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Small town simplicity. That's all the citizens of Littletonboroville wanted. None of the big city noise, pollution or violence. But those days are at an end. Littletonboroville was such an attractive place to live that the population began to boom, bringing all the big city problems. Can the citizen's reclaim their peaceful little town and eliminate those that threaten their little piece of paradise?


This is an advanced game with standard and custom roles.




1. Activity is a must. One GAME related post per 24 hours.


2. Editing posts is allowed. Do so at your own risk.


3. Keep it clean. No personal attacks. It's a game people, don't stress it.


4. This is a hammer game. Day cycle ends when majority is reached.


5. Days will last 96 hours, nights 48.


6. Out of thread communication is forbidden unless your role PM specifies.


7. Votes must be Red and Bold. Vote: Boyo (no you cannot vote me). To change your vote you just unvote first. Unvotes must also be Red and Bold.


8. Quoting the Mod: You may not quote anything I say in PM or anywhere else about the game. You can’t game the mod. You can’t talk about what I said or may have said in my PM’s.


9. Do not post after death. (One "I'm dead. Good luck _____" post is allowed)


10. Breaking the rules angers the Mod. I am the Mod. Do not anger the Mod. The Mod may bite when angry. Such bites may be lethal.


11. If needed, more rules may be added at my discretion. Notification will be given of new rules.


15 Spots remaining



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