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Aiel Wise One NSW - Endora Meladrin - No CC Needed


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Player Info

DM Handle:
FL Aiel NSW played by FL staff whenever needed for training or general Rping.


Character Info

Full name:
Edora Meladrin



Wise One channeler/dreamwalker

Physical appearance:
6 feet, blue eyes, light blond half long hair hanging to her shoulders usually done up with a scarf as is the Wise One way. She has a scar above her left eye that stands out white against her sun tanned skin.

Physical weakness:

Physical strength:
She is quite strong in her arms and hands and has an exceptionally good stamina even for Aiel. She can run longer than most while appearing not to suffer at all, much to many Maiden's frustration who constantly try to best her (though secretely).


Edora is a no-nonsense Wise One. She takes her duty to her people very seriously and expects the same of every Aiel. While she's not know to be patient with other Wise Ones, Clan Chiefs or any of the fully trained warriors, her patience with apprentices and trainees alike is astonishing. She's old school and believes firmly in upholding tradition and proper behavior. But at the same time she is also flexible and pragmatic. In short, Edora is a bit of a paradox. She can shock others with her remarks, whether it be humor at the most unlikely moments or coming down hard on someone for seemingly minor reasons, Edora has built up a reputation of unpredictability. It makes people weary around her, which is just as she likes it. She believes it keeps them on their toes and thus, alert to dangers.

Personality weakness:
She's a bit blind to danger, which causes quite a few occasions where she needs to be guarded by others in order to prevent her from harming herself (or whomever is in her charge at the time). Like all Aiel she doesn't fear death, but unlike most Aiel she doesn't respect it either. As far as she's concerned death can wait it's turn till she's good and ready for it. Personality strength:She's adaptable, quick witted and has an exceptionally good developped insight in to the character of people.







Edora was born to a seamstress and a blacksmith. As a young girl she bounced between wanting to become a Maiden, dreaming about becoming a Wise One and flopping her father's tools around trying to master the craft that no woman had ever taken up before. She could see herself become the first female blacksmith of the Aiel. Her mother despaired in this foolishness while her father laughed it off as a good joke. When she was eleven years old, her mother was taken Gai'shan by a rival clan. Maidens took her. That shocked the girl. How could they do that? She went to one of the Wise Ones to complain and was promptly trained in the ways of ji'e'toh. Her father went about his life and craft as though nothing happened and gradually, under the all-seeing eye of the Wise Ones, Edora started to understand the many complex intricacies of the Aiel honor system. Her mother was earning back her honor. Edora felt quite proud at that and set out to learn her mother's trade. But she proved inapt with thread and needle and ended up with more holes in her fingers than in the cloths she was practicing on.


A year and a day later her mother returned and they had an elaborate meal and all the water she could drink and her father would sit and read to them for many hours and Edora was allowed to stay up long past her bedtime. Life continued it's usual course and the girl continued to bounce between her different dreams. With one exception. The Wise Ones, having gotten to know the girl quite well during her mother's absence, had continued to take an active interest in her life. They were amused by her bouncing goals and laughed with her father about her blacksmith dream, much to the relief of her mother who had a severe reverence for Wise Ones and would probably die of shame if ever they showed any sign of being dissapointed in her.





When Edora turned thirteen, she had mastered enough skill to be allowed to join the Maidens for training but as ever, she wasn't too sure what she wanted. She had also become quite reasonably skilled in the smithy and her father often let her help him repair household tools. He wouldn't allow her anywhere near anything resembling a weapon though. That was for blacksmith and their official apprentices only. It seemed to Edora that this was a stupid rule. If women were allowed to fight and die just like the men, then why not allow them to be blacksmiths? But her parents were sticklers to tradition and that was the end of it.


One day, one of the Wise Ones was visiting her parents and when Edora entered the Wise One looked at her with piercing eyes. Edora had never seen this woman before. She was a visiting Wise One from one of the neighbouring clans. The Wise One left soon after and the next day Edora's parents were informed that the girl was to train to become a Wise One. Edora's mouth dropped. It was one of her dreams, but she didn't know if it was 'the' dream. Nevertheless, the Wise Ones didn't give her much of a choice. She could channel and thus she was to become a Wise One. End of story.

That was fifty years ago to the day.


Edora sat before her tent, reflecting on her life so far. She wondered how she could have ever considered anything else. This was what she was born for. To serve her people with every part of her being. To protect them (often against themselves) and prepare them for times to come. The years had been gentle to Edora, as they were with all channelers. Her health had never faltered, her hair was as blond as the day they made her apprentice and her stamina was better than most of the Aiel. Her skills with the One Power and Dreamwalking were exceptional but above all else, her ability to train young apprentices was beyond question.


To live in these days. Who'd have thought she'd be alive when the Car'a'carn was walking the world? There was no question that he was the Chief of Chiefs, but Edora still felt a chill whenever she thought of the implications. Traditions that have kept her people safe and prospering were being replaced with new ways. And while it was necessary to adjust, she didn't like it. And she didn't like these wetlanders, with their soft ways and dishonest manners. How could one trust a person who would lie so easily and did not follow ji'e'toh? Where was the honor in all of it?


A remnant of a remnant would be saved. And she would make damn sure that remnant was as big as it could be! It was time to train the next Wise One.

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