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Speshul unicornback dispatch! For Thorky <3

Nyanna al'Meara

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*rides up on a unicorn and holds out a hand bearing a scroll, hand trembling wiv joy*


Now, I don't think I can do Thorky justice with words, especially after what he posted!! :wub:


Well, from the moment I joined DM and hung out in the White Tower, I saw that Thorkin as a really sweet, very caring person. He stood out because, even though he wasn't on DM that often, when he WAS on he always had something nice to say to everybody, he contributed a special vibe to whatever place he posted :D when we got to know each other better, and started PMing, and spamming, I saw there was so much more to him too! We chatted about various random things, and I felt speshul when he took an interest in my daily farm life, the daily adventures we normally take for granted here - but Thorky helped me recognize to appreciate my life here in the wop-wops more :happy: 


As the oldest sibling with three younger brothers, I've always had that responsibility of keeping an eye on them, and never had an older brother who would be there for ME to let loose and have le crazy fun sometimes XD 

But it feels like Thorky is just that. He is someone I can confide in, who takes an interest in my little adventures round the farm, and is always there for me when something's weighing on my mind. He didn't avoid talking about the subject when I was dealing with the first ever family death in my young life. It hit me hard, but Thorky dedicated lots of time to talk about it with me. I found it hard to speak with my family since I didn't want to sadden anyone further, but really needed to get the oppressive weight off my shoulders. With Thork's caring and help I saw that moping for weeks wasn't going to help anyone, and that remembering and talking about all the good times would keep my grandpa in my heart forever :wub:

This is when I started feeling safe and cared for in a way only an older sibling can make you feel. I had a shoulder to cry on when I never had before (as my friends all live do far away). Here was someone who sincerely took the time to make a young gal's life&worries easier, who took me under his wing. And at the same time, became the big bruvva I never had. :wub:


Thorky is an utterly selfless person so modest that it seems he totally underestimates the value he has for his friends. :biggrin: In fact, Thork is such a calm, sensible person with an amazing inner strength and willingness to help and support others like a boulder you can cling to in a raging river. He can see right into a persons heart, and maybe doesnt even realise how he makes anyones day shine with the genuine sincere feeling he shares to us.

At the same time he is the sweetest person, with great humor and when appropriate, a most endearing spammy silly side too! :happy:

 I feel so honored to have a friend like him, so happy to have such a positive role model I can look up to, in him. I know that Thorky will always be a source of rock-solid sense and compassion, someone who would share with me his wisdom and support me through tough times, all just out if the golden goodness of his heart :smile: 

Thorky has become an irreplaceable presence in my life as well, your friendship means a lot to me :wub:

I would love to share part of my soul as a cour'souvra with my Big Bruvva, and would be deeply honored to hold part of his for ever :happy:

Together, we shall take over the world and universe :biggrin: Thank you for being such a big part of my life and having my back my bruvva :wub:



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