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going to a Brandon Sanderson event!! YAY!!!!!!!! btw any questions you are just DYING to have asked??

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Well i am now a happy boy!! Brandon was originally NOT coming to sydney! But now?? hes offered ppl to come play magic in his hotel tomorrow night and is having an event on Wednesday night! so i can make it!!!!



skips around the flat.



Now the big question is...which book do i get signed??!!


Also what questions do we need answered??

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I would bring ToM to sign, since it's the most recent book and one of the two co-written by Brandon. But pick your favorite. :)


Also what questions do we need answered??


Can you ask him what it takes to become a Hero of the Horn?


Also, it would be interesting to know what happens to the souls of Darkfriends after they die.

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right! so!


I went I saw i asked! well a couple anyway. Sorry i didnt ask about Narg. ducks

1 Is talking to wolves hereditary. I was talking to my bro while waiting for signing of books and i figured that it cant be! Noam had a brother but he cant do it! Asked BS and he said no! according to RJ's notes it is a SOUL ability. Meaning basically that the ability is tied to the soul not the DNA and thus is reborn again and again.


2 will there be Wolfsisters...looks around...RAFO!!!




also the idea of putting asmodeans killer's identity inthe glossary was his..kinda RJ left a print out of a readers theory with a sticky note on it saying"this is right" thats it nothing else. They tried figureing out how to get it in the story then brandon being a bit of a smartypants suggested the glossary. apparently Harriet LOVED the idea do much that later when he tried to write it into the story she crossed it out and wrote "ITS IN THE GLOSSARY!"


He lso did a reading from a new book he's putting together and that may become a tv series. About a genius kid who solves problems and is an incredible learner but is a bit insane. the way he learns is that every skill he leans like identifying writing styles becomes a new hallucination! and he is quite open about them being hallucinations! and some hallucinations are themselves crazy! So if he is asked to speak another language then HE cant! but the hallucination translates while he prononces it badly. Thats how BS explained it.

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