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Approved BT Bio for Pavil Sidoro- CC'ed by the WT

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Bathemal

Name; Pavil Sidoro

Age; 20

Height; 5' 11"

Weight; 185lbs

Eye Colour; Brown

Hair Colour/Style; Brown, Windbraids

Skin Tone; Coppery

Body Type; Slight Build, from hard labour

Nationality; Domani


When his mother disappeared at the age of fourteen, Pavil set out from his native land of Arad Doman with his father, Risa Sidoro, a Stone mason. They had far-fetched hopes of apprenticing under the fabled Ogier stone masons working on the topless towers of Cairhien. Surviving their journey only to find Cairhien in relative disarray and construction of the towers ceased they took boarding in a nearby village, taking on restoration projects in and outside the city of Cairhien. The next few years were rather profitable and successful for the son and father enterprise. Their skill and dedication attracted the attention of many minor lords and ladies in the city, who commissioned them to work on their own holds.


Pavil, during his apprenticeship decided to take his career in a more creative direction. While remaining under his father employ, he decided to pursue the knowledge and skill of Stone Carving. Pavil, still internally enraged over the unexplained disappearance of his mother found a great outlet in the carving process. As he neared adulthood he found himself obsessing over the event and started to take into fits of rage that could only be quelled by the sound of his chisels splitting stone. Many a time he found himself hammering a way at a large slab of granite with no intentions or direction. When the ding of the hammer found reprieve he would stand staring at his creations. When did he make that cut? Did he remember adding so much detail to the filigree? He did not ponder too much over it and considered his carving therapeutic.


His carvings, which he initially kept hidden from his father out of fear of disproval from his father, a talented yet rudimentary and fundamental mason, immediately captivated the attention of his father when discovered. His talent was quickly recognized by Risa and together they started taking on more decorative commissions from more powerful lords and ladies. As Pavil and his father started working more and more together on the decorative projects, the uniqueness to Pavils' talent did not go amiss to Risa. He observed the way Pavil's Chisels and hammers could shear off larger amounts of stone than he considered possible. How when adding detail to his carvings, Pavil's chisels seemed to flow through the stone, rather than shear.


One Particular evening just after Pavils' 20th Name day while he was on the scaffold working on an archway on what was the be the entrance to a rather influential Lords manor, Risa sat watching his son. His son was becoming increasingly infuriated with this piece of work and the intricacies involved. A stray hammer blow directly to the stone sent a definitive crack through the arch. Risa jumped up to berate his son for ruining weeks worth of work but was cut short. With a shout of pure rage Pavil hit the face of the stone intentionally with his hammer. What happened next shocked the pair equally. Instead of cracking it further, or sending a chip of stone skittering across the cobblestones, the whole of the archway seemed to shimmer. The stone took on the appearance of molten liquid and in a matter of seconds hardened into one solid peice. as if it had never been broken. The crash of Pavils hammer and chisel hitting the floor broke them both out of their trance. Pavil looked towards his father, mouth agape.




"Quiet Pavil. Grab your things, I know where you need to go."

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