phrases to pass the message, and it will reach me I’m sure.” The paper contained the name of a friend of the dark. “Good evening, Seheria Sedai.” With that, he cut his ward of silence and departed. His business was done.

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She hid the surprise at her new friend's new proposal. Leaving in a month would be short notice. She shouldn't of been shocked that he would ask his first favor so soon after getting the connection made. She had assumed he knew what he wanted long before he called on her, so why wouldn't he clinch the deal of getting the favor he really wanted while he had her in his grasp.


The moment she left this meeting she could come up with reasons to decline, but she had as much as agreed to do him a favor by agreeing to his first proposal, and he wouldn't let her get that chance. Seheria let a small frown show before reigning it into an awkward straight face. Her new friend was no fool, though he may have come off as one in how he went about getting her agreement, he had got it and now he had enough sense to hook her into action while she really had no way to turn it down. He was no fool at all and Seheria would file that information away.


Seheria thought over the request as she finished gently swirled the last of her drink around the bottom of her glass. A month wouldn't be a difficult amount of time to arrange a mission away. She could finish her classes or hand them off to someone else. She had just finished off her duty in the infirmary at the end of the last week. Her new friend needn't know that, but that wasn't the real problem. She used to travel often, that wouldn't be odd. The real problem was in how she could handle the deception and what problems that would cause, whether she was successful or not.


She wasn't used to lying, and even though she could do it now, she didn't like to. It only took one wrong person to hear her lie and recognize it for what it was and she would be hunted down like a rabid animal. As she was mulling it over Arcon rose from the table and made his grand exit. So there was more to him under that simple wool, as she had expected. Seheria was pleased to have the space to breathe. He had left without hearing her acceptance of his request, but he had left before she could ask the questions she needed answered before she knew if she would be willing to do it or not.


She reworked her thoughts on how much of a fool the man was for it. He kept her on her feet, and she was left with the freedom to think it over, and decline, if through a letter, if she wished. She was still hooked enough that though it looked like she was free to come to her own decision, but they both knew she would ultimately agree to it. He had done all of this and managed to find a way to disappear before she could get the details or ask any questions. Seheria sighed as she finished off the last of her drink at the empty table. At least she had aligned herself with a clever man. Hopefully he would be a good contact, and not the one to bring her to her end.


She set her empty drink down on the table, left some coin beside it and made her way through the streets of the city back to the White Tower. He didn't give me time to ask the questions. So he doesn't want me to have the answers. Just what exactly were his crimes? Was it simply that he could channel, or would I be letting something worse back into the city? What if I help him and he uses the oppourtunity to bring destruction? Could that come back on me? She took her cloak off as she moved closer to the Tower If I don't do this, he will find someone else. If he is going to be bring destruction to someone it realistically would not be to the one who helped him.


She was still thinking it over as she entered her rooms and put her cloak away. She changed out of her violet dress and into something more her style. So, I'm going to do this. Now is how. I can had off my classes easily enough, but I have to travel in public with a man. Channeler or not, that will be suspisious from any who know me. If we meet somewhere on the way, I can say I am treating him and seeing him back home. But he may need to be seen traveling from Tar Valon with his escort for the lie to work for him. Surely he will not want to chance to being caught in Tar Valon. Let him use those many friends of his to claim witness to our early travels if he needs it!


She dropped into the chair across from the fire she sparked just moments before and stared deeply into the flames. Still, he needs me to gather a crowd and lie about his being gentled. If it gets back to the Tower that I claimed it it could end me. I'm not a red, and though they probably keep records of who they gentle, I've never seen it. So, I say that I escorted him from Tar Valon, after he was gentled. In my time traveling with him I find him to be healed and in good sound mind to be reentered into society? I don't have to say that I witnessed the gentling. I don't need to say who told me it was done. They wouldn't ask that. They would assume I knew the details, as they always do, my job would be done. If a Sister happened to hear it, I could say I was misinformed. I could play up the anger of being mislead and used. Offer to hunt him back down to be gentled. As long as I don't say that I know he was gentled I can find a way to get away with it.


Seheria debated writing Arcon but decided to wait until the morning. It would give her mind more time to think it through, and it wouldn't be sent for at least a week in any case. She would not let him think he could rush her with a dramatic exit and an opened ended order to action. It was bad enough he knew she would act to his will on this one.


She did write the letter and she did eventually send it. It was a simple message.


I have arranged for the time away. It was not easy, and I do hope the slight delay is not too troublesome for you.

I will leave from the Tower alone and meet you along the way to escort you home.


She set the time and location to meet, not far from Tar Valon. She hoped that the few days past the month he had hoped to leave in wouldn't be too upsetting for the man. In truth she could have made it work sooner, but it may have been suspicious and it would have seemed rushed to arrange it sooner. She had put if off, simply to take some control from the man. This may be his cause, but it was she who was doing him a favor and it would come at her leisure or not at all. If he truly had a problem with any of it he could return a letter and inform her of it. All that was left was to go through the motions and head out into the world once again.


Seheria Mori

Black Sister

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