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Will saidin "disappear" after LB?


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I've always wondered what would happen if a weave was used to seal the bore that was large enough to use both halves of the One Power then was tied off........



Is the One Power finite or infinite?

Robert Jordan



He sat and thought for a minute, still signing the book, pondered, then answered.

The One Power is finite but cannot be used up. When the weave is done, it returns to the Source. The way he put is was finite but infinitely reusable.

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I'm still of the opinion that the One Power will be lost near the end of the 4th age.


Since the Seanchan made their appearance I've considered them an unstoppable Juggernaut. Avi's vision might change the future, but i doubt it will by much. The Aiel might keep their honor, but the Seanchan will eventually collar every man and woman that can channel and with the rise in technology and the fact that the Seanchan don't allow the damane to breed means once they march across the continent then after 1000 years there aren't going to be many left that can channel anymore.


Wilders will become more and more rare and with no one to teach the sul'dam they will never learn to channel either. Fast forward another 1000 years and you have myths and legends about how an empire once ruled the world with men and women that could use "magiks".


Go even further than that and you have people playing games with dice describing how their Wizard is casting a fireball at an oger, because while it makes a good story all that is pure fantasy.


I love the wheel of time, but i've always seen the Seanchan as the end game of the series. By the end of the 4th age i'm pretty sure they will have wiped out chenneling, taken over the world, ushered in a technological age (that rand and mat helped create), and finally break apart into smaller nations.


I could easily be wrong, but thats how i see it.


So will the power disappear, no not at all. But it will be forgotten and only really known to future generations as myths and legends and flights of fantasy :)

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We know that Rand's children will be among the first that no longer need embrace the source to use it. They are connected all the time giving birth to a new generation of channelers who no longer need to embrace the source, they can use it at will if I am recalling correctly from Avi's visions in the columns. I do think that channeling will go away, at a point. Likely around the same time people forget the dark one. New things like the wolfbrothers and pattern readers will come into full swing, something else will power the columns between mirror worlds when they are rediscovered. Then channeling will come again and the Gaia utopia of the AoL which will eventually lead to the bore being drilled into the DO's prison. Speaking of drilling, I'm wondering if the Ter'angreal the girls discovered that "made holes" was responsible for the bore and can be used to seal it.

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As Kamin said above, I think channeling will fade by the end of the next age. The empire will cull the ability out for an age or two, until the recessive gene kicks back in when needed again.

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Use both saidin and saidar to seal the hole. Both may well be tainted as a result. Immediately put in place worldwide Far Madding Guardians/artifical steadings/ter'angreal that make channeling impossible.


Still a Power, but the title works and the fact that the Power must be lost at some point before the next Age of Legends is respected.


I, personally, still hate that "half the light of the world" turned out to be nothing more than Mat's eye. So I still insist on holding out hope that it does not in fact turn out to be nothing more than Mat's eye.

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