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Welcome Aalison to the BT!!


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Welcome to the BT Aali! Enjoy your descent into madness. Should be a short trip since I am pretty sure that Lelou has rubbed off on you.


I am a Stormleader of the Shadow faction. Not quite the Official types that L was mentioning but until any higher ups appear I will let you know that someone should be kicking a friendly neighborhood Admin to get you added to our hidden boards. Until then feel free to romp around in the main board here.


If you have any questions, ask away and someone will be able to answer.


Welcome again. *nibbles a brownie*

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*sees dice kick the Ewok*




Dice, my awesome Apprentice, it has been nice knowing you lol.


Welcome Aalison :biggrin: I'm sure you will love it here. Let me leave you in Dice's capable hands for the few moments of life that still remain to him. He can 'teach' you how everything works round here.






*flicks through guidebook*


Perhaps a Tour would be in order Shadow Soldier Dice. Go show our new member the sights :wink:

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Is it THE ALI? Welcome to the madhouse that is sometimes called the Black Tower. I´m M`Hael, Faction Leader of the Shadow. I see a bright dark future for you in the Shadow. :baalzamon:


Now tell us all about yourself. Who is your favourite WoT character? Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate? How much hair does Teddy leave on the couch?

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