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Revenge of the Sith Mafia - Game Over - Mafia Wins!!

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The Jedi had been the Guardians of Peace for centuries, always observing, always mindfully distant. Peace reigned during these times, but even the Jedi would counsel that all things must change, and that nothing lasts forever. When change did come, it began as a whisper in the shadows; the Order wished to overthrow the Republic, to take control, and that their time of service had come to an end.

As with any rumor, it was impossible to tell from where it came. And as with any rumor, where it ended left more questions than answers.

The events that occurred during that time shaped the universe into what it is now, and you know the stories told of what happened...but you also know that history is written by the victor, and just as a rumor will dissipate like a wisp of smoke, the truth it leaves often feels uncertain and hollow.

Unwilling to accept what your heart denies, you searched for those who were there. Sadly, no-one seemed willing to endanger themselves by discussing it. "Try another", they would say, if they said anything at all. Your path took fork after bend, but your instinct warned you were being guided, herded even, and as another trail would appear as soon as the last one went cold, you took each one as a step closer to the truth. The trails seemed as if they would never end.

Then a spark; the last trail different and with the same name upon on many lips. At the height of it, a location is pressed into your hand, a convergence that you know is too fortunate. As you stood by the entrance to the apartment, high up in the Coruscant Diplomatic Zone, you grimly realize that you might not survive this.

But you hadn’t come this far to back out now.


You step quietly into a room, empty, but a movement on the balcony catches your eye and you move towards it quickly. Your pulse quickens, and you somehow feel that that you are finally at the end of your search - that you will finally learn the truth of those days.

A glowing red blade emerges into the darkness, and cuts through the air stopping a hairs breadth from your neck. Your mind screams Sith as you feel the sudden heat along your skin, the menacing hum holding you there in stasis, not even daring to breathe. You have been betrayed, but are somehow still alive.

The lightsaber blade is lowered as she steps into vision, not just a Sith, but a female one and strong. Unable to control your actions, your feet are moved backwards until they bump against a chair that has been placed in the centre of the room. ‘Take a seat", she says, and you are lowered into the chair. You would have spoken, but a sudden pressure on your neck put paid to that thought.

"Shhhhhhhh", she says, her tone strangely gentle. "I know why you are here. And I will tell you what you wish to know. If you are willing to pay the price..." The pressure upon your throat stops and you gasp for breath.

'The early days were chaos. The rumours spread and grew. No-one knew who they could and couldn't trust. Brother turned on brother, friend on friend. I remember the first victim well. You are aware of the Jedi Temple?'

I nodded and she smiled then, as if my knowledge had pleased her.

'The first death occured there. One tried to impose order on the rest, advising them, asking them to observe. But you did not come here for stories, you came here for the truth. This one had stood unobserved for some time, watching and listening so when they spoke others listened. "I know you are no Jedi", they said. Like wildfire, their words spread, adding another layer to what was already clouded, but perhaps a little more clarity also.

During a pause in proceedings, they headed to the Library, perhaps to gain information that would aid them. A blue/green light flashed in the shadows as they passed by. They were unprepared for such an attack and put up no defence. The distinct crackle and hum as a blade swept through the air and silenced that voice forever. Not a good day for the Jedi, to lose one of their own so soon.'

BG - Stass Allie - Town Jedi was killed

'They were shocked when they discovered that first death. A Jedi dying in their own Temple. Voices were raised again. Someone must be found to take the blame.'. She laughed then, the memory amusing her. 'It was most un Jedi like indeed. Someone else must have thought this, because as those gathered in the Great Council Chamber, and those off world who watched and made their voices heard via holo-vids, a decision was made that would affect them all. As they groped towards their choice, rope at the ready, a voice spoke up. 'They'll be no hanging today'.

'On Kashyyyk, one who had been watching from a distance heard the voice speak. If she felt disappointed she did not show it. She had felt they were on the right path with their investigations, but perhaps this would become clearer in the light of day.

She heard a transport land near by, glancing up as its occupant approached, she paid them no mind. She needed all of her concentration focused on the problem at hand. Turning back to the holo-vid generator she did not see the weapon raised, the trigger pressed. Her body jolted and spasmed as the stream of energy blasts slammed into her body. Eyes still open in shock, she slumped to the ground and died.'

Sakaea - Luminara Unduli - Town Jedi was killed.

You sat, still on the chair as she had commanded. Only your eyes moving as she walked away towards the balcony. The sun was setting, casting a golden glow over the room. Released from the pressure of her gaze, You found your voice again. ‘Two Jedi dead? How was that possible? Who …?’ Her head half turned back towards you, encouraging your silence, before returning to observe the City once more.

‘The news of Master Unduli’s death, reached the Council Chamber quickly. Another blow for the Jedi. It was decided that they should have some time to reflect on the day’s events and perhaps gain a little more perspective. The Meeting was adjourned, with the suggestion that they reconvene in the morning.’

‘Most left for their own chambers, to sleep or meditate, but one went alone along the myriad hallways of the Temple. He had tried to impart wisdom during the course of the day’s events, but had largely gone unheard. Feeling stifled by the closeness of the Council Chamber, he instead headed for the upper landing platform to get some air. He was surprised to see the entrance there unlocked, its security protocols over-ridden, and a transport waiting at the far end.’

She turned back to you now, but remained standing there in the changing light, her face in shadow and hair glowing eerily red as the sun continued its descent.

‘Perhaps he was ... over confident as he walked out to investigate. He certainly showed no caution in concealing his identity as he approached it. Perhaps he should have learned from the earlier lessons of the day, that it was not safe for anyone, even here in the Temple.

The familiar crackling hum of a lightsaber being drawn alerted him, but by then it was too late. He managed to ignite his own and attempt a desperate defence, but he was no match for his opponent. Blue and green light swirled and clashed as he fell under a flurry of blows, never to rise again. His dead eyes the only witness as his opponent walked away to their transport and took off.'

Nolder – Kit Fitso – Town Jedi was killed

The Jedi Council were astonished that another of their member had been lost. They sent their best to investigate. He found metal fragrments on the Landing Platform and analysed them. They were very specific. He was skilled in tracking and questioning, following leads, listening to people. Eventually he found his way to a distant planet where he located a transport matching his technical readout. He was cautious and prepared. His weapon at the ready as he approached. Once more battle ensued .... once more green and blue crackling light, and once more the unknown assailant was successful

Mawthtex - Obi-wan Kenobi - Town Jedi Mason was killed

So four Jedi were now dead and no one had been brought to justice. The loss of Obi-wan was a terrible blow. Those left over were spurred into action, each of them giving their proof of why they were not involved, why they still held true to the ideals of the Republic.

They searched among themselves for one who did not seem to believe as they did - their criteria strict and unwavering. One of them made a critical error in their judgement and all eyes turned upon them. This then was to be their choice.

Slowly backing away from the advancing crowd, the lone figure pleaded their innocence ... How they were no threat, in fact they seeked to aid the Republic in its goals, but their words fell on deaf ears. The one who held the lazer-rope ready stood back until a consensus had been reached and then placed the device over their chosen victim's head. There would be no mercy.

Stepping back they pressed the remote that activated it, completely severing the head instantly. The body collapsing and falling to the floor. Its dead fingers stiffening and activating the lightsaber that it held as it went down - the glowing red blade proof of its wielder's true allegiance.

Kate - Count Dooku: Mafia Sith Lord and Watcher was lynched

She wasn't smiling at all now. It had grown dark while she had told of the deaths of the Jedi, and then of Dooku. You had been sitting for a good few hours and were begining to feel uncomfortable in body, as well as in mind. She dragged a chair over to where you sat and placed it directly in front of you, before sitting, her body leaning forwards, elbows on her knees, hands clasped together supporting her chin. This was the first time she had shown any emotion all night. When she spoke her voice was quiet.

'Dooku was a loss to the cause. One we had not expected so soon. We had planned better than that ... Or so we thought. He should not have been taken so soon and we began to plan our revenge'

A sudden sense of anger and rage hit you like a physical blow and she raised her face to look directly into your eyes. Her pupils seemed to glow red. It was all you could do to not frantically push your seat away from her. She blinked then and the illusion was broken, her eyes blue once more. The atmosphere softened.

'Dooku was a fool, he thought he was untouchable. He thought no-one would challenge him. He thought wrong. We would learn from this and move on. Already our orders had been sent and acknowledged. The transport diverted from its original path to deal with the situation.

A lone figure went un-noticed as he worked his way towards the chosen target. Aiming his blaster carefully, he fired sending bolts of death, thinking they were alone and unprotected. He was surprised when another stepped out and easily diverted the bolts so they fell harmlessly. The figure slipped quietly away before the alarm could be raised.

We could wait. A break in hostilities would enable everyone to have ... a time to breathe and regroup.'

She leaned back and seemed to consider you. ' You must be feeling the need to refresh, stretch your legs - maybe even take notes. We have already been talking for some time and I would hate for you to get things wrong when you write our story. I will wait on the balcony for you to return.'
You took the time to get up from the chair and walk around the apartment as she had suggested. It seemed so ordinary compared to the story you were hearing. You could hear her footsteps outside as you moved from room to room, until you found what you needed. Once you were comfortable again, you took out your notebook and wrote down the names you had so far, the last being Dooku's. Perhaps here was where the tide turned and the Jedi began their return to strength. You werent sure if she wanted you to sit back down, but it was probably best not to tempt fate. You returned to the chair and sat ...and waited.

Eventually she came back in and pulled her chair close again. Leaning so close to you that you could feel her breath on your skin. She began to talk again, an almost whisper in your ear.

'We were nothing if not resolute. Our powers of undetection are unchallenged. The following day they met again in the Jedi Temple. They still sought amongst themselves for those of the Dark Path. Many names were mentioned but again one was heard more than the others. He attempted a defense but refused to be intimidated into revealing his innermost thoughts. This was enough to damn him in their eyes. He stood in silence as they approached.

The laser-noose was placed around his neck. 'No last words? They said, before depressing the button instantly. It's hard to talk when your head is no longer connected, don't you think?'

The matter of fact way she described his death made you pause for a moment, before asking, 'So ... Did they find another Sith?'

'No,' she said.

Basel Gill - Agen Kolar - Town Jedi was killed

‘This was different. To have killed another Jedi with their own hands, right in front of them. They stood around in shock, questioning each other. Why had he not spoken up? Why had he been so ... elusive? They were surprised that they had made such an error in judgement. They had been so sure that they had found one of us. Their fear drove them to kill. They should have been more careful, fear leads to the Dark Side after all.’

She laughed at this, her whole face suddenly lit up and you were struck by how … normal she seemed. It would be so easy to forget what and who she actually was if you were not careful. To be drawn into her world. She sighed a little, her finger wiping the corner of her eye, before leaning back again in her chair and continuing.

'It was time for them to adjourn once more, but this time they took precautions. A security protocol was initiated. No-one would be able to enter or leave the Temple without being seen. Trusted and reliable, a constant patrol commenced, checking the corridors and hallways at random intervals. Dedicated to ensuring the safety of those who now slept.

'But someone was not sleeping.

'Sensors indicated movement near one of sleeping chambers. Moving quickly to intercept, the patroller was surprised to see no-one there. Moving slowly around, surveying the area, again finding nothing. Possibly just a glitch then and time to return to the job at hand.

'The sound as the bolt of raw electrical power hit was heard throughout the Temple. The screaming becoming higher and higher, louder and louder. Shaking. Smoke rising as the unrelenting surge continued. The poor sentry held on for as long as possible before succumbing. A popping sound signaling the end. The smell of burning in the air as footsteps walked quickly away. This one would not be able to report back what it had seen.

Songstress – R2D2 – Town: Odd Night Tracker was killed.

Her voice changed. Fast and almost excited. You wondered what would happen next.

'The Jedi came rushing from their beds. This had gone far enough. As they reached the remains of the droid they quickly began to question one another as to what each had seen or heard, their minds racing, but no-one knew anything it seemed.

Then ... the sound of chimes filled the air. No one could avoid that summons. Everything stopped dead. Even with what they suspected, they were bound by the laws of the Republic and when the Chimes sounded everything else ceased.

Looking at each other warily, they gathered themselves together and left the Temple.

The Senate was convening and all were summoned.

The crowd gathered on the steps outside the Senate, slowly moving towards the entrance. It would take a while for everyone to arrive and take their places and no one seemed to be in that great a hurry.

Such is the way of the machinery of power. Slow and lumbering, discussion upon discussion. Committee after committee. We were right to want to streamline it, make it more efficient. We were there already, waiting for the rest to arrive.

One of those waiting to enter saw something that perhaps should not have been there and went to investigate. Turning a corner he saw a figure there, speaking into a comms unit. Listening in silence, he was horrified by what was being discussed. He acted on instinct, stepping out of the shadows and facing the other.

They both stood there for a moment, frozen in time, and then the sound of weapons firing. We never managed to find out who fired first, but the end result was clear.

Ironeyes - Commander Cody - Mafia Goon was killed

Again her eyes seemed to flash red at the memory of the loss of one who supported the Sith. Her hands white as she clenched them briefly before taking a deep breath and continuing to relate what had happened during those few turbulent days.

'Cody had been a trusted and loyal supporter of the cause. We were sad to lose him. He was shot down in the street without any real cause. The murderer would be found and made to pay. That would have to wait though, for now we were focused on another.'

You shook your head slowly, perhaps begining to feel a slight empathy for her, perhaps just trying to appear sympathetic in the hope that you would be allowed to leave once the story ended. For now all you could do was watch, and listen to her voice.

'One who moved into the senate building did so with calm assurance. This was their domain. They were at ease.

As they headed towards their place a messenger approached. A short diversion was required before they could take their seat and begin the day's proceedings. Following the intructions carefully they arrived in a small ante room and waited. They did not have to wait for long. Another strode into the room and looked coldly upon them.

"Why have you summoned me here?", the first said, "Surely you know that you can't get away with this? Already our supporters are in place to stop whatever you are planning. You cannot possibly win"

"You obviously do not know what I am planning then." the other said, a smile on their face as they looked around the room. "You do not appear to have any supporters here. You seem quite alone in fact."

Power arched across the room. Unlimited Power! Striking the first with such strength. Full of hate. They fell to the floor, jerking and shaking. Screaming as the pain continued, the blasts of power striking them again and again.

Their cries alerted others, and the second figure slipped quietly away, confident that they had done enough - leaving the first barely breathing and silent on the floor.

The sound of running footsteps signalled that help had arrived. Entering the room they were shocked by the sight that greeted them. Acting quickly, they carried the figure to the medical facility within the Senate.

Friends hovered outside, anxiously waiting for news. Hoping against all hope that everything would be ok. When finally the medical droid reappeared outside, everyone paused and held their breath.

"I'm sorry," it said, "It appears that she lost the will to live."

Nyanna - Padme Amidala - Town Guardian Angel was killed.

Her eyes looked a little troubled now, as she recalled the death of the Senator. She didn't look at you as she spoke, preferring to look towards the ground instead, like she was avoiding something.

'I was not happy with the death of Amidala. She was pregnant at the time, and although we were not certain who the father was we had a reasonably good idea. It was likely her child would have been strong in the force too. I thought it a waste. After her death I began to hear rumours that the child may have survived. I have my sources looking into it, but there is nothing definite as yet.'

She looked up at you then, a clear calm gaze that seemed to see right into your soul.

'You can leave that part out when you write your story. No-one else needs to know about that.'

She continued to look, unblinking until you finally nodded. An agreement reached then. Now you were her confidant it seemed. Perhaps she actually had begun to trust you, or she didn't even consider that you were any kind of threat.

'A lot of people were very upset at the death of Amidala. They gathered together in the room next to the medical facility, not even pausing for a moment. Someone would pay for this atrocity. Once spoke up. 'I know who was responsible,' they said, and pointed their finger. 'All in favour say 'Aye'', and their voices were raised in a chorus of agreement. 'No,' said their chosen vicitm. 'You are wrong! Search your feelings, it's a trick. The majority ignored his pleas. It took just seconds for them to condemn him.'

'They approached him, the now familiar device in their hands. Death would come swiftly it seemed.

'No!', but this time another voice that came from amongst them. 'I can't let you do this.' Weapon drawn, the one who had decided to speak stood in front of the mob, barring their way.'
The last thing that anyone expected was that there would be one willing to step in and stop them from achieving their goal. The lone defender did stop them though and then carefully escorted the reprieved party to safety. The others watched, confused - but unable to do anything to stop them from leaving. 'It's ok, they said - 'you won't be able to escape us tomorrow'

She paused now and looked a little puzzled for a moment, as if a thought had just struck her. 'Do you think that Jedi and Sith are so very different? Both seem able to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The almost blood lust exhibited by the mob was strangely compelling to see. What was done was done though, they would need to wait for now. They are supposed to be quite good at patience I have heard.

She looked at you, to see if they would be a reaction. You managed a nervous laugh, but both of you knew it was false. Shaking her head, with amusement in her eyes, she continued.

'There was one who was more accepting of this turn of events. They did not seek to change what had already happened. They kept their mind focused on the future, on what needed to be done, rather than on what others thought should have been done. They knew where they would be needed and made their way there. The night was fraught with danger, they would need need to be alert.

When the footsteps approached from behind they were ready, as if they they were expecting it. Their lightsaber ignited before they even turned to face whoever it was that now stood there waiting.

'Master Jedi,' said the dark newcome, a voice grating from the shadows of their hood, 'I should have known it would be you.' Their lightaber now also flamed into life, the red glow a sure sign that a Sith walked the corridors of power.

'Revealed you are to me now', said the first, 'Fail you will, foreseen it I have.'

'I think not,' said the dark figure.

They rushed towards each other, both highly skilled and matched in the power of the Force. Lightsabers clashing, objects hurtlings through the air as each sought to gain precedence. In the end it was pure chance that decided it, a slight step too far, a moment's loss of balance that led one to fall and the other to press home their advantage. A single quick lunge that began with a look of disbelief and ended with a death.

The dark figure laughed maniacally as the once powerful jedi closed his eyes for the last time, and then simply vanished, his garments falling to the floor empty.

Keyholder21 - Yoda - Town Jedi Doc was killed

The death of Yoda was a glorious moment. We rejoiced when we heard. Truly our cause was just if such a powerful jedi had fallen.

The Dark Robed figure was surprised at his sudden disappearance, prodding about the fallen clothing with his toe, but gone was gone and dead was dead. He didn't let it trouble him for too long.

He returned to his seat of power, at the centre of all things. Removing his hood as he entered his private domain. His senses picking up that something was wrong - he was not alone.

Quickly he removed his robe and proceeded into his office. Someone was waiting for him there. Arms folded, accusing, condemning, damning. They had been looking through the paperwork on his desk, reading his plans and his orders. They must not be allowed to leave the room alive.

His pace continued unaltered, a smile on his face. He greeted the one waiting there for him. 'Why Master Jedi, what a pleasant surprise. I see you have already made yourself at home,' he said.

'You can't pretend anymore,' said the other, 'I have read your plans. I know who you truly are. You won't be allowed to succeed.' They said, before firing up their lightsaber, it glowed a most unusual colour indeed. 'You are under arrest, for crimes against the Republic.'

'The dark figure continued smiling. 'You know, you're the third person to say that to me recently,' he said 'would you like me to tell you what happened to the other two? He moved over to the window and looked out, seemingly disregarding the one who had come to denounce him. That one now also moved over to the window, holding his lightsaber in front of him, like a talisman. He probably hoped it would be enough to protect him.

He had not reckoned on the strength of his adversary. Streams of power flew from his fingertips and hit the unwary Jedi square in the chest. He was thrown back by the jolts as they hit him, the glass broke and he fell through, one hand just managing to catch the ledge. A look of horror on his face as he realised that he was lost.

'I do not think you will be a problem for much longer Master Jedi' said the dark figure, as a final bolt of power streaked from his hands and hit the Jedi again. Losing his grip he fell. It was a long, long way down. '

Sakaea - Mace Windu - Town Jedi Cop was killed

'With the death of Mace Windu, we were confident that we would remain undetected whilst our final pieces moved into position. Already the Jedi had lost some of their most important players. Of course this was not just a game, lives, futures and empires were at stake, never the less there would be winners and losers.'

'Winners and losers is a much fairer way of describing us I think, don't you?,' she said. 'Good and evil, light and dark are such absolute terms. Do I seem so evil to you? You don't have to answer that of course. I don't want to make you feel on the spot. I shall leave the moralising and high ground to our Jedi friends. Let me continue with my history class instead. There is still much to learn.

After the news of Windu's death became public, described as a terrible accident of course, the mob reconvened and tracked down their chosen victim from the previous day. Again they attempted to try, judge and sentence him - the sentence being death. They almost achieved their goal when a voice said 'No ... no-one dies today' before hurrying him off to another safe location.

Desperately they looked amongst themselves, where once they had been confident in each other's allegiance, now cracks began to show. Factions formed and lines were drawn. What they really needed to know was the truth, and only one among them could help with that. Fluent in over six million forms of communication, this one was happy to be of use. Of course they would sit in as the remaining parties were interviewed and questioned about their allegiance. They would be able to use their programming to ascertain who was lying.

The final interview over, they headed back to the main antechamber to reveal their results. It was a shame that they would never have the chance to speak. A red glow and humming sound signalling a severance of head from shoulders, followed by a blow that pushed them into the garbage compactor. A simple flick of a switch activated the crushing mechanism and ensured that they would definitely be shutting up now ...

Arez Al'Loke - C3P0 - Town Even Night Lie Detector was killed.

No one would ever know what the protocol droid had found out. No-one even seemed to notice that he had not turned up as arranged. Their minds were on the hunt.

Their quarry had escaped twice before, he would not do so again. They hoped that the third time would be the charm. It did not take them long to locate where he had been hidden. They surrounded the place and approached from all sides.

There he was. Now they had him. Today he would die and no-one would stand in their way. 'Cough, cough - you have the wrong ...' 'Oh shut up!' They said, 'We really don't care what you have to say. The evidence against you is overwhelming. It's over.' One was summoned to place the device around his head and they all stepped back, determined to enjoy every last second. 'Just do it already,' he said, 'Do not think that we were not expecting this, that we had not planned for this eventuality. Though I may die, the cause will continue.', 'Yeah ... Whatever' they said and pressed the button. His body was cold before it hit the ground, such is the way with metal. His heart was still beating though, it hadn't realised that its host was dead.

Wombat - General Grievous - Mafia Insta-Killer was lynched.

She sank into silence after confirming this last death. She just sat there, seemingly looking into space. You weren’t quite sure what you should do … after what felt like an eternity you decided that perhaps you should say something.

'What … ?' was all you managed to say before a dark wave hit you, knocking you and the chair backwards onto the floor. You lay stunned, not daring to move or speak, listening to the sound of her chair scrape across the floor slightly as she stood and moved to look down on you. ‘You don’t get to speak, you listen,’ she said, emotionless, ‘Pick up your chair and sit down. We’re running out of time. I don’t know how much longer I can stay here.’

You complied quickly, never taking your eyes from her. She remained standing now, her hand constantly moving to touch her lightsaber, her eyes on the entrance to the apartment.

‘Grievous was gone, but he was defiant to the end. He did not beg for mercy, he knew that he had done everything he could and now he would die. It was an honour to die for the cause. Payment for his death was required though. We knew who was ultimately responsible for it. He had confessed, bragged even, about finally running their quarry to ground. Now it was his turn, and the hunter became the hunted.’

‘Congratulating themselves for bringing about the end of another of us, they talked amongst themselves for a little while. A messenger approached them and advised that the death of Senator Amidala had brought about an adjournment in the proceedings and now they were not required in the Senate Chamber until the following day. Glad of the respite, they headed back to the Jedi Temple to rest. Tomorrow they would need all of their wits about them.’

‘One waited for a moment, as they left the Senate building, standing on the steps and looking over the city. Such a wonder it was, worth his dedication and protection. Worth whatever it took to ensure that democracy survived.’

'”Worth dying for?” a quiet voice said.'

'Someone had approached unheard and now stood directly behind the lone figure, who felt a sudden pressure in the small of his back. A quiet click and red glow appeared directly in front his face, the blade igniting and cutting through his body and vital organs from back to front instantly.'

'“Apparently so …” said that same quiet voice, as he deactivated his weapon and let the body slump to the floor, before walking away.'

Razen – Plo Kloon – Town Jedi was killed

'We were approaching a critical time in our plans now. Plo Kloon tried to stand against us and paid the ultimate price. The body was found shortly afterwards and brought to the Jedi Temple. They stood around the body, the level of distrust in the room palpable. You could almost touch the fear. Regardless of how this turned out, the Jedi had been taught a valuable lesson.'

She began to pace now, eyes constantly flicking towards the entrance, as if she expected someone to appear any moment. Suddenly, you began to feel very, very unsafe. This might not have been such a good idea after all. When she stopped and continued, her voice was different, quiet and sad.

'Their fear drove them. They could not even learn their own lessons, the ones they taught the youngest of their Padawans. Fear leads to the Dark Side. They turned on one amongst them, so sure in their choice.

"We know you were involved," they said, "in fact, we think you planned the whole thing. You are a Sith! Confess your crimes."

'He stood silent, they had been told that he would not speak in his own defence. He had already said everything that he could to convince them that they were wrong. If they required his death to prove that, so be it. The Jedi were not as they once were ... '

'The students approached the master, each of them instructed at one time or another by him, their skills improved and polished. That counted for nothing now it seems. The Lazer-NooseTM was placed around his neck. He stared at them calmly, how could it have come to this?. He closed his eyes and nodded once and the device was activated. His lifeless body falling as his head hit the floor and rolled away.'

You weren't sure why, but for some reason, she appeared to mourn his death.

Turin Turambar - Cin Drallig - Town Jedi was killed.

She bowed her head for a moment and then sighed deeply. ‘You seem surprised that I would care? I was not born a Sith, you know? Drallig is … was … someone I cared for deeply. When I heard of his death I was saddened. It further convinced me that what we were doing was right.

‘I was not the only one in mourning. Another one had also been in great pain and anguish, having lost someone during these troubled days. More used to caring for and healing others, the deaths and distrust she had witnessed had begun to take their toll. She was greatly affected by the death of another innocent and went to the inner sanctum of the Temple to meditate and find her centre.

‘As a sense of inner peace settled around and upon her, she wondered if there might not be a alternative way to resolve this matter, but if there was she did not know what it was. When the door opened and another entered, she felt no fear. She turned towards the one who approached her, knowing what was to come.

‘”I can feel your pain,” they said, “I have come to release you from it.”

‘Blue light flared into life, bringing death … bringing peace. She almost smiled as she slowly crumpled, first to her knees and then completely to the ground. Death was simply another part of life and now she would be one with the Force.'

Roo – Bariss Offee – Town Jedi was killed

’Our time is almost up. I should not even be talking to you. Already the whispers have reached those in power and they are heading here. It does not matter who's side we are on, no one was ever supposed to know the truth.

‘The Jedi were falling, their Order was failing. Now the Dark Side truly began to make its presence felt. The next morning, those who remained made their way back to the Senate Building. They knew that they had to find the Sith among them before it was too late. As they stood, watching each other, each of them was asked to cast their vote. The first to make their decision had been strong throughout, confident in the will of the Force, sure that they could not fail. He made his choice quickly.

Shortly after, another appeared to make his decision … but his ramblings were confusing. Eventually he settled on a name. Then another stepped forward, mirroring the decision of the first. And another, who cast suspicion on two of them present, before voting for a third. Two votes each with no consensus gained. It was deadlock. Always seemingly logical, one of the choices began to explain why his death would be a very bad idea – but the others were unmoved.

‘Two more entered the room and surveyed the choices. Looking from one to another, you could not tell who each would pick. One at a time they pointed at their choice. Now four had spoken and it was done. The last one to speak took the device and tried to place it over the victim’s head. They made several attempts because his head was so incredibly large and pointy. Eventually they gave up and unfastened it at the side, which allowed them to put it directly around his neck.

'Time to die,' they said, 'Your over confidence was your weakness'

'They pressed the button and stepped out of the way as his head was severed and tumbled to the floor, rocking slightly where it landed. It's eyes staring out at the now silent crowd.
Myndrunner – Ki-Adi-Mundi – Town Jedi was lynched

They stood around the fallen warrior, too late now to heed his words. Was this it? Was it over? Truly it was darkest before the dawn.

She walked over to you now and held out her hand, you took it without thinking and rose from the chair. Together you both walked out onto the balcony and looked out over the City. Still feeling a slight pressure, you looked down and saw that she had forgotten to let go of your hand. At least you thought she had forgotten.

'I have always loved watching the sunrise. There is something almost magical about witnessing the start of a new day. Those standing there in the Senate Chamber were unaware of the first glimmers of light outside as they decided the fate of us all.

'One of them turned to the others and spoke. "It's time to end this now." "Yes," said another, and stepped in front of the group, igniting his lightsaber. Its blue light illuminated their faces, showing the relief they felt. It was true then, he was still a Jedi. They were safe.'

And it was almost Day.

The sun was rising now, over the City. A very different world to what it once was. You both stood there together and watched its light illuminate what had been so unclear and dark only moments before.

'This was the end then. This is what happened.' She said

'The one who had spoke first stepped closer to the second, reaching up with his hand to place it on their shoulder.

'Yes, my young apprentice, it is time to end it - once and for all. Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Empire, do what must be done. Lord Vader, we will bring peace to the galaxy once more. Execute Order 66.'

'Those watching were stunned as the one they had thought would protect them, was now become their executioner. The last Jedi in the room fell first, barely able to get his hand to his weapon before Vader callously and easily struck him down, a look of betrayal in his eyes as he died.

EP - Seasee Tiin - Town Jedi has been Killed

There were to be no witnesses left alive. The doors to the chamber opened and a contingent of clone troopers marched in. At a signal from Vader they fired. A mass of energy blasts that no-one could withstand. Shaking and jolting from the force, another lost their battle to survive.

Len - Chewbacca - Town Insta-Vig has been Killed

'Now there was only one left. The Senator had tried so hard to stop all of this, but now it was too late. As the blasts tore through his body, his last thoughts were ... How did it ever come to this.

Darthe - Bayle Organa - Town 2 x Double Voter has been Killed

Shocked and stunned by the what you had just heard, you turned towards where she should be standing, where she was until just a moment ago, but she was not there anymore. She was gone. As Day began, you blinked away tears, and told yourself they were from the bright light searing your eyes.

This was how the Empire was born.

sithendtitle.gif [/font][/i][/font][/i]


The Rules
  • You may not quote any part of any private communication I have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.
  • You may not edit your posts.
  • This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, we stop counting votes and unvotes. Period.
  • Votes and unvotes need to be bolded and red.
  • You must unvote before voting again.
  • Please send all day/night actions to me via your Role PM.
  • If no majority is reached by the deadline, I will modkill a random player and no coroner info will be given.
  • No talking (about the game <.<) off thread unless you have been given a QT board. Period.
  • There will be no deadline initially set on Day 1. After that Days will be 72 hours long and nights will be 24 hours. Adjustments will be made for weekends.
  • After death, you get one "Bah!" post that may not contain any game-related information.
  • Self voting is not allowed and will not be counted. You can vote No Lynch if you really want to.
  • I dont mind chatting ... some of you may already be aware of this. Feel free to ask questions and stuff, either in the game or via PM if you prefer - I'd rather you just asked than flounder about.
  • I'm in the UK, currently on BST. Don't expect me to be awake ALL the time America.
  • Stay active ... don't make me get cross with you. I have four back ups and I'm not afraid to use them. If you have a genuine reason for inactivity please let me know
  • Its my first game Modding, but don't panic - the Pirate has my back, and I have my four fastest ships ready to sail at a moment's notice.

1. Basel - Agen Kolar - Town Jedi: Lynched Day 3
2. Rhea Arez Al'Loke (from N2] - C3P0 - Town Even Night Lie Detector: Killed Night 6
3. BG - Stass Allie - Town Jedi: Killed Day 1
4. Turin - Cin Drallig - Town Jedi: Lynched Day 8
5. Songstress - R2D2 - Town Odd Night Tracker: Killed Night 3
6. Maw - Obi-Wan Kenobi - Town Jedi Mason: Killed Day 2
7. Roo - Bariss Offee - Town Jedi: Killed Night 8

8. Myndrunner - Ki-Adi-Mund- - Town Jedi: Lynched Day 9
9. Darthe - Senator Bail Organa - Town 2x Double Voter: Killed Endgame
10. WWWombat - General Grievous - Mafia 2x Instakiller: Lynched Day 7
11. Razen - Plo Kloon - Town Jedi: Killed Night 7

12. Lenlo - Chewbacca - Town 2x Insta-Vig: Killed Endgame
13. Kae - Luminara Unduli - Town Jedi: Killed Night 1
14. Kate - Count Dooku - Mafia Sith Lord and Watcher: Lynched Day 2
15. Pale Merlot Kae2 (from Day 3] - Mace Windu - Town Jedi Cop: Killed Night 5
16. Nolder- Kit Fitso - Town Jedi: Killed Night 1

17. Ironeyes - Commander Cody - Mafia Goon: Killed Night 4
18. Nyanna - Padme Amidala - Town Guardian Angel: Killed Night 4

19. Dice - Palpatine/Emperor - Mafia Godfather (Accrues 1 extra Sith Power every night Anakin is not recruited, 1x Call to Senate, 1x Insta-kill) - Winner!
20. Ishy - Anakin Skywalker Town Jedi Mason. Turned to the Darkside on Night 4. Then became Mafia Watcher - Winner!
21. Keyholder - Yoda - Town Jedi Doc: Killed Night 5

22. EP - Saesee Tin - Town Jedi: Killed Night 9

Back ups:

1. Peace - who is keeping up with the game most brilliantly :smile:

Game on. May the Force be with you ...

Link to end of Day 1

Link to end of Night 1

Link to end of Day 2

Link to end of Night 2

Link to end of Day 3

Link to end of Night 3

Link to end of Day 4

Link to end of Night 4

Link to end of Day 5

Link to end of Night 5

Link to end of Day 6

Link to end on Night 6

Link to end of Day 7

Link to end of Night 7

Link to end of Day 8

Link to end of Night 8

Link to end of Day 9
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I think Basel is Jar Jar Binks!


Now that's just insulting, Mynd. :tongue:


See? That's a mighty long tongue there Basha Gillsah!


Meesa think Myndsey makes a bombad jokesey.....


No, a bad joke would be Greedo shooting first!


No, a bad joke is Luke and Han getting medals for blowing up the Death Star while Chewie gets nothing and just has to stand there making Wookiee growls.

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'Lo Basel! How's the injury?


I had an appointment to have it looked at and the dressing changed today, and have another one in a week. And my arm is out of the sling now. The unexpected bit has been that my gameplay has had a chance to improve as I'm around when I wouldn't normally be home. I thought the prescriptions combined with typing one-handed would have me too out of it to play much, but I've managed to adjust. I'm afraid I have to be sober tonight, however. No booze at all for the foreseeable future.

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