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DM SG Board Game - Black Tower


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The ACW is currently creating a DM SG Board Game. This game will depict all of the Social Groups on DM and be playable for all.


To ensure that all social groups are represented accurately, we will be needing your input. To make helping us more tempting, there are awards for the most helpful factions along with awards for the most helpful SG's.


All you need to do is submit card ideas. Your faction has the following types of cards:


Action Cards: Cards that make a person have to do something until their next turn or for a limited amount of time. No violence. No stripping. No inappropriate touching. PG13 rule applies.

ex: Action Card: You have been wounded in battle, you must bandage your chest before time runs out.


Drawing Cards: You have to draw a certain item in a limited amount of time and get your teammates to guess what it is. No talking. No noises. No gestures. These do not require a story, but whatever you tell them to draw must be connected to either your faction or the online Social Group representing it.


Create Cards: We will supply everyone with a recipe for homemade plato. These cards will be the people or things that they must sculpt in a certain amount of time and get other people to guess. No talking. No noises. No gestures. Whatever you have them create must be connected to your faction.


Question Cards: Questions regarding Wheel of Time knowledge and concepts. No spoilers. No characters. No places.

ex: Question Card: Who Channels Saiden? A. men B. women. C. Lamas (but obviously they shouldn't be quite that simple.)


Guess the Truth Cards: Three incorrect statements and one correct one. The player who's turn it is must guess which statement is correct.

ex: Guess the Truth Card: 1. The Blue Ajah is in love with The Game of Thrones 2. The Blue Ajah is in love with Harry Potter.


Act Out Cards: You must act out something or someone and have other players guess what or who it is, and that character or concept must be related to your faction.


Taint Card: is held onto and must be used with the next helping, evil, or penalty card. You use it by rolling the dice. Every turn you hold onto it for will effect chance more and more as the taint spreads. If it's used on your next turn and you roll a one the opposite of that card will happen. After two turns rolling a one or two will cause the opposite to happen and on turn three the opposite of that card will happen if you roll a number 1-3, etc until you have held it for six turns after which point the card will always do the opposite of what it says.

ex: After channeling the factions laundry dry, the taint has spread farther in your mind.


The Taint Card is a special card, so only one will make it into the game (But with enough ideas there is always the chance that we will make a few sets of card decks, thus using more Taint Cards) but you can still submit as many ideas for it as you like.

The others will also be very limited when it comes to how many make it into the game, but again, we want as many ideas as possible to open up the possibility of creating more decks later on to freshen up the game play.


When submitting a card idea, bear in mind that this game is a DM Board Game. This means that you can submit card ideas which center around things that your online group is known for.

An example of this would be the Wolfkin dunking each other in Chili. This does not happen in the book but could be brought up in the actual game.


Here is how you submit your card ideas:


State what type of card you are making, then what text will be put on the card. The actions are predetermined so you just have to say what is happening that causes those actions to occur, or what is about to be created.

You will post those ideas here, in this thread, with each entry neatly separated by using the return bar. I do not want to have to fish through a paragraph to find your entries.

You must also state your current rank or position in this SG to help us determine the winning faction within your SG.


To learn more about the competition and to see where your group is currently ranked, look here:




If there is anything you don't understand please check this thread for more information:




If after reading this you find that you still have questions please post them there or pm me.

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just so everyone knows. Ill be here as well if you want to bounce idea's off me or need help with anything. I can also help with putting some of your idea's into practice (though it might take some time between working and all)


Let me know if you need anything :smile:

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That one works, they could make it out of plato.


"How about make an abstract model of the taint. Points awarded by the other teams or something? "


No. For create cards you have to create what the card tells you to out of plato. If you succeed at others guessing the item you get to move on your next turn, if not you don't get to.


We already have a special card for the group with tainted abilities and the game does not have a point system attached to it.

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Some ideas:


Action card: You have to help out building the wall around the BT. Build a wall of books, sugar cubes, lego?


Create card: Make the BT.


Draw card: Draw the pins that marks your rank.


Question: What does Tsorovan M'Hael means?

1. Attack Leader

2. Storm Leader

3. Faction Leader

4. Black Tower Leader

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This will be a game printed out on paper and played with friends. So All of the actions have to be doable in a room in your house. So no online things (like posts or rps) and nothing you need extra supplies that people wouldn't normally have handy.

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