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Daughter of the Night

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I've been a long-time lurker and occasional poster on Dragonmount, but I haven't done much theorizing. This is something I've been wondering about for a while though:


Lanfear is clearly set up as someone very significant. Lews Therin's former lover, as strong as a woman can be, and with a very ominous prophecy about her. Yet so far, she's been a bit of a disappointment. She has a great introduction, tries to seduce Rand and gives him Asmodean as a teacher... and then is tackled into Finnland by Moiraine and killed by the Eelfinn. Cyndane is her "Last Chance", but so far we've seen her in combat at the Cleansing, and precious little else. RJ was big on hype, but I can't see him setting her up with all that build up for nothing more than what she's already accomplished. And there's one more book to go...


I think Lanfear is going to be the second woman to use Callandor with Rand and Nynaeve. She's appeared in Rand's dreams on the eve of the Last Battle, obviously forshadowing something big. He still cares for her, and would likely rescue her if he could. She's still mindtrapped, so even if she does want to turn back to the Light (a big if, as RJ described her in interviews and signings in the harshest possible terms) she currently can't. Rand obviously won't trust her, at least not immediately, but a rescue would set Cyndane up perfectly to take her Last Chance.


Min fears that Callandor will be used against Rand. How? The sa'angreal could be stolen, of course, and there may be ways to interfere with angreal use that we haven't seen yet. The most elegant solution, though, would be to be part of the circle controlling the sword, controlling Rand himself. It's already been established that a woman needs to be in charge of the circle-not particularly important to the plot if it's Nynaeve or Egwene in charge. But Cyndane? That's a different story.


The Dark Prophecy regarding the Daughter of the Night claims that her "new lover" would "serve her and die, yet serve still." The lover is most likely Rand-he's implied by the prophecy, makes sense storywise, and who else would fit the bill? I've seen it theorized that the lover is Moridin, but Brandon said he didn't know if Moridin was gay or not. If he was Cyndane's lover it would be pretty easy to tell! But Rand never served Lanfear. If the prophecy is valid, he will have to in A Memory of Light. At this point, Rand in powerful beyond belief. It's unclear whether he's merely unlocked the full potential he had as Lews Therin, or if his ascension on Dragonmount made him into something more. Either way though, Cyndane doesn't stand a chance in a fair fight with the Lord of the Morning. If he is to serve her, she'll need another way to gain control.


"Who can stand against her coming? The Shining Walls shall kneel." In command of the Dragon Reborn himself, not to mention the most powerful sa'angreal left after the destruction of the Choedan Kal, Lanfear would be ready to wreak unimaginable destruction. It is possible Rand's only escape would be death itself (to live you must die). Even that might not be sufficient if he is going to "serve her and die, yet serve still." Certainly a situation that would justify the warnings about what has so far been pretty much just another Forsaken.


Any thoughts?

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If she tries to take control of the circle, I'm pretty sure Rand can just back out of the circle. It's not like a 1 male 1 female link where the female cannot let go of the power unless the male allows it.

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Excellent theory my friend, But Im willing to bet that it will Be Nynaeve and Moraine with Rand with Callandor.


Thanks! I could see that happening too. It would be fitting-they couldn't stand each other, but they have to work together to save the world.

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