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Hey my fellow Black Tower members,


I regret to announce that I am stepping down as Social Group Leader of the Black Tower.


I want to say that it has been really, really great being the head of this Org, and I will miss you all a lot. I wish I could keep on as Social Group Leader, but I simply don't have enough time to devote to the position anymore, and I think you guys deserve someone who can do all that I can no longer do. You guys have been great and it has been simply amazing seeing the Black Tower flare up with so much activity and so many awesome members. We have become a really great Group, and I know you guys will continue on without me and make it even better.


For those of you newer members who probably don't even know who I am due to my absence, I apologize for not being around more and getting to know you guys. For those of you who have been here longer, I want to thank you for helping to make the Black Tower into such a great group, and for putting up with me for so long.


Big changes like this are never easy, so I hope you all will do your best to keep things running smoothly, and to help get the person that takes over get used to the position.


Thank you, each and every one of you, for being great members here. It has been an honor to lead you.



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Sorry to see you stepping down Boss. You have done a great job leading us. I know you had had some tough situations to deal with here and were always fair. You also came up with some great ideas for us. I can personally blame you for my mafia addiction. That impromptu game was redonkulously fun. You wrote some great scenes in it too.


hopefully you will be able to spend some time with us just having fun.

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