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TTPC from CotS should be done by end of august


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Yorin Gyshon TTPC for RP for Rasi and Rekinu



185 lbs

Black hair

Brown eyes

38 years old

Yorin was born the first of three sons. His father was a hard but fair man. His mother on the other hand was cruel and unpredictable. He was taught both the sword and the books. He worked diligently and excelled in both. His father was the lord of a minor house often looked down upon by the other Lords. His father’s hard work often took him away for days at a time and as Yorin grew older he saw his father less and less. He was brought up by his mother and she instilled her values into him. Money was power and power was what men strove for in life. Despite his father’s hard work he was neither cunning nor dishonest. The lack of either made him less of a man to Yorin’s mother. They were the ones that were forced to suffer as a result she told Yorin.


When Yorin’s father passed away and he became lord of the house he swore to himself that he would raise their house. They would be respected by others. He would have money. He would have power. Men would listen to what he said and they would seek his favor.

One night he was approached and offered all the rewards he could imagine. All that he had to do was serve Shai’tan. He knelt without hesitation and pledged his life and soul to the Great Lord.

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