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White Tower's First Ever Aes Sedai/Der'Manshima Appreciation Week--Catchphrase Game!!!

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Welcome Aes Sedai and Der'Manshima!!!!


(Just like the other game thread, only Full Members may play until the 13th, and then after that the game will be open for everybody but no more points can be earned--it'll just be for fun).


Ok, I know how this game is supposed to be played, and originally I was going to set this up a little differently BUT I'm going to be on a bit of an LoLA the next few weeks due to school assignments piling up, and I don't want to make things too complicated if I'm possibly not going to be here enough to keep track of all of that.


SOOOOO here's how we're going to do things:


We are not going to worry about teams :P


You're still going to be guessing a phrase, and you still will be looking at a..."picture."


A couple times a day, I will post a rebus puzzle. In case you don't know what a rebus puzzle is, here is an example:


This one is the phrase "once in a blue moon"




Participants: PM your guess as to what phrase is shown in this rebus puzzle. All official guesses must be pmed (though humorous joke guesses may be posted on this thread :P-I might be willing to give out "bonus points" to those that make me laugh ;) ). I would also like it if you could please make all of your guesses in the same pm--it would make it much easier for me to keep track of points :P


Participants can join in at any time, but guesses will only be worth points up until the 13th. If you want to wait until then and send me all of your guesses at once, go right ahead.


On the 13th, all of the answers of the puzzles up to that point will be posted along with the points that each participant has earned.


Though a phrase may be obvious to you, it may not be for others so keep that in mind. And while I personally am known as a spammer, please keep it down for those who may be playing from mobile devices.

1) Joke Votes do not count as spam

2) CHEERLEADERS--root for your full rank person here

3) All other spam can also go on the cheerleader thread


If you have any questions, or if I need to clarify anything, just ask :D




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Apologies AH - but I did feel that Key's funny versions warrented comment and I was quite stumped myself.


Plus, to follow along with the topic I needed to post in it, cos I'm on the mobile version, and that seemed like the least painful way to do it.


I shall cease and desist immediately rest assured.

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Mother isn't that spam?! I have a separate thread for that! :P


No, spam would be 10 people posting that, or someone posting something totally unrelated. Ithi put it nicely :)

*Sticks tongue out*

Why do people take me seriously when I'm not being serious?

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