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Approved White Tower Bio for Duriya Olandrian--CCed by FL


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<u>Basic Information</u>

Handle : Tamerya

Full names of WT characters: None :)



<u>Character Information</u>

Name (first and last): Duriya Olandrian

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16

Nationality: Altaran



Hair: Her hair is dark brown and is kept about shoulder length

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Olive


Voice:Her voice is low, a little gravely

Other:She sports a few scars from fighting, however only one is prominent - a large one on her left arm that goes from shoulder to elbow.

Personality: Duriya is very determined and opinionated. If she believes something is right, she will argue for it, leaving her blind to other possibilities. She is also very stubborn - once she sets her mind to something, it would take a large force or situation to change it.



Special Skills: She is good at hand-to-hand combat and knows how to use a dagger well.

Weaknesses: Having grown up poor, she does not have any education and knows little of the world beyond the Rahad.



Duriya was born in the city of Ebou Dar in Altara. Her life growing up was quite violent, as it seems to be with most that lived in the Rahad. Her family was poor, so she grew up not having any money or wealth. She was less than two when her father was killed and her mother, having four children to feed, quickly changed her marriage knife sheath to blue. Duriya was the youngest of the children. By the age of 3, her mother had remarried and was soon pregnant again.


Duriya was soon ignored by both mother and father, having been the youngest child by a former husband. The only pressure she had was to keep her skin whole on the streets. She learned to fight at the hands of her brothers and she was only 6 when she began to carry a blade of her own. And the girl was definitely fierce. She would challenge other children, whether older or younger, no matter what the cause but most would back down and leave her be. When Duriya fought her first actual duel at the age of 10 with a boy of the same age, her mother finally gave the girl some attention and encouraged the behaviour. Duriya hardened in many ways, her personality was always fierce, but now she seemed unbreakable. Her eyes were hard and sometimes even just a look was enough to make people clear away from her.


When she turned 16, as nearly a young woman, she was walking down the street when she noticed a woman whose eyes suddenly turned to meet her own. In an instant the woman was standing before her. Duriya growled at the woman to move from her path and the woman refused. Suddenly, Duriya’s dagger was in her hand and she challenged the woman. A second later, Duriya was held motionless by nothing she could see and was being lectured like a child! Then the woman held what looked like a stone infront of the girl and was told to look at it and concentrate. Furiously, Duriya did just that and thought she saw it flicker for a moment. Duriya soon found herself being hauled to her family’s dwellings by the woman.


The woman told the girl to go upstairs while she talked with the family. Duriya didn’t hear anything that happened, but when she was told to pack and go with the woman to Tar Valon she knew that her family was glad to see her leave.


Along the way she learned that the woman was Aes Sedai and that she herself could perhaps become one. Duriya had, of course, heard the stories of Aes Sedai and didn’t believe half of them. She also found a jewel among her items that she knew was from her mother’s marriage knife. Just like that, she knew she had been disowned from her family.


By the time they reached Tar Valon, Duriya had decided that if her family had disowned her because of this, she would show them, and was determined to work hard.

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