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Hey guys! Told you I wasn't totally gone...


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Hey everyone! It's great to see you guys! Boy DM is starting to look a tad different, they must have been updating while I was gone.


How is everyone? What's been going on? Oh, and hello to all you new people who have no idea who I am!


Firstly, this song reminds me of you guys, and those of you familiar with the arts of Metal will probably enjoy it:




You know I used to know how to embed videos on here >.<



Hmmm...I said firstly, so I assumed I had a second item, but I can't remember. I must be unused to the Taint already....I need to be here more.



Anyway, just wanted to say hi to you guys, and that I'm going to try to start checking in here more, because I miss you guys :)

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Yes, please bring back the old spammy Talm. I checked out the Light Board yesterday (because now I have access!!!!) and I laughed so hard at some of the threads where you, Locke and Mmeesh where posting.

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Talmanes! I've heard so much about you! ...thought you were a myth. Like dragons =P


Talmanes - the man, the myth, the legend.


hey talm!! come cause some mayhem!!!



Tina you have access to the lighties board??? remember a conversation we had a little while ago about causing chaos???? looks hopeful



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