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Pokemon League Mafia Game Thread--GAME OVER--Congrats Town!!!

Aiel Heart

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Many hopeful trainers expressed interest in Mistress Heart’s Pokemon Battle Tournament, and she extended invitations to eighteen of them to come to her private island.


One by one, they arrived on and stood before the Island Mansion.






Once everyone checks in, “Day One” will begin.







1) The first day will have no deadline. If it drags on too long I may set one. After that, “days” will be 72 hours and “night” will be 36 hours.


2) This is a hammer game. Lack of consensus in voting when deadline is reached will result in a random knockout.


3) Should she feel like doing so, all vote counts Leelou are valid, as she is my mentorish co-mod. Do not believe any scene posted by her however :P


4) Do not talk about this game outside this thread unless you have been granted access to a QT, in which case you may talk in the QT as well.


5) Do not quote anything in your role pm or in any QTs you might have access to.


6) Do not game the Mod


7) If I feel something is outside the spirit of the game, it will result in restrictions or modkilling.


8) When you are knocked out, you are allowed one “blah” post which may not reveal any game-related information


9) Do not edit your posts


10) Votes must be bold and red.


11) I expect activity. Spam is welcome, but there must be at least game related post per phase.


12) Submit actions in your role pm. If you need something about your role specified, also ask me in the pm. I know that I may have phrased a few things strangely. I do not guarentee anything beyond a PAFO however.



Note: I am ModGoddess of your pokemon universe. My word is final, and I like the idea of modkilling. Do not test me.





Role PMs are going out now

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Smiles

2. Nol--Oddish--League Vanilla--Killed N4

3. Tina BG

4. Razen

5. Darthe--Zubat--League Vanilla/"Tragic Lover"--Killed D5

6. Ithi--Weedle--League Vanilla--Killed N1

7. Tress--Ekans--Team Rocket roleblocker/back up nightkiller--Lynched D6

8. Volke--Charmander--League One-Time NK Bullet Proof Vest (Wearer?)--Lynched D2

9. Roo

10. Kudaran--Magikarp--Team Rocket Goon--Killed N4

11. Lenlo

12. Kae--Pikachu--League Double Voter--Random Lynched D1

13. TaltosWombat--Koffing--Team Rocket Goon/"Tragic Lover"--Lynched D5

14. Turin--Rattata--League Vanilla--Lynched D3

15. Arez--Caterpie--League Vanilla--Killed N2

16. Firebird--Psyduck--League Bus Driver--Killed N6

17. Nyan--Squirtle--League Docter--Killed N3

18. ThorumPiano--Team Rocket Godfather--Lynched D4



1. Kaylee

2. Marsh

3. Mawth





Beginning of D1 (Post #95)

Last Vote count of D1(#987)


Beginning of N1(#991)


Beginning of D2(#1053)

Last Vote Count of D2(#1135)


Beginning of N2(#1143)


Beginning of D3(#1245)

Last Vote Count of D3(#1438)


Beginning of N3(#1439)


Beginning of D4(#1458)

Last Vote Count of D4(#1660)


Beginning of N4(#1661)


Beginning of D5(#1694)

Last Vote Count of D5(#1738)


Beginning of N5(#1743)


Beginning of D6(#1763)

Last Vote of D6(#1777)



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You may post pokemon art if you wish as long as it keeps to all the DM rules :P


I have a question for Lenlo and Kae: if it isn't Day 1 yet, like the 3rd paragraph of the 1st post says, then would votes count yet?

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I've got art of almost all pokemon and most of the characters

as well as comics and a lot of miscellaneous stuff like pokemon in jars and pokemon bento boxes and such


feel free to make requests

the folder has nearly 1700 images so I'm sure I can find something



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