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Aiel Heart

Pokemon League Mafia Game Thread--GAME OVER--Congrats Town!!!

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It would make me gleeful if those who have yet to check in (or those who already have if they feel like making me full of glee) if they said how they arrived on the island.


On the back of a pokemon




Something else entirely


Amuse me :P

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Here I am - arrived to the Island on a friendly whale.


S'Ithi or Turin, S'Ithi or Turin, S'Ithi or Turin, S'Ithi or Turin?!?!?


Which one... Compromise. Vote Arez


Like. :tongue:


I got mine, so I guess I am ready to start ! First Mafia game ever - I am so excited :biggrin: !!!!!!!


Hope you will get addicted enjoy it like the rest of us.

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just fyi I promise to spam less images when this actually gets going


or rather I'll make them links so it's not so cluttered

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Or use the spoiler tags?


[*spoiler*]picture goes here and then take out the asterisks[*/spoiler*]

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no one was born or hatched here >.< you all were somewhere else and came here. Would have had to have travelled to get any pokemon anyhow; all on my island are mine or protected

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Ummmm.... No. You'd be much more well behaved if I'd been in charge of you at all

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